Veterinary Studies

Veterinary Studies

Meet a Different Crowd at Work

Do you want a rewarding career working with animals?

The duties of veterinary assistants are wide-ranging, so every day is filled with new challenges and the chance to expand your skills!

Our program includes four modules that will be taken in sequence:

Students must be 18 years of age prior to enrolling in program.
*Proof of medical insurance is required the first day of class.

Total approximate cost of program is $1,580 (excluding textbooks).

Time to complete:
This is an 8 month program (September–April) meeting two nights per week and includes an internship in each module.

Dog Grooming ​

Learn how to maintain a pet's appearance and prepare to start your own business as a dog groomer. This 16 week program meets two nights per week.  Approximate cost is $1,996 (excluding textbooks and supplies).

Pet Massage

Canine Rest & Relaxation​, $345 (textbook required)

This 6 week course teaches massage techniques to maintain and restore flexibility, range of motion, and range of energy.

  • Enhance awareness
  • Comfort tired muscles and relieve pain
  • Increases circulation
  • Enhances relationships/bonding

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