Cecil College celebrates the Class of 2020

Published on June 19, 2020

Gibson, Cecil College's official mascot, in a graduation cap.

NORTH EAST, Md. – Cecil College celebrated the Class of 2020 during historic times by hosting a virtual graduation ceremony with more than 232 students completing an associate degree or certificate program this past December and this Spring.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Stay-at-Home Order in the State of Maryland, Cecil College’s 2020 Virtual Graduation Ceremony was held May 17 with graduates experiencing the ceremony remotely. Following opening remarks from Cecil College President Dr. Mary Way Bolt, students and guests were welcomed by Samaah Wahid, a student-athlete who graduated with honors. Student Reflections on their experiences at Cecil College were offered by Lauren Guzman and McKale Williams.

The following is a list of graduates, their hometown and the degrees and certificates they earned.

Name Hometown Degree / Certificate
Jeffrey Sexton Aberdeen, Md. Fire Science Technology
Taylor Wood Bear, De. Nursing
Nicholas Bader Bel Air, Md. Cybersecurity
Lauren Guzman Bel Air, Md. Civil Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Engineering Science
Mechanical Engineering
Micayla Velez Bel Air, Md. Equine Studies
Jodi-Ann McNaughton Belcamp, Md. General Studies
Helen Brown Cecilton, Md. Nursing
Leah Dows Cecilton, Md. Nursing
Brandi Forman Charlestown, Md. Management
Madison Jo Area Charlestown, Md. Graphic Design & Multimedia
Emily Adams Chesapeake City, Md. Nursing
Alexandra Nelson Chesapeake City, Md. Nursing
Vivian Aiken Claymont, De. Nursing
Allison Brown Cockranville, Pa. General Studies
Racheal Boyd Colora, Md. Accounting
Garrett Jolly Colora, Md. Cybersecurity
Alexander O’Toole Colora, Md. Cybersecurity
Adam Sendzia Colora, Md. Cybersecurity
Sara Campana Conowingo, Md. Elementary Education
Courtney Cummings Conowingo, Md. Social Work
Elijah Ehrhart Conowingo, Md. Mechanical Engineering
Jared Hoag Jr. Conowingo, Md. Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
George Hipkins IV Conowingo, Md. Music – Audio Technology
Music – Music
Katherine Kerfoot Conowingo, Md. Nursing
Alisa Knopp Conowingo, Md. Nursing
Hannah Metz Conowingo, Md. Nursing
Garrett Ragan Darlington, Md. Nursing
Riley Simpson Earleville, Md. Accounting
Sadie Aiken Earleville, Md. General Studies
Seth Edwards Earleville, Md. General Studies
Megan McCormick Earleville, Md. Nursing
Jessica McDade Earleville, Md. Psychology
Kaitlin Magaw Earleville, Md. Social Work
Deisha McDaniel Edgewood, Md. General Studies
Rebecca Blankenship Elkton, Md. Accounting
Jonathan Deveau Elkton, Md. Accounting
Daniel Palese Elkton, Md. Accounting
Andrew Terry Elkton, Md. Accounting
John Wright Jr. Elkton, Md. Accounting
Christal Wyre Elkton, Md. Accounting
Jessica Cooke Elkton, Md. Studio Arts
Kimberly Nolan Elkton, Md. Physical Science
Dakota Colby Elkton, Md. Civil Engineering
John De Guzman Elkton, Md. Criminal Justice
Jessica Jordon Elkton, Md. Criminal Justice
Chloe Cather Elkton, Md. Criminal Justice
Avery Alexander Elkton, Md. Cybersecurity
Kendall Hendron Elkton, Md. Cybersecurity
Alison Little Elkton, Md. Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education
Samaah Wahid Elkton, Md. Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education
Jacob Jones Elkton, Md. Electrical Engineering
Amanda Jo Gilley Elkton, Md. Elementary Education
Tanya Phelps Elkton, Md. Elementary Education
Kristin Syva Elkton, Md. Equine Studies
Nicholas Gregson Elkton, Md. Exercise Sciences
Jacob Anderson Elkton, Md. General Studies
Solomon Harris Jr. Elkton, Md. General Studies
Dorothy Sherman Elkton, Md. General Studies
Sabrina Thierry Elkton, Md. General Studies
Amanda Delp Elkton, Md. General Studies
Samuel Fraser Elkton, Md. General Studies
Paul Layton II Elkton, Md. General Studies
Kendra Mastrangelo Elkton, Md. General Studies
Nicole Paradis Elkton, Md. General Studies
Brooke Wagner Elkton, Md. General Studies
Gina Cahill Elkton, Md. Management
Alesia Franklin Elkton, Md. Management
Daniel Palese V Elkton, Md. Management
Shawn Grandval Elkton, Md. Management
Danielle Mixon Elkton, Md. Mathematics
