Cecil College’s President’s List for Fall 2021

Published on January 19, 2022

Cecil College logo.

NORTH EAST, MD. – Cecil College is proud to announce the names of students whose high academic performance has qualified them for recognition as members of the President’s List for the recently completed Fall 2021 semester.

The President’s List includes 273 students who achieved a grade-point average of 3.75 or higher out of a possible 4.00. To be eligible for these honors, full-time students must have successfully completed 12 or more semester hours. Part-time students are eligible after accumulating 15 credit hours or more with a semester GPA of 3.75 or higher for that semester. This award excludes any grade received for developmental coursework.

Cecil College is centrally located in Maryland’s most northeastern county with campuses in the towns of North East and Elkton. The College features a diverse student population, with an enrollment of approximately 2,500 credit students and 3,400 non-credit students. Cecil offers associate degrees, certificate programs and non-credit classes.

Included on the list are the following students:

Name Hometown
Charles Price Abingdon, Md
Mackenzie Quatmann Avondale, Pa
Alyssa Byrne Bel Air, Md
Amanda Duffy Bel Air, Md
Matthew Enlow Bel Air, Md
Christopher Frank Bel Air, Md
Elaine Staudt Bel Air, Md
Jodi-Ann McNaughton Belcamp, Md
Brianna Chambers Cecilton, Md
Autumn Cromwell Cecilton, Md
Emily Baker Charlestown, Md
Tyler Jenkins Charlestown, Md
Jane Hendrickson Chesapeake City, Md
Julie Hook Chesapeake City, Md
Noah Webb Chesapeake City, Md
Jade Weyandt Chesapeake City, Md
Gibson Anthony Chestertown, Md
Logan Pinder Chestertown, Md
Jillian Tulowitzky Christiansburg, Va
Rylee Eastridge Colora, Md
Aaron Jessee Colora, Md
Carrie Long Colora, Md
John Orem Colora, Md
Holiday Saccenti Colora, Md
Nathaniel Saenz Colora, Md
Peyton Saponaro Colora, Md
Joseph Schaeffer Colora, Md
Charles Teague Colora, Md
Alexis Tunnell Colora, Md
Dylan Vandyke Colora, Md
April Clark Conowingo, Md
Alexandrea Koons Conowingo, Md
Amanda Pugh Conowingo, Md
Adam Davis Earleville, Md
Allison Dopp Earleville, Md
Kelly Fields Earleville, Md
Holly Lappe Earleville, Md
Logan Mitchell Earleville, Md
Angela Paolantonio Earleville, Md
Daniel York Edgewood, Md
Muhammad Abbasi Elkton, Md
Madison Alkanowski Elkton, Md
Rachel Allison Elkton, Md
Antony Altvater Elkton, Md
Steven Altvater Elkton, Md
Asher Archer-Depace Elkton, Md
Elissa Balla Elkton, Md
Gabriel Barrett Elkton, Md
Dorothy Berry Elkton, Md
Allison Blankenship Elkton, Md
Matthew Boyle Elkton, Md
Noel Burgee Elkton, Md
Victoria Burrows Elkton, Md
Nimrah Butt Elkton, Md
Pamela Cage Elkton, Md
Anna Caldwell Elkton, Md
Kaitlin Cantler Elkton, Md
Felix Cebula Elkton, Md
Elizabeth Contreras Elkton, Md
Miranda Crews Elkton, Md
Carley Esterling Elkton, Md
Jacob Esterling Elkton, Md
Joseph Fleming Elkton, Md
Crystal Gallo Elkton, Md
Brad Gillich Elkton, Md
Mandi Gillich Elkton, Md
Aaron Gillis Elkton, Md
Jeanea Gomez-Sexton Elkton, Md
Brandon Gutierrez Elkton, Md
Brandon Hammer Elkton, Md
Brittany Hammer Elkton, Md
Makhi Harkins Elkton, Md
Grace Harreld Elkton, Md
Mary Harris Elkton, Md
Shania Harrison Elkton, Md
Izabella Hatfield Elkton, Md
Jude Heath Elkton, Md
Abigail Henderson Elkton, Md
Ryan Hendrickson Elkton, Md
Melissa Hickman Elkton, Md
Morgan Hubis Elkton, Md
Nicole Hurd Elkton, Md
Clifford Jones Elkton, Md
Fallon Katz Elkton, Md
Evan Keithley Elkton, Md
Jessica Kenenske Elkton, Md
Morgan Kennedy Elkton, Md
Zachary Kinsey Elkton, Md
Ethan Kirk Elkton, Md
John Kivlin Elkton, Md
Taylor Kohlbus Elkton, Md
Robert Laird Elkton, Md
Amy Lasarko Elkton, Md
Ryan Layton Elkton, Md
Zachary Lockard Elkton, Md
Rachel Loomis Elkton, Md
Kyle MacAllister Elkton, Md
Jordan Malizzi Elkton, Md
Kelsi McGoff Elkton, Md
Zachery Meehan Elkton, Md
Elissa Mellott Elkton, Md
Jolie Milburn Elkton, Md
Breanna Miller Elkton, Md
Lily Miller Elkton, Md
Laura Miranda Elkton, Md
Donovan Moore Elkton, Md
Michael Moore Elkton, Md
Walter Morgan Elkton, Md
Patrick O’Brien Elkton, Md
Amanda Pepper Elkton, Md
Mary Podlesak Elkton, Md
Mary Anna Podlesak Elkton, Md
Benjamin Prest Elkton, Md
David Pugh Elkton, Md
Charles Reynolds Elkton, Md
Kyle Riesett Elkton, Md
Bryan Rosa Elkton, Md
Thomas Scott Elkton, Md
Emilee Sell Elkton, Md
Lukas Shaffer Elkton, Md
Destiny Shelby Elkton, Md
Scott Simpson Elkton, Md
Isatta Smith Elkton, Md
Richard Snow Elkton, Md
Kaila Speaks Elkton, Md
Melissa Spratt Elkton, Md
Paige Sprout Elkton, Md
Andrew Swartout Elkton, Md
Megan Talbott Elkton, Md
Marie Tarawalie Elkton, Md
William Taylor Elkton, Md
Gavin Tereszcuk Elkton, Md
Courtney Thomas Elkton, Md
Tara Vannoy Elkton, Md
Gabrielle Vaughan Elkton, Md
Gabriel Villegas Ponce Elkton, Md
Elizabeth Wagner Elkton, Md
Matthew Wallace Elkton, Md
Corey Walsh Elkton, Md
Jeffrey Ward Elkton, Md
Rachel Ward Elkton, Md
Jaedyn Watson Elkton, Md
Joshua Webb Elkton, Md
Kathryn Weese Elkton, Md
Griffin Weinert Elkton, Md
Samuel Williams Elkton, Md
Julian York Elkton, Md
Kelsey Zickgraf Elkton, Md
Erica Zimmerman Elkton, Md
Elliana Triantafillos Galena, Md
Samantha Armstrong Havre de Grace, Md
Salvador Cruz Havre de Grace, Md
Connor Frey Havre de Grace, Md
Abigail Graham Landenberg, Pa
Victoria Kinsler Laurel, Md
Rachael Baker Lincoln University, Pa
Daniel Mitzel Massey, Md
Kenneth Gobble Middletown, De
Stacia Washington New Castle, De
Walter Beaupre Newark, De
Jessica Duncan Newark, De
Kristen Yeager Newark, De
Monica Aponte North East, Md
Hunter Arledge North East, Md
Ashton Banks North East, Md
Jessica Bauernfeind North East, Md
Jason Cassidy North East, Md
Richard Colbert North East, Md
Dan Curry North East, Md
Jacqueline Dalton North East, Md
Christen Denney North East, Md
Macsen Evans North East, Md
Amanda France North East, Md
