Roger Singley: My Cecil Story

"I always thought I could be a fairly good photographer, but I needed to learn. I couldn't afford to go to college when I was the traditional age and I also didn't have much drive at that point. My drive developed later in life.

During my work years, I never had the time to pursue my interest in photography. Now that I am retired, Cecil is the perfect place for me. The Visual Communications Program is top-notch. The equipment is always being updated with the latest software, lenses and cameras, and new courses are being developed every semester.

It has not been tough to go back to school because the students have accepted me wholeheartedly. We do a lot of shooting and outings in teams and it is always great to work with my classmates. Learning to make movies has been beyond any expectations I may have had.

Cecil is giving me the tools and confidence I need to move forward, so I can gain a degree and start a business."