Morgan Spratt: My Cecil Story

"I came to Cecil College to make something of myself. I want to be the best I can be and knew Cecil is where I could do it. I took classes here as a senior in high school and loved it, so I stayed.

Cecil has a great atmosphere, and the teachers are outstanding. Shortly after completing the medical assistant coursework and gaining my certification, I found a job at Just Kids Pediatrics in Newark, Del. and love it more than anything. The staff is great to work with and has really welcomed me aboard.

I am continuing my studies at Cecil and want to enroll in the nursing program. I plan to study hard and do something great in the medical field to help my community.

Cecil has helped me become an independent person and has taught me a lot about the world we live in. With all of the experience I have gained, I know what to do if I face a challenge in real life."