Sexual Harassment & Title IX

Cecil College will not tolerate sexual harassment and discrimination by anyone—employees, students, contractors, or any person on campus or involved with College-related activities.

About Title IX

Title IX is a federal civil rights law that prohibits sexual discrimination in education programs and activities, including sexual harassment and sexual violence. No individual will be retaliated against for filing a complaint or participating in an investigation or adjudicatory proceeding of a Title IX complaint. The College will respond promptly and effectively to all Title IX complaints.

Title IX prohibits the following:

Cecil College encourages students to report incidents which violate Title IX to:

Title IX Coordinator

Dr. Kimberly Joyce
Vice President of Student Services and Enrollment Management
Building A, Room 117
(410) 287-1022

Title IX Deputy Coordinator

Cheryl Davis-Robinson
Director of Student Life
Building D, Room 114
(443) 674-1988

Title IX Deputy Coordinator

Michelle Williams
Executive Director of Human Resources
Building A, Room 325
(410) 287-1145

The Title IX team also includes:

Title IX Investigator

Walter Beaupre
Public Safety Director
Building D, Room 203
(410) 287-1605

Title IX Investigator

Lauren Hornberger
Coordinator of the Reading & Writing Lab
Building C, Room 356
(443) 674-1976

Title IX Advisor

Coordinator of Student Engagement
Building D, Room 114E
(443) 674-1989

Title IX Advisor

April Stern
Director of Early College
Building D, Room 103A
(410) 287-1045

Title IX Appeals Officer

Jonathan Esser
Dean of the Arts, Humanities, and Commerce
Building C, Room 355
(443) 715-3293

The offices of all Title IX members are located on Cecil College's North East campus at the following address:

Cecil College
1 Seahawk Drive
North East, MD 21901

How to Report Sexual Harassment and/or Discrimination

The College encourages students, faculty, and staff members who believe they have experienced or observed sexual harassment and/or discrimination to contact the Title IX Coordinator or a Title IX Deputy Coordinator. Individuals who need immediate assistance related to sexual misconduct are encouraged to contact Public Safety and/or a local law enforcement agency.

Public Safety – North East
Building D, Room 226
(410) 287-1601
Public Safety – Elkton
Room 114
(410) 287-1602