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Here's what Tami thought about Information Night:

‘My family and I attended the Cecil College info night last night and I would like to thank all who participated in, planned and assisted with the event.
It was a pleasure meeting the faculty, other staff and students. Stephen Ampersand (Director of Financial Aid), with his energy and insight, not only offered us useful information but provided us with a belief that we can provide our children with a college education.
My son has hopes of becoming an engineer or educator, he will graduate from Rising Sun High School in June.
My daughter will graduate in 2015 and has not decided on a major but was excited after speaking to the art and photography instructors. I have been struggling thinking that these talented children would spend a life barely making ends meet because their parents were unable to provide the college education they so rightly deserve.
But now I have hope!
Neither my husband, nor myself have a degree and we, like all parents, want our children to have a better life, a brighter future and I believe now that they can because of your event.’





Attending college is an exciting time for parents and family, as well as students. Along with the excitement come many questions we hope to answer for you. Below are many valuable links and resources. If you do not find answers to your questions, check out the FAQ or contact us!



Your Timeline for College Admission
Use this timeline to plot your pathway to college!  Contact admissions if you have any questions.
Reminder: You can apply to Cecil College any day of the year.


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