Child Care Through the Family Education Center

Services at the Center are provided through Cecil College's Early Head Start program and the Judy Hoyer Center Partnership. The Early Head Start program is the first early childhood education program in Cecil County that is fully accredited by the Maryland State Department of Education. Parents may participate in classes in adult basic education, English for Speakers of Other Languages, computer literacy, parenting education, case management services, developmental childcare, career development and job skills training. They can also take advantage of educational activities designed to help them participate fully as their child's first teacher.

Parents are supported in their adult education with free childcare while they attend school, transportation to and from school, and assistance with obtaining employment. Formal and informal parenting education is provided at the center.

Daycare for Students

Option A: Early Head Start Program Option - We provide childcare free of charge for students who meet our income qualifications. Students are required to provide a current college schedule each semester, and childcare is provided from 8:30am - 2:30pm on the days that the students have class, as well as before 8:30am and after 2:30pm if their classes are during that time. EHS college students also receive one home visit per month by our Family Advocate.

Option B: Private Pay Option - Our center is open from 7:15am - 5:45pm, Monday - Friday. We provide care for children during these hours based on the student's needs. College students receive a 10% discount off of the regular monthly tuition rates. We do accept the Child Care Subsidy to help cover the monthly tuition.

Option C: Emergency Stipends - Childcare stipends are available to students who demonstrate financial need. Students may contact the financial aid office to determine if they are eligible for financial assistance. Awards are made based on the following standards and practices.

  1. Partial childcare stipends are given on a first-come, first-serve basis until funds are expended. Stipends will be awarded prior to each academic session.
  2. Stipends are awarded to students who are actively registered in credit coursework at Cecil College and are utilizing the Family Education Center childcare services. Stipends are to be used toward class time hours only.
  3. Family income determines the level of the award for childcare stipends.
  4. The amounts of the stipends vary up to a maximum of 50% of the parent's/guardian's contribution toward childcare fees. Cecil College will designate the total amount to be awarded on an "as funds available" basis using the following income scale:
    Less than $22,000 up to 50% of parent's/guardian's contribution to childcare
    $22,00—$30,000 up to 35% of parent's/guardian's contribution to childcare
    Over $30,000 up to 25% of parent's/guardian's contribution to childcare