Jade Shockley: My Cecil Story

"As a nursing student and a two-sport athlete, I have had some pretty busy days but it has all been worth it. While learning the skills to enter a great profession, I have had the opportunity to play in two softball national championships and make some great friends along the way.

A typical day for me might consist of going to class at 8 a.m.; catching up with my homework from 10 a.m. to noon; going back to class; taking a quick break to get something to eat; heading out to the field for practice at 3 p.m.; and then studying throughout much of the evening.

My schedule definitely helps me because I am used to it. I know that when I am done with practice or a game, I only have so much time to write a paper or whatever else I need to do. If I wasn’t involved in sports, I may put it off until tomorrow. When you have a busy schedule, it helps you get your work done when you need to get it done."