Gender-Neutral Restrooms

At Cecil College, all-gender restrooms are just one way that we work to provide a safer space for students, faculty, staff, and community members.

What is a gender-neutral restroom?

A gender-neutral restroom, also called a unisex restroom, is a restroom people of any gender or gender identity may use. Access to gender-neutral restrooms benefit many different people by providing an unbiased environment and the freedom to use the restroom without having to identify as a specific gender.


All gender-neutral restrooms are handicap accessible. Locations can be found on our virtual maps for the North East and Elkton Station campuses and are listed below.

Campus Building Location
North East Arts & Sciences
(building C)
336 corridor near the faculty offices hallway
North East Arts & Sciences
(building C)
4th floor
across from room C431
North East Technology Center
(building D)
1st floor
inside the Student Life Suite (room 114), between rooms 114A and 114C
North East Technology Center
(building D)
4th floor
inside the Nursing Suite (room 400), end of the hallway near room 400L
North East Physical Education Complex
(building E)
2nd floor
inside Athletics Office Suite, across from room E213
Elkton Station Main Building 1st floor
across from the public restrooms

Reporting Discrimination, Harassment, or Hate Crimes on Campus

To report an incident of discrimination, harassment, or a hate crime, students should do one of the following:

  • Fill out a Public Safety Report online.
  • Call or visit Cecil College Public Safety:

    North East Campus

    (410) 287-1601
    Technology Center (Bldg. D), Room D205

    Elkton Station

    (410) 287-1602
    First Floor, Room 114