Kimberly Nolan Elkton, Md. Mathematics
Patrick O’Brien Elkton, Md. Mathematics
Ryan Farmer Elkton, Md. Music – Audio Technology
Music – Music
Ethan Scott Elkton, Md. Music – Audio Technology
Performing Arts – Music
Haleigh Ash Elkton, Md. Music Performance
Amanda Brand Elkton, Md. Nursing
Krysta Chambers Elkton, Md. Nursing
Patricia Crew Elkton, Md. Nursing
Tori Gilces Elkton, Md. Nursing
Samantha Green Elkton, Md. Nursing
Christina Nordmark Elkton, Md. Nursing
Rebecca Scott Elkton, Md. Nursing
Jennifer Storey Elkton, Md. Nursing
Chloe Cather Elkton, Md. Paralegal Studies
Russell Houltze IV Elkton, Md. Paralegal Studies
Aliyah Johnson Elkton, Md. Psychology
Alexandra Stevens Elkton, Md. Psychology
Holly Loss Elkton, Md. Public Health – Health Navigator
Josiah Humphries Elkton, Md. Simulation Design and Gaming
Sierra Seymour Elkton, Md. Simulation Design and Gaming
Sean Sjoblom Elkton, Md. Simulation Design and Gaming
Matthew Smith Jr. Elkton, Md. Simulation Design and Gaming
Liz Medina Elkton, Md. Social Work
Joseph Wey Elkton, Md. Graphic Design and Multimedia
Erick Sjoblom Elkton, Md. Photography
Eunice Owusu-Siaw Germantown, Md. Nursing
Alyson Boyle Havre de Grace, Md. A&D – Graphic Design
Vis Com – Graphic Design
Lisa Maria Solomon Havre de Grace, Md. Nursing
Tatiana Houser Lancaster, Pa. Public Health -Public Health Generalist
Matthew Darby Lincoln University, Pa. General Studies
Nicole Tighe Lincoln University, Pa. General Studies
Ashley Dryden Lincoln University, Pa. Simulation Design and Gaming
Graphic Design & Multimedia
Web Design & Multimedia
Marvin Anderson Middle River, Md. General Studies
Kirstie Long-Smith Middle River, Md. Nursing
Jayde Morgan Middletown, De. Equine Studies – Management
Darrell Jenkins Middletown, De. Digital Imaging
Video Technology
Bria Evans-Stanley New Castle, De. Nursing
Michael Worthington Jr. New Providence, Pa. Business Administration
Quentin Fleetwood Newark, De. Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education
Andrew Wanros Newark, De. Equine Studies
Lyndsay Wobbleton Newark, De. Nursing
Evan Armstrong Newark, De. Video Production
Bryn Ditchfield North East, Md. Accounting
Tammy Dukes North East, Md. Accounting
Nicholas Jayne North East, Md. Accounting
Kena Koch North East, Md. Accounting
Elizabeth Haubert North East, Md. Art History
Arnel LeBlanc North East, Md. Drawing and Painting
Photography and Digital Arts
Sean Young North East, Md. Civil Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Brianna Bare North East, Md. Criminal Justice
Tina Ray North East, Md. Criminal Justice
Corey Walsh North East, Md. Criminal Justice
Nicolas Steuernagle North East, Md. Cybersecurity
Julia Clevenger North East, Md. Early Childhood Education
Taylor Krauss North East, Md. Elementary Education
Rebekah Lawlor North East, Md. Elementary Education
Alorra Wynter North East, Md. Elementary Education
Jessica Everetts North East, Md. Exercise Sciences
Austin Rice North East, Md. Exercise Sciences
Kayla Dvorak North East, Md. General Studies
Daniel Hudgins North East, Md. General Studies
Alexis Shortt North East, Md. General Studies
Diere Hodges North East, Md. General Studies
Stephanie McCardell North East, Md. General Studies
Tiara Smith North East, Md. General Studies
Megan Williams North East, Md. General Studies
Bailee Sten North East, Md. Leadership and Management
Maria Cintron North East, Md. Management
Tammy Dukes North East, Md. Management
Menghong Cao North East, Md. Nursing
Taylor Clark-Hartman North East, Md. Nursing
Rachel Cox North East, Md. Nursing
Esther Cragg North East, Md. Nursing
Melissa Fitzsimmons North East, Md. Nursing
Tiffany Godfrey North East, Md. Nursing
Drew Howell North East, Md. Nursing
Patricia MacDonald North East, Md. Nursing
Cassie Mease North East, Md. Nursing
Stephanie Methven North East, Md. Nursing
Cynthia Rodriguez North East, Md. Nursing
Nicole Wright North East, Md. Nursing
Brianna Bare North East, Md. Paralegal Studies
Avalon Tortora North East, Md. Paralegal Studies
Sequoia Kennedy North East, Md. Secondary Education
Jacob Yanovich North East, Md. Simulation Design and Gaming
Taylor Gallaher North East, Md. Supply Chain Management
Sequoia Kennedy North East, Md. Communication
