Student Policies

The Cecil College community expects all "Cecil Citizens" to conduct themselves in a respectful manner toward themselves, faculty, staff and other students.

Rights & Responsibilities

As in any community, there are rights and responsibilities by which all students must abide. Students have the right to free speech, expression, assembly and association, and to utilize Cecil College resources while registered for classes. Students also have the responsibility to abide by the Student Code of Conduct as well as assist in maintaining the resources and facilities for all to use.

Student Code of Conduct

The entire Student Code of Conduct and associated policies can be accessed in the current catalog via the following links:

Filing a Student Conduct Report

If you're aware of a student that has engaged in disruptive behavior that could be a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, please fill out a Student Conduct Report online to alert the Student Life office of the situation.

Reporting Discrimination, Harassment, or Hate Crimes on Campus

To report an incident of discrimination, harassment, or a hate crime, students should do one of the following:

  • Fill out a Public Safety Report online.
  • Call or visit Cecil College Public Safety:

    North East Campus

    (410) 287-1601
    Technology Center (Bldg. D), Room D205

    Elkton Station

    (410) 287-1602
    First Floor, Room 114

More Information

Questions about the Student Code of Conduct can be sent to the Director of Student Life at​​