86 inducted into International Honor Society

Published on March 16, 2023

This is an image of the Phi Theta Kappa logo and lettering.

NORTH EAST, Md. – Cecil College was proud to honor some of the brightest minds in the region on Tuesday, February 28, when 86 students were inducted into the Alpha Alpha Theta (AAT) Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) International Honor Society.  The ceremony and celebration were held at the Milburn Stone Theatre where the new inductees brought the total College membership to 361 students and 1,133 alumni. This year’s event marks the 49th Anniversary of the AAT Chapter at Cecil College, started in 1974.

PTK is the International Honor Society which serves to recognize and encourage the academic achievement of two-year college students while providing opportunities for individual growth and development through educational, leadership, and service programming. It is the largest honor society in American higher education. To qualify, students must have a 3.5 grade point average or higher and be recommended by faculty.

In addition to honoring these students, the College is proud that AAT Chapter members continue to work to maintain the Three Star Level status as part of PTK’s Five Star Chapter Plan. Under the leadership of student officers Matthew Enlow, President; Cecil’s PTK Vice President; Lillian Jackson, Recording Secretary and Advisors Cheryl Davis-Robinson, Director of Student Life, and Melissa Burke, Professor of Biology, the chapter continues to promote the building a strong, engaged chapter.

The 2023 inductees to the Alpha Alpha Theta Chapter are:
Name Hometown
Julie Hook Chesapeake City, Md.
Niki Ratledge Colora, Md.
Allison Clark Conowingo, Md.
Madeline Clark Conowingo, Md.
Emily Custer Conowingo, Md.
Amanda Pugh Conowingo, Md.
Melissa Andrews Elkton, Md.
Ayla Badur Elkton, Md.
Selma Bekka Elkton, Md.
David Bernal-Ortiz Elkton, Md.
Jefphon Dean Elkton, Md.
Emily Dejesus Elkton, Md.
Alexis Detamore Elkton, Md.
Riley Duhamell Elkton, Md.
Angela Ebling Elkton, Md.
Matthew Egypt Elkton, Md.
Trevor Eilers Elkton, Md.
Elisabeth Gallaher Elkton, Md.
Brandon Goldberg Elkton, Md.
Brandon Gutierrez Elkton, Md.
Anna Guzman Elkton, Md.
Tanner Hailey Elkton, Md.
Erin Handy Elkton, Md.
Jude Heath Elkton, Md.
Madeline Holmes Elkton, Md.
Logan Joyce Elkton, Md.
Morgan Kennedy Elkton, Md.
Tiffany Kitts Elkton, Md.
Taylor Kohlbus Elkton, Md.
Anne Makam Mbah Elkton, Md.
Steven Martin Elkton, Md.
Anastasia McCabe Elkton, Md.
Bonnie McNair Elkton, Md.
Oreoluwa Onasanya Elkton, Md.
Benjamin Prest Elkton, Md.
Leeann Pugh Elkton, Md.
Riley Reynolds Elkton, Md.
Danielle Rogers Elkton, Md.
Micaela Rogers Elkton, Md.
Destiny Shelby Elkton, Md.
Diane Squires Elkton, Md.
Caleb Strickland Elkton, Md.
Alicia Sturgill Elkton, Md.
Andrew Swartout Elkton, Md.
Han Fei Velotti Elkton, Md.
Elizabeth Wagner Elkton, Md.
Jy’Mere Williams Elkton, Md.
Sydney Williams Elkton, Md.
Jessica Young Elkton, Md.
Amber Bell Earlville, Md.
Colleen Carney Earlville, Md.
Savanna Harvey Earlville, Md.
Rebecca Scarborough Earlville, Md.
Tasha Alexander Havre de Grace, Md.
Jessica Bauernfeind Middle River, Md.
Monica Aponte North East, Md.
Ashton Banks North East, Md.
Joshua Barnett North East, Md.
Dennis Cordoba North East, Md.
Haley Davis North East, Md.
Tyler Dodson North East, Md.
Hailey Galbraith North East, Md.
Jessica Miller North East, Md.
Heather Sten North East, Md.
Izzy Womack North East, Md.
Arianna Bush Perry Point, Md.
Julian Dejesus Perryville, Md.
Trevor Sexton Perryville, Md.
Wendy Ayres Port Deposit, Md.
Judah Cohen Port Deposit, Md.
Kadee Husfelt Port Deposit, Md.
Isabel Lopez Port Deposit, Md.
Dylan Whitney Port Deposit, Md.
Ami Gaudreau
Rising Sun, Md.
Makenzie Holcomb Rising Sun, Md.
Jane Huegel Rising Sun, Md.
Kenadie Lyon-Messick Rising Sun, Md.
Connor McClintick Rising Sun, Md.
Madeline Warnick Rising Sun, Md.
Alyson Wiggins Rising Sun, Md.
Sarah Wooddel Rising Sun, Md.
Elizabeth Baumeister Street, Md.
Crystal Lenk Middletown, De.
Joe Pittarelli Wilmington, De.
Erin Lintz Naples, Fl.
Colyn Bickling Max Meadows, Va.