Cecil College offers several areas of World Language Study. Students can take introductory and advanced courses in the following languages: Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.

Students interested in transferring to a four-year College or university and major in a world language can take related course work at Cecil College as part of a General Studies degree.

Careers in Languages

Students completing an undergraduate degree in a World Language may pursue employment in numerous national and international areas including employment in business, the arts and government.

Language Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
FRN 101 Beginning French I 3
FRN 102 Beginning French II 3
SPN 101 Beginning Spanish I 3
SPN 102 Beginning Spanish II 3
SPN 111 Spanish Comm in the Equine Industry 3
CHI 101 Elementary Chinese I 4
RUS 101 Russian I 3
RUS 102 Russian II 3