Kidist Godebo North East, Md
Candy Greenleaf North East, Md
Grace Hammen North East, Md
Jacqueline Howard North East, Md
Emily Humphries North East, Md
Marie Johnson North East, Md
Ashleigh Kazor North East, Md
Kaylynn Klinges North East, Md
Rebecca Kossek North East, Md
Allison Leftridge North East, Md
Cami Lyons North East, Md
Iyonna Maddox North East, Md
Rose Maphis North East, Md
Courtney Mason North East, Md
Madyson McCann North East, Md
Jessica Miller North East, Md
Hannah Nagy North East, Md
Gabriel Nuzzo North East, Md
Nicolas Nuzzo North East, Md
Beatrice Panceri North East, Md
Robin Peters North East, Md
Olivia Poole North East, Md
Vanessa Reid North East, Md
James Reilly North East, Md
Meghan Roach North East, Md
Brandi Sadler North East, Md
Amanda Satterfield North East, Md
Jesse Sechrest North East, Md
Heather Sten North East, Md
Katlyn Thomas North East, Md
Kathryn Werde North East, Md
Brianna Fairman Oxford, Pa
Katherine Hanna Oxford, Pa
Kathrynrose Lane Oxford, Pa
Daniel Lee Oxford, Pa
Haylee Leonard Oxford, Pa
Alexander Lutz Oxford, Pa
Emma Neill Oxford, Pa
Ethan Placchetti Oxford, Pa
Alec Sanchez Oxford, Pa
Jeremiah Sanders Oxford, Pa
Ryan Weaver Peach Bottom, Pa
Katlyn Bowen Perryville, Md
Mikayla Bryant Perryville, Md
Gwyneth Ferrera Perryville, Md
Anabelle Finegan Perryville, Md
Athena Hosto Perryville, Md
Ellyce Howell Perryville, Md
Shawn Huth Perryville, Md
David Kranz Perryville, Md
Quran Moamin Perryville, Md
Brooke Reynolds Perryville, Md
Nicole Roark Perryville, Md
Trevor Sexton Perryville, Md
Jared Slone Perryville, Md
Alix Vanderwiele Perryville, Md
Wendy Ayres Port Deposit, Md
Mary Jo Fitz Port Deposit, Md
Madison Gorsuch Port Deposit, Md
Logan Halsey Port Deposit, Md
Dawn Harris Port Deposit, Md
Kellie Huller Port Deposit, Md
Evan LaPointe Port Deposit, Md
Lauren LaPointe Port Deposit, Md
Isabel Lopez Port Deposit, Md
Are’yana Miller Port Deposit, Md
Jason Nickle Port Deposit, Md
Mike Pham Port Deposit, Md
Owen Scott Port Deposit, Md
Austin Turner Port Deposit, Md
Ian Vafakos Port Deposit, Md
Katelyn Vafakos Port Deposit, Md
Zachary Vafakos Port Deposit, Md
Stephanie Anderson Rising Sun, Md
Jacob Chapman Rising Sun, Md
Karen Cline Rising Sun, Md
Emily Falko Rising Sun, Md
Hailey Farmer Rising Sun, Md
Katelyn Hamilton Rising Sun, Md
Dorothy Hamm Rising Sun, Md
Jordan Hayden Rising Sun, Md
Eric Jordan Rising Sun, Md
Sydney Krummel Rising Sun, Md
Anthony Lepold Rising Sun, Md
Zoey Lewis Rising Sun, Md
Kaylie Linman Rising Sun, Md
Brianna Lubinski Rising Sun, Md
Brendan McCarter Rising Sun, Md
Michele Miller Rising Sun, Md
Hannah Neyman Rising Sun, Md
Abigail Parisan Rising Sun, Md
Jessica Pippin-Pierson Rising Sun, Md
Taylor Rapposelli Rising Sun, Md
Malinda Reed Rising Sun, Md
Alyson Wiggins Rising Sun, Md
Charlotte Domning Silver Spring, Md
Logan Szewczyk Warwick, Md
Wendy Nafe West Grove, Pa
Jacob Snavely Wilmington, De
Holly Wynn Wilmington, De