Rebekah Ragan: My Cecil Story

"Although I came to Cecil to obtain one degree in Web design and multimedia and another in Web development, I am also here to grow as a person. I never dreamed I would be able to have fun and still achieve my degrees through hard work, and I appreciate how easy the staff and students have made it to do so.

I really like that Cecil has a small campus, variety of programs, knowledgeable staff, and a family-like atmosphere. After I graduate, I plan to transfer to Wilmington University and then I want to teach Web design and development. Cecil has given me the education and knowledge to prepare me for this career, and it has also helped me to grow in confidence and discipline.

I have learned to believe in my ability and trust that I have the knowledge to pursue my dreams. My experience here has also taught me not to let my disability define who I am as a person and to let my character speak for itself. Thanks Cecil."