Cybersecurity Club excels at national competition

Published on December 19, 2023

Blue fingerprint over a grid being scanned.

NORTH EAST, Md: The Cecil College Cybersecurity Club went toe to toe with some of the best computer science individuals in the world at the 2023 National Cyber League (NCL) in November to finish 143rd out of 4,672 competitors from around the world. The NCL cybersecurity competition is a two-day event that prepares students for a cyber career.

The NCL, powered by Cyber Skyline, enables students to prepare and test themselves against practical cybersecurity challenges that they will likely face in the workforce, such as identifying hackers from forensic data, pentesting and auditing vulnerable websites, recovering from ransomware attacks, and more. The Cecil College team finished in the 97th percentile.

NCL competitions are designed to help students understand their strengthens and recognize weaknesses so they can improve their skills in the field as a cybersecurity professional.

“This competition helps build confidence in applying their cybersecurity knowledge to solve real-world problems,” said Associate Professor of Computer Science, Dr. James Morgan.