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Visual Communications

Cecil College’s Visual Communications program is great for anyone interested in pursuing a degree in photography, video production, graphic design, digital imaging, web design, animation, gaming, and multimedia. The VCP program offers an optimal learning environment.  With our outstanding faculty, state-of-the-art equipment, studios and labs, Cecil prepares students for career training, successful transfer to four year institutions, and personal development.  ​

VCP Degrees:​

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Fine Arts

The Fine Arts program at Cecil College prepares students for transfer to four-year colleges, entry-level employment, or career advancement. Students work in a variety of media to develop a detailed and complete portfolio. Successful completion of the art program will prepare students for a career in: design, ceramics, art education, art administration, fine arts production, exhibition and sales.

Art Degrees:



The Music Program offers two tracks: Music and Music/Voice. Throughout the program, students will have  opportunities to collaborate with other students in different disciplines. Students will perform in a vocal ensemble at the end of the every semester. Furthermore, there are plenty of opportunities to perform at student events and shows throughout the year. The program is designed to help students transfer to four year colleges or initial employment.  

Music Degrees: