Cecil College’s Dean’s List for Spring 2024

Published on June 26, 2024

Cecil College Dean's List logo.

NORTH EAST, Md: Cecil College is proud to announce the names of students whose high academic performance has qualified them for recognition as members of the Dean’s List for the recently completed Spring 2024 semester.

The Dean’s List includes 159 students who achieved a grade-point average of 3.50 – 3.74 out of a possible 4.00. To be eligible for these honors, full-time students must have completed 12 or more attempted hours. Part-time students are eligible after accumulating 15 credit hours or more with a semester GPA of 3.50 – 3.74 for that semester. This award excludes any grade received for developmental coursework.

Cecil College is centrally located in Maryland’s most northeastern county with campuses in North East and Elkton. The College features a diverse student population, with approximately 2,200 credit students and 2,300 non-credit students. Cecil offers associate degrees, certificate programs, and non-credit classes.

Included on the list are the following students:

Name Hometown
Georgia Galvin Aberdeen, Md.
Andrea Smeltzer Aberdeen, Md.
Jacob Brethauer  Bel Air, Md.
Emma Long Chesapeake City, Md.
Jennifer Ervin Chestertown, Md.
Victoria Ashford Colora, Md.
Alivia Flaugher Colora, Md.
Emma Foard Colora, Md.
Lanie Schaule Colora, Md.
Stephanie David Conowingo, Md.
Abigail Keen Conowingo, Md.
Aubrey Lovelace Conowingo, Md.
Willow Morgen Conowingo, Md.
Mady Zalfa Conowingo, Md.
Amber Hughes Earleville, Md.
Taylor Morales-Sanchez Earleville, Md.
Bella Stallman Earleville, Md.
Maria Altvater Elkton, Md.
Somaya Anderson Elkton, Md.
Gabriel Augustine Elkton, Md.
Christi Beavers Elkton, Md.
Adriana Bernal Elkton, Md.
Dorothy Berry Elkton, Md.
Jordan Brown Elkton, Md.
Tyler Caldwell Elkton, Md.
Allison Chambers Elkton, Md.
Omar Davis Elkton, Md.
Tarren Dumolo Elkton, Md.
Sandy Duron Elkton, Md.
Angela Ebling Elkton, Md.
Stefani Fitzgerald Elkton, Md.
Michael Fleming Elkton, Md.
Mattson Gaskill Elkton, Md.
Caroline Grablis Elkton, Md.
Shelley Granger Elkton, Md.
Brandon Gutierrez Elkton, Md.
Tanner Hailey Elkton, Md.
Aidan Hayes Elkton, Md.
Paula Hurm Elkton, Md.
Faith Hutchins Elkton, Md.
Jessica Jackson Elkton, Md.
Crystal Kalbaugh Elkton, Md.
Natalie Kocher Elkton, Md.
Emily Kocher Elkton, Md.
Jake Koehler Elkton, Md.
Jhaydin Ledford Elkton, Md.
Patrick Levia Elkton, Md.
Christopher Lukeman Elkton, Md.
Chloe Mahala Elkton, Md.
Madison Marino Elkton, Md.
Bethany McCall Elkton, Md.
Douglas McGonigle Elkton, Md.
Keira Merritt Elkton, Md.
Brittany Mills Elkton, Md.
Coleman Mixon Elkton, Md.
Amanda Rea Elkton, Md.
Morgan Reynolds Elkton, Md.
Brandy Rust Elkton, Md.
Trinitey Sanders Elkton, Md.
Claire Santucci Elkton, Md.
Kailey Sheldon Elkton, Md.
Sherrie Shevchuck Elkton, Md.
Hailie Shugars Elkton, Md.
Diane Squires Elkton, Md.
Emma Stiner Elkton, Md.
Alicia Sturgill Elkton, Md.
Malissa Tucker Elkton, Md.
Bethany Wadkins Elkton, Md.
Hishaam Wahid Elkton, Md.
Lindsay Welch Elkton, Md.
Jy’mere Williams Elkton, Md.
Sydney Williams Elkton, Md.
Emily Wilson Elkton, Md.
Theresa Yandell Elkton, Md.
Jessica Young Elkton, Md.
Tasha Alexander Havre De Grace, Md.
Andrea Worthy Hockessin, Del.
Sabrina Lee Landenberg, Pa.
Kaia Patterson Lincoln University, Pa.
Matthew Weisbrod Middletown, Del.
Nafessa Sudler New Castle, Del.
Naomi Leach Newark, Del.
Andrew Toll Newark, Del.
Amy Brophy North East, Md.
Miranda Brunner North East, Md.
Steven Carlson North East, Md.
Dennis Cordoba North East, Md.
Christen Denney North East, Md.
Shelby Donaldson North East, Md.
Michele Eberhardt North East, Md.
Stacey Edwards North East, Md.
Arturo Freyre North East, Md.
Claire Hash North East, Md.
Austin Keefer North East, Md.
Rebecca Kossek North East, Md.
Ashley Marison North East, Md.
Oreoluwa Onasanya North East, Md.
Nehemiah Palmer North East, Md.
Emalee Pope North East, Md.
Kailey Raum North East, Md.
Sarah Reilly North East, Md.
Laurel Robinson North East, Md.
Tessa Tedesco North East, Md.
Nathaniel Tingley North East, Md.
Hayley Welsh North East, Md.
Osvaldo Perez Lopez Nottingham, Pa.
Sydney Troutman Nottingham, Pa.
Sabrina Alioto Oxford, Pa.
Rachel Applegate Oxford, Pa.
Itzel Ayllon-Tapia Oxford, Pa.
Kaleigh Cruz Oxford, Pa.
Delaney Deutsch Oxford, Pa.
Emily Krivanich Oxford, Pa.
Ashley McKenzie Oxford, Pa.
Aylin Ruiz Lopez Oxford, Pa.
Sammie Vinciguerra Oxford, Pa.
Silviya Beardsley Perryville, Md.
Isaac Blevins Perryville, Md.
Katelyn Derrickson Perryville, Md.
Danielle Gore Perryville, Md.
Zachary Kegley Perryville, Md.
Tyler Loss Perryville, Md.
Angel Lowe Perryville, Md.
Hannah Lutter Perryville, Md.
Quran Moamin Perryville, Md.
Charlie Bach Port Deposit, Md.
Neve Balaban Port Deposit, Md.
Jacob Carson Port Deposit, Md.
Charles Carter Port Deposit, Md.
Jennifer Carter Port Deposit, Md.
Camille Chestnut Port Deposit, Md.
Jessica Drill Port Deposit, Md.
Andrew Gray Port Deposit, Md.
Owen Scott Port Deposit, Md.
Mallory Stamper Port Deposit, Md.
Stepfanie Stottlemyer Port Deposit, Md.
Craig Bush Rising Sun, Md.
Justin Chadwick Rising Sun, Md.
Rachel Chapman Rising Sun, Md.
Virginia Deel Rising Sun, Md.
Kayla Ferdinando Rising Sun, Md.
Katelyn Hamilton Rising Sun, Md.
Makenzie Holcomb Rising Sun, Md.
Jane Huegel Rising Sun, Md.
Alyssa Jezyk Rising Sun, Md.
Connor McClintick Rising Sun, Md.
Carolyn McMullen Rising Sun, Md.
Drew Miller Rising Sun, Md.
Hannah Morris Rising Sun, Md.
Maxwell Phelps Rising Sun, Md.
Hazim Rodriguez Rising Sun, Md.
Dane Schmid Rising Sun, Md.
Nya Schmidt Rising Sun, Md.
Sabrina Smith Rising Sun, Md.
Bethany Wynter Rising Sun, Md.
Jackson Janusz Rosedale, Md.
Savannah Helton Warwick, Md.
Logan Szewczyk Warwick, Md.
Ashley Van Druff Worton, Md.