Multicultural Student Services

Multicultural Student Services

Multicultural Student Services is devoted to enriching lives of all students by focusing on diversity, inclusion, equity, scholarship, leadership, and service. MSS embraces:

  • Multicultural Student Union (MSU)
  • Cecil International Affinity Organization (CIAO)
  • Elkton Station Diversity Team (ESDT)
  • Multicultural Student Services Advisory Board (MSSAB)

Multicultural Student Union (MSU)

Open to all Cecil students. MSU sponsors annual celebrations and values diversity in social, cultural, educational, and volunteer activities.

Cecil International Affinity Organization (CIAO)

CIAO is dedicated to promoting global awareness. CIAO organizes programs emphasizing cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. Cultural flags are displayed in the lower level of the Technology Center representing all the countries of our student body.

Elkton Station Diversity Team (ESDT)

ESDT promotes an understanding of diversity and cultural awareness to participants of credit and non-credit programs at the Elkton Station.

Multicultural Student Services Advisory Board (MSSAB)

Community representatives join the College in recruitment and retention of minority students. Planning multicultural programs and fundraising activities are annual activities.

Signature Events:

  • Unity in the Community Festival
  • Heritage Celebrations: African American, Asian, Hispanic, Indian
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration
  • Each One Reach One Campus Visitation
  • Celebration of Song & Dance

Our Story

  • "Small in Number / Great in Quality" embraces the 12.35% minority student population of Cecil College in 2010.
  • A proud parent said "it's better to be a Cecil College graduate than to compete against one."
  • MSS theme "Blooming with Diversity—True to Life" emphasizes a commitment to student enrollment and cultural understanding.


The Cecil College Foundation, Inc. is the parent organization for students seeking need-based and merit scholarships. MSS assists with raising money for the Eva M. Muse Endowed Scholarship. Cecil College is privileged to receive scholarship support from Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. The Iota Alpha Lambda Chapter (MD) awards a full scholarship to a Cecil College student.

For more information:

C. Laney M. Hoxter
Director of Multicultural Student Services
Cecil College
One Seahawk Drive
North East, MD 21901
410-287-1043 /