Students interested in the study of basic concepts in which we determine the meaning of life and the way in which we judge, evaluate, and act should consider beginning their studies here at Cecil College. Courses at the college can either be taken for the joy of learning or towards an Associates of Arts in General Studies degree which provides the first two years of course work towards a Bachelor of Arts.

Careers in Philosophy

Philosophy courses offered at Cecil College will be beneficial in careers in business, education and the arts.

Philosophy Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PHI 201 Ethics — Contemporary Moral Problems 3
PHI 202 Clear Thinking: An Introduction to Inductive Logic 3
PHI 203 History of Ideas I 3
PHI 204 History of Ideas: Modern 3
PHI 205 Philosophy of Religion 3
PHI 206 Current Philosophical Issues in America 3
PHI 207 World Religion 3