The study of history is the analysis of cultures from ancient modern times. History involves looking at cultures through the changes in social, political, and religious institutions.

The courses in history offered at Cecil College offer an opportunity for students interested in the various areas history to those who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a Bachelor's of Arts in History.

Careers in History

The various history courses offered at Cecil College prepares students for careers requiring a broad knowledge of history including teaching, research, government or law.

History Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
HST 101 Western Civilization I 3
HST 102 Western Civilization II 3
HST 103 History of Criminal Justice on Delmarva 3
HST 110 World History I 3
HST 111 World History II 3
HST 135 History of Rock 3
HST 141 Survey of Art History 3
HST 201 History of the United States I 3
HST 202 History of the United States II 3
HST 203 History of Maryland 3
HST 251 Introduction to African American Studies 3
HST 252 American Diversity Through Film 3
HST 298 Western Military History 3