Video Production
Jazlin McNeil Nottingham, Pa. General Studies
Marie Miller Nottingham, Pa. General Studies
Brian McMenamin Jr. Oxford, Pa. Business Administration
Gregory Rivera Jr. Oxford, Pa. Cybersecurity
Alexandra Bennett Oxford, Pa. Early Childhood Education
Tiffany Kirk Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Nadia Bakalez Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Amanda Brake Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Cira Brake Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Meghan Brake Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Brian Brower Jr. Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Madison Chambers Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Sierra Cullen Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Sydney Herrera Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Grace Kearney Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Elise Kimes Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Kylie Klein Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Juliana Lenge Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Kyleigh Levinsky Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Heather Mullins Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Julia Perpetua Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Hadden Phillips Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Lilia Quinn Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Brianna Shortell Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Bruce Trimmer Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Ethan Weir Oxford, Pa. General Studies
Billie Baird Oxford, Pa. Nursing
Eirrynn Henderson Oxford, Pa. Secondary Education
Hailey Lutter Perryville, Md. Criminal Justice
Paralegal Studies
Jacob Bratcher Perryville, Md. Cybersecurity
Leah Sankar Perryville, Md. Cybersecurity
Ryan Vogt Perryville, Md. Cybersecurity
Jessie Immekus Perryville, Md. Management
Alexandra Hudson Perryville, Md. Mathematics
Joel Hudson Perryville, Md. Mathematics
Kristopher Campbell Perryville, Md. Audio Technology
Taylor Fitzpatrick Perryville, Md. Nursing
Andrew Crouse Port Deposit, Md. Accounting
Robert Stoflet Port Deposit, Md. Accounting
Ruvim Kolosey Port Deposit, Md. Biological Sciences
Faith Laws Port Deposit, Md. Elementary Education
Zachary Vafakos Port Deposit, Md. General Studies
Kimberly Patrick Port Deposit, Md. Management
April Blucher Port Deposit, Md. Nursing
Gillian Bumba Port Deposit, Md. Nursing
Kira Honesty-Williams Port Deposit, Md. Nursing
Thomas Parks Port Deposit, Md. Nursing
Melissa Semenkow Port Deposit, Md. Nursing
Nicholas Beamer Port Deposit, Md. Social Work
Lexas Hayden Port Deposit, Md. Communication
Hollie Brook Port Deposit, Md. Portfolio Production
Studio Photography
Video Technology
Jacob Falko Rising Sun, Md. Accounting
Elan Martin Rising Sun, Md. Accounting
Carley Cooperman Rising Sun, Md. Drawing and Painti
Graphic Design
Studio Arts
Cayley Hall Rising Sun, Md. Environmental Science
Dustin Gilbert Rising Sun, Md. Biological Sciences
Mallori Beiler Rising Sun, Md. Criminal Justice
Mark Strojny Rising Sun, Md. Cybersecurity
Alexa Hull Rising Sun, Md. Elementary Education
Collin Rich Rising Sun, Md. General Studies
Kaitlyn Bedsworth Rising Sun, Md. General Studies
Jennifer Wilson Rising Sun, Md. General Studies
John Kang Rising Sun, Md. Management
Dawn Spalding Rising Sun, Md. Management
Michael Barton Rising Sun, Md. Marketing
Heather Amos Rising Sun, Md. Nursing
Katelynn Edwards Rising Sun, Md. Nursing
Cortney Lawrence Rising Sun, Md. Nursing
Ashley Lowe Rising Sun, Md. Nursing
Amber Massimiano Rising Sun, Md. Nursing
Delana Ringer Rising Sun, Md. Nursing
Dalton Lahti Rising Sun, Md. Paralegal Studies
Seth Shepard Rising Sun, Md. Supply Chain Management
Transportation Management
Kimberly McMichael Rising Sun, Md. Graphic Design & Multimedia
Video Production
Connor Dulin Smyrna, De. Management
Olivia Uleau Warwick, Md. Photography Lab
Portfolio Production
Revenee Aiken Wilmington, De. Nursing
Julia McDaniels Wilmington, De. Nursing
Briana Taylor Wilmington, De. Nursing
Robert Leggett Wilmington, De. Basic Photography
Digital Imaging
Photography Lab