Academic Credit for Prior Learning Examinations

Cecil College believes that learning is a lifelong process and is acquired in many different ways. It is the policy of Cecil College to award academic credits for prior learning obtained through various learning environments. The Advanced Placement Exams (AP) and College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) provide nationally recognized credit for prior learning. Academic credits will be applied toward general education requirements, major requirements, and elective requirements according to the student’s major as outlined in the applicable College Catalog.

In order to receive academic credits for AP and CLEP Exams, students must first complete all admissions procedures and have the official AP and CLEP score reports sent to Cecil College. Score reports can be sent by email to or mailed to the following address:

Department of Records and Registration
Cecil College
One Seahawk Drive
North East, MD 21901

Credit by Advanced Placement Exams (AP)

Advanced Placement Exams (AP) are usually taken at the end of the high school senior year following a specially designed Advanced Placement Course. Cecil College will award academic credits based on a minimum score of (3) for the AP Exams listed below. Students must have the official AP score reports sent to Cecil College.

AP Examination Minimum Score Required Credits Transfer Equivalency
2-D Art and Design 3 3 ART 101 (H)
3-D Art and Design 3 3 ART 201 (H)
Art History 3 3 ART 141 (H)
Biology 3 4 BIO 101 (S), BIO 111 or BIO 130 (S), BIO 131 or BIO 132 (S), BIO 133
Calculus AB 3 4 MAT 201 (M)
Calculus BC 3 8 MAT 201 (M), MAT 202 (M)
Chemistry 3 4 CHM 103 (S), CHM 113
Computer Science A 3 6 CSC 109, CSC 205
Computer Science Principles 3 3 CSC 104 (I)
Drawing 3 6 ART 130 (H), ART 230 (H)
English Language and Composition 3 3 EGL 101 (E)
English Literature and Composition 3 6 EGL 101 (E), EGL 102 (H)
Environmental Science 3 4 ENV 106 (S), ENV 116
European History 3 6 HST 101 (H), HST 102 (H)
French Language and Culture 3 6 FRN 101 (H), FRN 102 (H)
French Literature 3 6 FRN 101 (H), FRN 102 (H)
German Language and Culture 3 6 Arts/Humanities Elective (H)
Human Geography 3 3 GEO 102 (SS)
Microeconomics 3 3 ECO 221 (SS)
Macroeconomics 3 3 ECO 222 (SS)
Music Theory 3 7 MUC 143 (H), MUC 110
Physics 1 3 4 PHY 181 (SL)
Physics 2 3 4 PHY 182 (SL)
Physics C: Mechanics 3 4 PHY 217 (SL)
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism 3 4 PHY 218 (SL)
Psychology 3 3 PSY 101 (SS)
Spanish Language and Culture 3 6 SPN 101 (H), SPN 102 (H)
Spanish Literature and Culture 3 6 SPN 101 (H), SPN 102 (H)
Statistics 3 4 MAT 127 (M)
United States Government and Politics 3 6 POS 201 (SS)
United States History 3 6 HST 201 (H), HST 202 (H)

Credit by College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Cecil College will award academic credits for the CLEP Exams listed below provided the minimum passing score of 50 (computerized version) has been met. Students interested in learning more about CLEP should contact an Academic Advisor at or (410) 287-1000 Option #1. Students must have the official CLEP score reports sent to Cecil College.

CLEP Exam Credits Transfer Equivalency
Introduction to Business Law 3 BUS 210
Financial Accounting 3 ACC 101
Information Systems & Computer 3 CIS 101 (I)
Principles of Management 3 BUS 131
Principles of Marketing 3 BUS 212
Composition & Literature
College Composition 3 EGL 101 (E)
College Composition Modular 3 EGL 101 (E)
English Language/Composition 3 EGL 101 (E)
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature 3 EGL 102 (H)
English Literature/Composition 6 EGL 101 (E), EGL 102 (H)
English Literature 6 EGL 203 (H), EGL 204 (H)
American Literature 6 EGL 205 (H), EGL 206 (H)
Humanities 3 Humanities Elective (H)
Foreign Languages
French Language Level 1 6 FRN 101 (H), FRN 102 (H)
Spanish Language Level 1 6 SPN 101 (H), SPN 102 (H)
History & Social Sciences
American Government 3 POS 201 (SS)
Introduction to Educational Psychology 3 PSY 207
Human Growth and Development 3 PSY 201 (SS)
Principles of Macroeconomics 3 ECO 222 (SS)
Principles of Microeconomics 3 ECO 221 (SS)
Introduction to Psychology 3 PSY 101 (SS)
Introduction to Sociology 3 SOC 101 (SS)
History of the U.S. I 3 HST 201 (H)
History of the U.S. II 3 HST 202 (H)
Western Civilization I 3 HST 101 (H)
Western Civilization II 3 HST 102 (H)
Sciences & Mathematics
Calculus 4 MAT 201 (M)
College Algebra 3 Math Elective (M)
College Mathematics 3 Math Elective (M)
Precalculus 4 MAT 191 (M)
Biology 3 BIO 101 (S)
Chemistry 3 CHM Elective (S) (non-lab)

International Baccalaureate (IB) Exams

U.S. high school students may take IB Exams while at high school. Students will be instructed to provide a school code to have the official IB score report sent to Cecil College when registering for the IB Exam. If Cecil College’s school code is not provided when registering for the exam, students may request a copy of the scores by contacting the IB Office. Please contact the Registrar’s Office with any questions at or (410) 287-1000 Option #2.

Cambridge Exams

Cecil College may accept credit earned through the Cambridge A/AS Level Exams. To have an exam evaluated, please contact the Registrar’s Office with any questions at or (410) 287-1000 Option #2.

Skills Assessments Exemptions

Students who have taken the AP and CLEP Exams and qualify for academic credits may also be exempt from the English and math skills assessments. For information pertaining to exemptions, please review Skills Assessments, Placement, and Waivers.

Evaluation of Prior Learning Policy

For more information regarding academic credits for prior learning based on demonstrated proficiency in college-level courses, please review the Evaluation of Prior Learning Policy.

Contact Information For Questions

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Registrar’s Office at or 410-287-1000 Option #2.