Tuition and Fees



Resident of Cecil County $109/credit hour
Other Maryland Residents $203/credit hour
Out-of-State Residents $251/credit hour
Credit by Examination Based on Residency

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Registration Fee* $75/semester
Student Development Fee** $8/credit hour
Course Fees Variable

*$35 off Early Bird registration
**Not charged for summer session or senior citizens


  • VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards will be accepted for payment through the student portal.
  • Payment is due at the time of registration.
  • By registering for courses, students acknowledge responsibility of tuition and fee charges generated by the registration.
  • Current tuition and fee information is published in the Credit Course Schedule and at All tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Students who audit courses are charged tuition at the same rate as students taking courses for credit.

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Fee Explanations

  • Course Fee – offsets costs to provide various classroom materials and equipment needed to successfully offer classes, including instructional equipment, lab and classroom supplies, computer paper and software.
  • Registration Fee – covers the cost of registration, add/drop and withdrawal from courses, student identification cards, admissions, transcripts, graduation, and the use of physical education facilities and equipment.
  • Student Development Fee – covers expenses incurred for student development activities and cultural events discounts open to the student population.

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Authorized Payment Plan

The plan is payable in a maximum of four monthly installments, which vary depending on your application date, and is available for fall and spring semesters only. The total of your tuition and fees will be divided into four monthly payments that will be automatically deducted from your credit card or from your bank account (checking or savings). The processing fee for this plan is $15 and this fee will be deducted from the designated account upon enrollment. All arrangements for this plan are handled through and must be made the day you register or you will be responsible for paying the full balance of your account. This option is not available for Summer Session.

To enroll in the Payment Plan:

  • Enroll online at
  • See a cashier or call 410-287-1020 if you need help.
    Please note: It is important that you make your scheduled payment. A $36 fee will be added to your account each time you miss a payment. If you fail to make all of your payments as scheduled, the College has the right to demand immediate payment of the balance due in full. If you are delinquent on any of your payments, the College reserves the right to deny your enrollment for future semesters.

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Refund and Appeal Process

Credit Students: Students who officially drop a credit class before the designated drop deadlines are eligible for a full refund of tuition and course fees. A schedule of deadline dates for dropping classes and receiving a refund of tuition and course fees is published in the Credit Course Schedule. The drop period generally extends at least through the first scheduled class meeting.

To be eligible for a refund, students must drop online at within published drop dates, or file a Drop Form with the Registration Office. Visit to view dates and the drop procedure online. Students who stop attending classes, but do not officially complete the drop process continue to be financially responsible for all tuition and fees.

Students are provided a full refund of all tuition and associated fees when the College cancels a class.

  • Sessions of Four Weeks or Longer
    100% refund through the date published in the Credit Course Schedule, which is calculated from the start date of the session.

    0% refund after the published date, except for students called to military duty or for students in special programs who are withdrawn by the College early in the semester due to program requirements.
  • Sessions of Less Than Four Weeks
    0% refund from the start date of the session, with the exceptions noted above.

Non-Credit Students: Students who officially drop a course 24 hours prior to the first class meeting will be eligible to receive a full refund. To officially drop a course, students must complete a Drop Form and submit it to the Registration Office. If a Drop Form is not filed or if a student fails to attend, the student is responsible for all tuition and fees associated with the registration.

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Tuition Appeals (Credit Only)

After the refund date, appeals for refunds based on extraordinary or exceptional circumstances may be addressed in writing, with documentation, to the Registrar. Appeal for Refund forms are available in the Registration Office.

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Financial Obligations

Students are expected to pay all College bills, fees, accounts, and other financial obligations promptly, when due. Failure to meet these obligations will result in the withholding of the right to future enrollment, taking exams, and obtaining transcripts of grades and credits. A $36 fee will be charged for all checks returned for non-payment and declined credit card charges.

