Foundation Scholarships – Frequently Asked Questions

When can students apply for scholarships?

Students apply for Foundation scholarships for the upcoming academic year beginning October 1st through April 30th. Students must complete the general scholarship application to receive consideration for all Foundation scholarships. Students need only complete the general application once per academic year.

To receive consideration for need-based scholarships, students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For additional information regarding filing the FAFSA, please contact our Financial Aid Office.

How do students log in to apply for a scholarship?​

Once the link to apply for Foundation scholarships is made available, applicants use their student username and password to log in. The username is provided in the acceptance letter for incoming students, and account activation is required prior to login. Please visit MyCecil to activate your account.

Students can apply for all institutional scholarships by completing the general scholarship application. In addition to completing the required fields, students are encouraged to complete all questions to maximize scholarship consideration.

If you are a new student and do not have a username and password, complete the admissions application, or contact the Admissions Office at (410) 287-1006 or

What are supplemental applications?

Supplemental applications appear to students who must answer additional questions to receive consideration for scholarships, and may be based on the student’s major or other scholarship criteria. Students are encouraged to complete all supplemental applications as well as the general application.

Please note that not every student will be required to complete a supplemental application.

How do students receive confirmation of their complete and submitted application?

Students who submit a scholarship application receive a confirmation email to their student email account. Complete and submitted applications are indicated by "Complete" on the applications tab. Students who have an incomplete general application will be directed to the application upon logging in.

Are transcripts and/or recommendations needed?

New students applying for merit-based scholarships will be given broader consideration if transcripts are submitted. You will be notified if a letter of recommendation is required.

Please note that if you are not a current Cecil College student and are applying for a merit-based scholarship, you must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and you should submit a transcript to the Cecil College Foundation by April 30th.

How do scholarship recipients receive notification of award offers?

If selected, students will be notified via an email sent to their student email account or by an award letter mailed to their permanent address. At that time, you may also be given a date to visit the Foundation's office to review your scholarship award and write a thank you note to the donor.

In addition, you will be given the date of the annual scholarship breakfast which is held in September. The breakfast provides an opportunity for students to meet donors, trustees, and Foundation directors.

When are scholarship awards made?

For the majority of scholarships, recipient selection is completed by the end of June.

Who selects scholarship recipients?

Unless otherwise noted, the Foundation Scholarship Committee reviews all applications to determine recipient eligibility.

How do scholarship recipients respond to the award offer?

Students who have been awarded a scholarship must accept the scholarship online through the scholarship management website. Students should follow the instructions as prompted to review the scholarship offer and click "Accept" under the appropriate scholarship. Students have a response deadline of July 15th, but may request—in writing—an extension for their decision until August 15th.

How are scholarship awards disbursed to the students account?

Scholarships are applied to the student’s account as a third party payment. One half of the award will be applied for the Fall Semester. Provided the recipient maintains the required GPA for the semester, along with any other scholarship requirements, the second half of the award will be applied to their account for the Spring Semester. Exceptions may be requested in writing.