Engineering and Math Building ... Redefining Cecil College!


"Cecil College is out front. This building is out front and it creates a bold sense of arrival, a place of importance here in Cecil County."

- Dr. W. Stephen Pannill, President of Cecil College
Opening Celebration, October 8, 2014

Cecil College’s 2009 10-year Campus Master Plan reinforced the need to construct an engineering and math facility to support the educational and training requirements of the high-tech industries, and their employees, located in Cecil County. The building provides space for expanding course offerings by Cecil in engineering, math and physics, which will enhance transfer opportunities for its students and greatly support the rapidly growing degree programs in engineering. It also assists the College in promoting the STEM initiative to prepare students for careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics while they are in middle school.

Even though the focus of the building is math and engineering, it is being used for many other classes as well as tutoring for all course subjects.

"While the engineering, math and physics students are in direct benefit, the whole student body is benefitting by the new study spaces, the new technology, and the new equipment. Even more students will be drawn to Cecil now and can experience the incredible learning process created here."

- James Bickling, Cecil College student
Opening Celebration Keynote Speaker

About the Engineering and Math Building

The three-story structure on the North East campus was built on space previously occupied by vacant grounds and parking lots. The exterior is comprised of block stone and glass walls with green roofing trays over an SBS-modified bituminous membrane roof. The building was designed and constructed to attain LEED silver certification. Currently pending this certification, it would be the first building in Cecil County to receive such a designation.

The Facts

  • Architect - Marshall Craft Associates, Baltimore, Md.
  • Construction Manager - Riparius Construction, Inc., Hunt Valley, Md.
  • Completed - August 2014
  • Total building size - 28,683 square feet

Cost and Funding

  • Total Project - $23,492,000
  • Maryland Community College Grant Program - 62.90% ($14,776,000)
  • Cecil County Capital Improvement Program - 37.10% ($8,716,000)


  • Eight learning laboratories – four math, three general purpose engineering and physics, one specialized engineering instruction
  • Two laboratory preparation rooms for engineering and physics
  • Math tutoring and testing center
  • Conference and distant learning room
  • Group and quiet study areas
  • Outdoor terrace

Green Design Elements

  • Covered by a green vegetated roof
  • Utilization of reduced maintenance turf and plantings on the grounds
  • Energy efficient lighting and HVAC equipment
  • Reclamation of storm water for non-potable use enabled by cistern catchment
  • Monitoring and control of energy usage allowed by energy management dashboard system
  • Maximization of natural daylight
  • Systems that reduce water usage

Integrated Student Learning Systems

  • Many of the building’s features were designed to enhance the students’ academic experience, including a distant learning/teaching system, hi-tech smart boards in the classroom labs, learning dashboards on building operation systems, and wireless access throughout.
  • Solar panels and a weather station benefit both the functioning of the building as well as the educational aspect.

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