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Residency and Tuition Policy

Students at Cecil College pay tuition according to their domicile and are classified to be one of the following:

  • a resident of Cecil County;
  • a resident of the state of Maryland but outside of Cecil County;
  • an out-of-state resident; or
  • a student who is not a U.S. citizen, or permanent U.S. resident not holding an Alien Registration Receipt Card.

At the time of admission or initial enrollment in any course at the College (credit or non-credit), students will indicate their residency status and will affirm their residency at each subsequent registration. Students will be considered in-county residents if they maintain legal domicile in Cecil County and have done so for a period of three months or more prior to the start of semester/term at the College.

Students will be considered in-state residents if they have maintained legal domicile in other parts of the state for not less than three months. Otherwise, the student shall be considered an out-of-state resident.

Domicile – For tuition purposes, domicile may be defined as a person’s permanent place of abode, where physical presence and possessions are maintained and where he/she intends to remain indefinitely, independent of attendance at the College. The domicile of a person who received more than one-half of his/her financial support from others in the most recently completed year is the domicile of the person contributing the greatest proportion of support, without regard to whether the parties are related by blood or marriage.

Unless information is received which would contradict or call into question the validity of the student’s status, the College will accept the student’s sworn statement. In the case of contradictory information, the College will assign residency status, and the student will be asked to provide proof of domicile. Registration will be restricted until the question of residency status is resolved.

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Determination of Residency

The College shall consider any or all of the following factors in determining residency and may request evidence for substantiation:

  • ownership or rental of local living quarters;
  • substantially uninterrupted physical presence, including the months when the student is not in attendance at the College;
  • maintenance in Maryland and in the county of all, or substantially all, of the student’s possessions;
  • payment of state and local income taxes on all taxable income earned, including all taxable income earned outside the state;
  • registration to vote in the state and county;
  • registration of a motor vehicle in the state, with a local address specified, if the student owns or uses such a vehicle; and
  • possession of a valid Maryland driver’s license with a local address specified, if the student is licensed anywhere to drive a motor vehicle.

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Change of Residency Classification

Students may request a change in residency classification by filing a written request and submitting supporting documentation to the Registrar prior to the first day of classes for the semester/term. Students may appeal residency classifications made by the Registrar within 30 days by filing an appeal with the Vice President of Student Services and Institutional Effectiveness. The Vice President’s decision is final.

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Military Personnel

Military personnel and their dependents who were domicilaries of Maryland at the time of entrance into the armed forces and who are stationed outside the state may retain Maryland domicile as long as they do not establish domicile elsewhere.

Military personnel and their dependents, who were not domicilaries of Maryland at the time of entrance into the armed forces, but are stationed in Maryland, may be considered state residents for tuition purposes as long as they remain on active duty in the state. In addition, those who are stationed in or live in Cecil County are considered county residents for tuition purposes.

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Contract Training

Students enrolled in a course contracted between the College and a business or industry that maintains facilities operates, or does business in the state may be considered a resident of Maryland for tuition purposes. Students enrolled in a course contracted between the College and a business or industry that operates its business in Cecil County may be considered a county resident for tuition purposes.

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Tuition for International Students

For non-U.S. citizens to be considered a Maryland resident for purposes of this policy, students shall possess the legal capacity under federal and state law to establish Maryland domicile.

All students with an F, B, or J visa status must pay out-of-state tuition. Consult with the Director of Records and Registration for other visa status.

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Educational Tax Credits

The Hope Scholarship
The Federal Hope Scholarship is a tax credit available to eligible students during their first two years of postsecondary education. For more information, please contact your local IRS office or visit the IRS website. Students must be enrolled at least half-time (six credits) in a degree or certificate program.

Lifetime Learning Credit
An individual paying qualified tuition and related expenses at a postsecondary educational institution may claim the credit, provided the institution is an eligible educational institution. Unlike the Hope Scholarship Credit, students are not required to be enrolled at least half-time in one of the first two years of postsecondary education. Nonresident aliens generally are not eligible to claim the Lifetime Learning Credit. For more information, please contact your local IRS office or visit the IRS website.

