Allen Jackson: My Cecil Story

Allen Jackson

"I came to Cecil to take some core science classes, so I can get accepted to graduate school. I never thought I would become a science major, but the atmosphere here has really pushed me to want to learn everything I can about it. The courses and faculty have made me more goal-oriented and focused on what I want for myself. I plan to transfer to a four-year institution to earn a bachelor’s degree in biology and would like to work in conservation biology, especially with sharks.

Cecil has made me more patient as a person, particularly since I became a science tutor, which allows me to see the bigger picture and how the various fields overlap. I have gained a more global perspective on different subjects and people.

Cecil has a very friendly environment. The smaller campus allows you to interact with other students and faculty a lot more. The professors are always there for you. If you have any questions, you just stop by their offices and they are more than happy to help you."