Cecil College VP Brice participates in Principal for a Day

Published on April 14, 2023

James Leitgeb and Brandon Brice.

Elkton High School Principal James Leitgeb and Cecil College Vice President of Community Relations and College Advancement Brandon Brice

On March 27, Cecil College Vice President of Community Relations and College Advancement Brandon Brice joined Elkton High School Principal James Leitgeb to participate in Principal for a Day. Many school districts across the nation participate in “Principal for a Day” to connect with businesses and community leaders to create lasting partnerships that strengthen our education community and directly benefit students.

During the event, Principals are able to engage with local leaders and discuss the challenges and obstacles that students and staff face. 

“Cecil College is continually exploring avenues to help students prepare for their next step and bridge the gap between high school and higher education,” said Brice. When asked what stood out to him about the experience, Brice remarked on the school’s proactive approach to preparing young people for their futures and how well they created a sense of community in the classrooms and throughout the school.  

“What stood out to me is the community presence at Elkton High School. Principal Leitgeb knew every student he interacted with, and they had a great rapport with him as well”, said Brice.  When asked what he hoped to gain from the experience, Brice added, “My goal is to ensure that Elkton High School and all area schools know they have a solid partner in Cecil College. We are here to further support their already substantial efforts regarding student progression to higher education. Barriers to higher education often include financial or geographical challenges. Cecil College is close to home for these students and offers quality education with affordable tuition. After graduation from high school, students can attend Cecil College, save money and earn college credits or an associate degree while still living at home. The College also offers many ways for students to engage in college courses during their high school years, including our Early College Academy and Dual Enrollment programs.” 

Principal for a Day is organized by the Cecil County Public School District, which works closely with various community partners to help bring available resources and support to schools, staff, and families. To learn more about Cecil College, please visit www.cecil.edu.