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Waivers and Reductions

College Bound Scholarship
Cecil County Public Schools, as well as certain other pre-approved public and private high school juniors, seniors, and approved talented/gifted students who enroll in college-level credit courses at Cecil College may receive a 50 percent scholarship toward in-county tuition based on residency. To participate, high school juniors must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0. A grade point average of 2.5 is required for high school seniors for program eligibility. Students must meet all other Cecil College entrance requirements and must present an eligibility form signed by a parent and a high school principal or other designated authority.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Academy and Digital Arts Program
Cecil County Public School (CCPS) students eligible for STEM and Arts and Communications Cluster scholarships will receive a waiver for two-thirds of the in-county tuition rate in effect for the semester. Students must pay the balance of tuition and fees. In order to be eligible for the special two-thirds tuition arrangement, STEM Academy Scholarship participants must:

  • be enrolled in the CCPS STEM Academy;
  • demonstrate completion of the course sequence in the STEM Academy pathway; and
  • demonstrate successful completion of all coursework in the Math/Science sequence of the CCPS STEM Academy.

Note: Special tuition rates apply only to dual enrollment courses as part of the CCPS STEM Academy program.

Arts and Communications Cluster Scholarship participants must:

  • be enrolled in a CCPS Arts and Communications cluster sequence, and
  • demonstrate successful completion of the CCPS coursework that is validated as the prerequisite for college-level course-work in Visual Communications at Cecil College.

Note: Special tuition rates apply only to dual enrollment courses as outlined in the dual enrollment Digital Arts Program in the CCPS Student Education Planning Guide and specifically designated pathway options in the Digital Arts pathway of the Guide.

Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver
Tuition and student development fee will be waived for Maryland residents 60 years and older enrolled in a course that has sufficient enrollment to be conducted. Seniors will be charged registration and course fees. Proof of age will be required at time of registration. Certain programs and courses available in continuing education (non-credit) are exempt from this waiver.

Social Security Disability Tuition Waiver
Tuition will be waived for disabled Maryland residents who meet the following criteria and receive verification of eligibility from the appropriate agency:

  1. student is a resident of Maryland,
  2. student has a permanent disability and is receiving a social security disability benefit, (SSDI) or supplemental security income, (SSI) as defined by the Social Security Act, Railroad Retirement Act, or the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, (Federal retirement or pension authority).
  3. The Student MUST file a FAFSA each year by the specified deadline for all credit courses and specified non-credit courses. (See financial aid section for deadlines).

In addition, the course must have sufficient enrollment to be conducted. Eligible students will be charged registration and course fees. In order to request a disability tuition waiver, students may obtain a form from the Director of Advising.

Maryland National Guard Tuition Waiver
Cecil College offers a tuition reduction of 50 percent of the in-county tuition rate for members of the MD National Guard. Maryland National Guard (MDNG) members must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • must officially enroll as a student of Cecil College;
  • must have been certified by the Maryland Adjutant General that the member has at least 24 months remaining to serve or has agreed in writing to serve for a minimum of 24 months; and
  • must present to the Registrar or Accounts Receivable Manager a photocopy of his/her current military ID card and a letter of certification from the Maryland Adjutant General noting that he/she has at least twenty-four (24) months remaining to serve or has agreed in writing to serve for a minimum of twenty-four (24) months. All documentation must be presented to the Registrar or Accounts Receivable Manager to receive the tuition reduction.


  1. complete the application form for MDNG tuition waiver which is available in the Registration Office and Cashiers Office;
  2. obtain authorization from the Registrar or Accounts Receivable Manager;
  3. obtain signature of the Registrar or Accounts Receivable Manager for the tuition waiver form by presenting;
    1. current military picture identification card, and
    2. certification by the Maryland Adjutant General.
  4. return the Tuition Waiver form to the Registration Office and register for classes; and
  5. present the Tuition Waiver form to the Cashier’s Office and pay the balance of tuition and fees.

