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elkton station art gallery
  • White ceramic sculpture.
  • Self-portrait of a woman.
  • Geometric sculpture.
  • Self-portrait of a man.
  • Ceramic fairy sculpture with chains.
  • Painting of a paintbrush.
  • Three ceramic sculptures of different heights.
  • Black and white photograph of a dandelion.

Art Galleries

Our mission is to provide meaningful educational experiences with the visual arts through professional, emerging, and student exhibitions. Cecil’s art galleries present opportunities to inspire, create and achieve.

Check out our gallery exhibit schedule below. For more information about upcoming exhibits, performances, and more, visit us on Facebook or check out our Flickr​ for our online exhibit space.

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Elkton Station Gallery

Address: 107 Railroad Ave. Elkton, MD 21921
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

A key participant in the Elkton Arts and Entertainment District and the First Friday Arts Loop, the Elkton Station Gallery features monthly art exhibits and special events featuring professional and student exhibitions. In December and May, Art majors in Professional Portfolio Production present collections of their work through Capstone Exhibits at the Elkton Station Gallery.

For more information about First Friday events, visit Elkton Arts & Entertainment on Facebook.

Pottery Sales

Each semester, students participate in the Art and Design Exhibit & Pottery Sale. Ceramics students help organize and create artwork for the pottery sales, which are held in conjunction with the Art and Design Student Exhibits opening receptions at the Elkton Station Gallery. Proceeds from the pottery and gallery sales benefit art students.

Exhibit Calendar

Date and Time Show Information

Opens February 4th, 2022

Runs through February 23rd, 2022

Lifelong Learning Exhibition

This exhibit will feature artwork from the Lifelong Learning Program at Cecil College. This mixed media exhibit was created by artists of all ages.

Opens March 4th, 2022

Runs through April 26th, 2022

Art Responds

Art Responds 2022 is an exhibition of artwork made by students and members of the community that explores truth and introspection in response to current events.

Opens May 6th, 2022

Runs through July 21st, 2022

Art & Design Student Exhibit

Drawings, paintings, designs, sculptures and ceramics will be on display at the Art & Design Student Exhibit. This year’s exhibit highlights pieces selected by the art faculty and represents the range of work being created in the program. Proceeds from the gallery sales benefit art students! To purchase items, please contact

There are two ways to enjoy our exhibit this year: stop by the Elkton Station Gallery during regular building hours to view works in person or visit our online gallery.

Milburn Stone Gallery

Address: 1 Seahawk Dr. North East, MD 21901
Hours: Monday – Friday, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Additional Hours: The gallery is also open to the public 3 hours before scheduled performances at the Milburn Stone Theatre.

Designed to enhance cultural awareness and to serve as an educational tool, the exhibits provide original works for viewing by students, professionals and the public.

Exhibit Calendar

Date and Time Show Information

Opens September 17th, 2021

Closing reception and live performance on Saturday, April 30th, 2022, from 6 to 8 pm in the Milburn Stone Theatre Lobby/Gallery. Performance from 6:45 to 7:15 pm.

Runs through May 8th, 2022

Everything is Always True—All the Time and a Lot of it Happened Before You Showed Up by Brandon Gorin

Presented with both aesthetic and intellectual goals in mind, artist Brandon Gorin uses his cell phone to create images that explore the tension between explanations of truth and truth's actual nature. His phone prints are complemented by paintings scrawled on discarded panels and ready-made sculptures. Gorin's work brings a vibrant burst of energy to the Milburn Stone Theatre Gallery.

Two performers on stage.

Performing Arts Theaters

Milburn Stone Theatre

Address: 1 Seahawk Dr. North East, MD 21901
Box Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

The Milburn Stone Theatre at Cecil College is proactive in fostering and supporting excellence, education and appreciation of the arts, while striving at all times to become the premier theatrical house in the region for our audience, whatever their age or interests.

Theater, music, dance and art are proudly brought to Cecil County by the Milburn Stone Theatre. The Milburn Stone is the leading performing arts theater serving the northeast region of Maryland, conveniently located off exit 100B of I-95.

For more information about upcoming shows or to buy tickets, visit

Performing Arts Hall

Address: 107 Railroad Ave. Elkton, MD 21921

At Cecil College, our vision for the arts is to present opportunities to inspire, create and achieve. A key participant in the Elkton Arts and Entertainment District, the Elkton Station Performing Arts Hall features music and theatre performances, guest artists and special events. On nearly every weekend, you can find extraordinary performances by faculty, students, community members, and visiting artists.

See upcoming events for the Performing Arts Hall at Elkton Station.