Portfolio Production (Certificate)

Award: Certificate
Degree Code: POPC
Number of Credits: 27-28

Program Description

This certificate prepares students for initial employment in photography and/or digital imaging. Job titles include commercial photographer, portrait photographer, photojournalist, industrial photographer, videographer, digital imager, and photographic lab manager. Employment responsibilities in these areas include photography, digital processing and printing, digital imaging and marketing. The certificate courses may be used in satisfying degree requirements.

Required Courses

Program Requirements

Course Number Course Title Credits
VCP 101 Photography I 4
VCP 111 Studio Photography I 4
VCP 116 Digital Imaging I 2
VCP 117 Digital Imaging II 2

Program Electives

Select 15-16 credits from the following:

Course Number Course Title Credits
ART 180 Basic Photography 3
VCP 110 Portrait Photography 4
VCP 118 Digital Imaging III 4
VCP 119 Digital Imaging IV 4
VCP 136 Multimedia Production I 4
VCP 211 Studio Photography II 4
VCP 222 Photojournalism I 4
VCP 224 Nature and Wildlife Photography 4
VCP 230 Graphic Design Studio 4
VCP 233 Fictional Photography 4
VCP 270 Portfolio Production I 4
VCP 271 Portfolio Production II 4
VCP 279 Professional Portfolio Production 4

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of industry standard equipment, techniques, and technologies specific to the practice of photography.
  • Understand basic lighting techniques for both natural and constructed scenes on location or in a studio setting.
  • Achieve a basic understanding of the historical, political, and social context in which photographic images are created and viewed.
  • Communicate with a visual vocabulary to interpret photographic works and design principles appropriate to the practice of image-based media.
  • Demonstrate the ability to create a professional portfolio of photographic images.