Clubs & Organizations

Coordinated through the Student Life Office, our clubs and organizations each work with a faculty advisor to plan events, participate in college and community functions, and provide a place for interested students to gather.

Students at Cecil College have the opportunity to join any of our clubs. Students are also encouraged to start their own club. Contact the Student Life Office if you have questions or want to know more.


Alpha Alpha Theta (AAT)
Cecil College chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) National Honor Society..
History Club
A historical literacy interest group.
Math League
Participating in Math competitions.
Robotics Club
Integrates teamwork and an interest in robotics.
Student Nurses Association
Open to students admitted to the Nursing Program.
Visual Communications Club (VCP)
A group focused on exploring visual media.
Multicultural Student Union (MSU)
A support and programming group.

Religion and Spirituality

Amazing Grace
A Christian student organization.

Special Interests

Art Club
A fine arts interest group.
Cecil Con Committee
A planning group for Cecil Con convention held each year.
Advancing the enjoyment of sci-fi and fantasy literature, film and games.

Service and Social Action

An LGBTQ+ support and social networking group.
Cecil's International Affinity Organization.
Horticulture Club
Promoting environmental and horticultural topics.
Mind Matters
Spreading mental health awareness and social science related issues.
Student Leadership Council
A programming and event planning group representing all students.
Student Veterans
A group to advocate and provide activities for veterans.