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Foundation Directors and Friends of Education members enjoy a night out in support of Cecil students!  



The Cecil College Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 dedicated to developing financial and other resources to support Cecil College students.

Foundation directors are ambassadors of the College, dedicated to increasing awareness and support of the College within the region, and creating partnerships with individuals, businesses, organizations, and private foundations to raise funds for scholarships, instructional equipment, professional development, capital projects, and other educational needs.

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Call 410-287-1146 to find out how you can help a student reach their educational goals.

Real Students, Real Success

"As someone who has gone from high school drop out to earning advanced degrees, I can personally speak to the positive effect of education on me and my family. I am tremendously honored to have the opportunity as a Foundation director to help provide support and resources to Cecil College students - many of whom may not have the opportunity to advance their educational goals if the Foundation was not there to help."

Dan Thompson
Cecil College Foundation