Cecil student receives Waldon Scholarship

Published on March 25, 2024

Keshawn Gardner seen here with his mother during the annual awards banquet.

Keshawn Gardner seen here with his mother during the annual awards banquet.

NORTH EAST, Md: Cecil College is proud to announce that sophomore Keshawn Gardner is the recipient of the Donald J. Waldon Memorial Scholarship and was honored during the annual banquet at the Richlin Ballroom in Edgewood, Md.

Gardner is pursuing an associate degree in Early Education and will complete his coursework in May. A native of Perryville, Md., he attended West Nottingham Academy before coming to Cecil College. He was a Cecil College men’s basketball team member for the 2023-2024 season.

“My goal is to become a third-grade teacher, and this scholarship has assisted me in paying for my entire tuition and books this year. Without this wonderful fraternity, I feel I would not be in the good financial position I am in today,” said Gardner, a first-generation college student.

The 47th Annual Donald J. Waldon Memorial Scholarship is sponsored by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Up to two Cecil College students are eligible to receive full tuition, including fees and books, from the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity scholarship annually.

“Keshawn is deserving of this scholarship. He is a natural leader and is dedicated to giving back to people. I have no doubt he will make an excellent teacher and role model,” said Cecil College men’s basketball coach Ed Durham. “As a member of the basketball team, he brought positive effort and energy everyday regardless of circumstances, he never let anything affect him. I can see Keshawn as a coach and leader in his bright future. It was a pleasure having him in our program for the last two years. I look forward to seeing him graduate this May.”

For many years, the partnership between Cecil College and the local fraternity has been beneficial to students. To be eligible, students must attend full-time, have at least a 2.5 GPA, and be committed to giving back to their community through volunteer work and extracurricular activities.

“This scholarship has helped not only me but also my family. I am the first of my siblings to attend college, and this scholarship has assisted my parents in focusing on providing for my other two siblings. Overall, this scholarship has immensely helped my family and me. It has enabled me to get closer to achieving my career goals,” said Gardner.

Students who wish to inquire about the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Scholarship should contact Cheryl Davis-Robinson, Director of Student Life, at cadavis@nullcecil.edu.