Lounges & Cafe

Cecil College provides several options for our students to study, relax, or grab a bite to eat while on campus.

Student Lounges & Spaces

The first floor of the Technology Center is a popular space for students to utilize and offers the following:

Student Lounge
A community space available for students to gather, study, eat, watch TV, or just relax. The APG Federal Credit Union at Cecil College is also located here.
Seahawk Roost Cafe
Offers a variety of food and drink options including fresh fruit, salads and yogurt, sandwiches, pizza, snacks, and a large selection of beverages including coffee and fountain sodas.
Media Lounge
A space for club meetings, gaming, or quiet studying.
Ping-Pong Room
Students can checkout paddles and ping-pong balls from the Student Life Office in Room 114.
Student Resource Office
Dedicated space for campus and community resources.
Veterans Lounge
A great place for our veteran students to study or meet other veterans on campus.
Zen Den
A private space located in the Student Life Office that can be utilized as a quiet study area, a lactation room for nursing mothers, or a place to relax between classes.
Student Life Office
Provides a device charging station, campus resource and activities information, board games, and much more!

The Seahawk Roost Cafe

In support of our mission for student success, Cecil College’s bookstore is returning to campus! The College has been working with Barnes and Noble Booksellers to reopen a combined bookstore/cafe on the first floor of the Technology Center. For the convenience of the College community and our visitors, the store will include a cafe, an apparel section, school supplies, and textbooks.

During the transition, which begins December 16, the bookstore at College Crossing will remain open. Textbooks and other supplies will be available only at the College Crossing location until the bookstore’s reopening on the College campus (estimated at the end of February).

Food Options

To accommodate the campus community during the transition, the following food options will be available for purchase on our North East campus:

Day of the Week Food Option Times Location Menu
Monday Rising Phoenix Brick Oven Pizza 10:30 am – 2:30 pm Curbside campus entrance Visit risingphoenixfoodtruck.com for menu
Tuesday Waffle'n Joe 8:00 am – 2:00 pm Curbside campus entrance Visit wafflenjoe.com for menu
Wednesday Rising Phoenix Brick Oven Pizza 10:30 am – 2:30 pm Curbside campus entrance Visit risingphoenixfoodtruck.com for menu
Thursday Puzzle Up 11:00 am – 2:00 pm Curbside campus entrance Burrito bowls, nachos, taco salads, gyros, etc; visit eatpuzzleup.com for more info

Vending Machines and Microwaves

In addition to these resources, vending machines will continue to be available for snacks and beverages (cash or debit/credit card). Microwaves will be available in the following locations if you choose to bring your own meals:

  • Physical Education Building (Building E): 1st floor vending
  • Engineering and Math Building (Building G): 1st floor vending
  • Technology Center (Building D): 1st Student Lounge


Updates on the Campus Bookstore’s reopening date will be provided when more detailed information is available.

APG Federal Credit Union

Created as a unique, new partnership between a community college and a credit union, the APGFCU collegiate branch offers services to the Cecil College community and all local customers. Beyond providing students with easy access to banking services, APGFCU fulfills its mission to make financial education an empowering part of every member’s life by partnering with Cecil College’s faculty to bring expert advice and real-world experience into the classroom. The branch is the site of growing partnerships with cybersecurity, marketing and, of course, finance classes.