Transportation & Logistics Programs and Partners

Cecil College is recognized as a regional provider of Transportation and Logistics career development programs. When you complete our programs you will be a highly skilled and motivated individual ready to seek.

At the most basic level, transportation, distribution, warehousing and logistics are the terms used to describe the functions involved in the movement of items from the place where it was made or grown to the place where it is used or consumed. You too can join the transportation distribution logistics industry that has been built upon these simple concepts.


MATLI has formed strong partnership ties with the local school system to create a career cluster in transportation, distribution and logistics in conjunction with the United State Department of Education. This unique program is one of only ten of its kind in the country and will use strong industry participation coupled with problem- based learning to create a new breed of "value-added" workers responsible for maintaining a company's competitive edge. This program also includes extensive career exploration allowing students to determine early in their education which career path best fits their interests.


MATLI hosts symposiums that include important discussions regarding the increasingly complex environment of transportation and logistics. Cecil College, through MATLI, has taken a national lead in addressing the need for hosting events and programs in support of the evolving transportation distribution and logistics industry by creating a powerful regional program in the field of transportation and logistics.