Ryan Perry: My Cecil Story

"Cecil is the perfect place to try new areas of interest to determine how well I can excel at them. After changing my major several times, I have decided to study criminal justice – partly because I would like to understand how a person’s mind works. I am very well suited for learning about people and the decisions they make, and Cecil is helping me further develop these skills.

I love that the classes are small enough to provide a great atmosphere for making new friends. I know nearly every person I see each day, and the people here are always supportive. I have learned a great deal of time management skills and, through trial and error, how to properly study.

Because of a good friend, and now the many friends I have at the Fitness and Wellness Center, I now know many ways to lead a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to the encouragement I received to get me into the FWC, I have accomplished my fitness goals."