Collaboration leads to creation of the Yonko LLC project

Published on March 24, 2022

Yonko LLC QR code.

Scan the QR code to access the Yonko LLC video.

NORTH EAST, Md. – Cecil College Professor Andrew Dickenson and Brandon Gorin, Assistant Technical Director at Milburn Stone Theatre, have created an awe-inspiring video that blends mystical music scores with digital artistic vision to carry the viewing audience down a path of enlightenment. This project, entitled Yonko LLC, features 30 exceptional scores written and performed by Dickenson that set the mood for viewing Gorin’s digital artwork.

The idea for Yonko LLC came about when Dickenson was working on another project based on Gorin’s poetry. During this time, Gorin completed his goal of posting 10,000 images on Instagram, planting the seed for Dickenson’s inspiration.

“That inspired me, and I approached him with an idea involving those 10,000 images. What came out of that conversation was a vague idea to pass pieces back and forth and create something based on what we sent each other. We weren’t exactly sure what the end product would look like or how long we would keep it going, but we were both excited to start something like this,” said Dickenson.

The process started with Gorin providing artwork to Dickenson, which is the first image in the video. He then wrote some music based on that first image and sent it back to Gorin, who then created a new piece based on what he heard. This process repeated until they came up with the final product.

Beginning on September 3, 2021, Dickenson and Gorin exchanged two to three “Movements” a week until the Yonko LLC was completed just before Thanksgiving.

“When Brandon sent me the artwork, I would usually spend some time just looking at it and letting my mind wander. I tried not to force ideas for music and let sounds just come to my mind naturally as I responded to the emotion of the art. As a result, I ended up using a lot of effects and processing and a lot of experimental ideas,” said Dickenson.

They decided to limit this first video to 30 Movements and are currently working on the next video. They plan to have the second video completed within the next few weeks with the assistance of recording engineer Eric Bostic, who teaches at Cecil College.

Dickenson and Gorin have taken an organic approach to promoting Yonko LLC. They have been handing out stickers that feature a QR code, which takes the viewer to the video on YouTube. They have also created a website to document their projects ( and are in the process of featuring the music on digital platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. There are plans for a digital booklet to go along with the album. Lisa Lutwyche, who also teaches at Cecil, wrote a beautiful poem from her reaction to watching the video and included it with the liner notes of the digital booklet.