Health Manpower Shortage Program
Cecil College participates in the Health Manpower Shortage Program, as approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission, in alignment with Maryland state law and consistent with fiscal policies within the College. This program enables out-of-county and out-of-state students to enroll at the College in credit courses that are required in a designated Health Manpower Shortage Program at in-county tuition rates under certain conditions.

  • Out-of-County Students (Maryland residents)
    • Eligible Programs: Nursing, Practical Nursing
    • Procedures:
      1. Check Maryland Higher Education Commission to determine Healthcare Program of Study eligibility.
      2. The out-of-county (Maryland resident) student completes the application and enrollment process according to College policy and procedures.
      3. The out-of-county (Maryland resident) student is required to attend an advising session with the College’s pre-nursing advisor.
      4. The out-of-county (Maryland resident) student and advisor complete a “Special Agreement” Form in which the student enrolls.
  • Out-of-State Students
    • Eligible Programs: Nursing, Practical Nursing
    • Procedures:
      1. Check Maryland Higher Education Commission to determine Healthcare Program of Study eligibility.
      2. The out-of-state student completes the College’s application and enrollment process according to policy and procedures.
      3. The out-of-state student completes a specific application form and certification process of acceptance available through the Department of Nursing.
      4. The out-of-state student registers at Cecil College for a minimum of six (6) credits per semester.
      5. The out-of-state student signs a surety bond or promissory note with the Maryland State Scholarship Administration.
      6. Students submit all documentation to the Dean of Nursing and Health Professions for state approval.

Maryland Foster Care Recipients
In accordance with the Maryland Higher Education Commission, Cecil College offers foster care recipients tuition waivers for those who resided in a foster care home at the time of graduation from high school or who have successfully completed a GED exam. Upon meeting eligibility requirements, the student is exempt from paying tuition and mandatory fees minus any grants and scholarships. Students must comply with all other Cecil College entrance requirements and must present a confirmation of waiver approval from the State Department of Human Resources, and complete the FAFSA application available online at Applicants must apply between January 1 and March 1 of each year.

Tuition Rates for Employees of Cecil County Businesses
Employees of Cecil County Businesses that register for credit courses and state-approved non-credit courses may be eligible to receive in-county rates as long as the local business reimburses the student or directly pays Cecil College.


  1. Upon completing registration, the student must provide a letter to the Cashier’s Office which states the student’s name, active status of employment, and date which employment began. (Student’s must be employed prior to registration of courses). The letter must be written on company letterhead, signed by a company official, and must include the company phone number.
  2. If the company is paying for the student’s tuition, the letter must state the amount that will be covered and indicate whether the student must meet certain requirements in order to receive the educational assistance. Letters that contain requirements, such as a grade stipulation clause, will not be used to hold students in class. Students providing a letter that contains a stipulation will be asked to pay their balance upon registration. Any student using their employer as a source of payment should be aware that they will personally be held responsible for paying their account in full if the employer chooses not to pay.
  3. The letter must state that the student is to be reimbursed directly if the company is not paying Cecil College. Students will need to pay their charges upon registration and wait for reimbursement from the employer.
  4. Each letter must contain the following information*:

    Student Name
    Employment Status/Date
    Course Number(s) and Course Title(s)
    Start date of course(s)

    *The detailed information listed above is not necessary if the employer states they will pay for any and all courses taken during a semester with no stipulations.

Statewide Instructional Programs
Maryland residents may attend Cecil College at in-county tuition rates in programs that have been approved and designated as statewide programs by the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

  • Eligible Programs: Visual Communications, Certain Transportation and Logistics programs, Government Contracting
  • Procedures:
    1. Complete the admissions and enrollment process according to College policy and procedures.
    2. Complete the registration process with an advisor and complete the Special Agreement Form at the time of registration for each semester.
    3. Provide documentation from his/her local community college if the program is unavailable due to the program meeting or exceeding enrollment capacity, if applicable.

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