Babette Becker: My Cecil Story

Allen Jackson

"When I began my education at Cecil, as a much older student, I was very uneasy about how I would be accepted in a college atmosphere. I was uncertain if I would be able to keep up with my fellow students simply because I had not sat in a classroom in 34 years. Surprisingly, all of my worries were quickly put to rest and I have exceeded my expectations.

Everyone at Cecil has been totally supportive of my efforts and plans for the future. I feel like some of my classmates have become my second family. My professors and instructors have been wonderful, and I love being taught by people who have a passion for the material they are teaching.

Every day is filled with opportunities to acquire more knowledge. I plan to take advantage of these opportunities. There have been endless benefits and changes from my experience at Cecil College. The most noticeable to those around me is that I smile a lot. I am very happy and fulfilled."