Dean’s List for Fall 2017 semester

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NORTH EAST, Md. – Cecil College, which has been serving Cecil County and surrounding areas for 50 years, is proud to announce the names of students whose high academic performance has qualified them for recognition as members of the Dean’s List for the recently completed Fall 2017 semester.

The Dean’s List includes 129 students who achieved a grade-point average between 3.50 – 3.74 out of a possible 4.00. To be eligible for these honors, full-time students must have successfully completed 12 or more attempted hours; and part-time students must have successfully completed 6 attempted hours.

Cecil College is centrally located in Maryland’s most northeastern county with campuses in the towns of North East and Elkton. The College features a diverse student population, with an enrollment of approximately 2,500 credit students and 3,400 non-credit students. Cecil offers associate degrees, certificate programs and non-credit classes.

Included on the list are the following students:

Name                                          City, State

Amanda Puckett                          Aberdeen, MD

Alexandra Chaney                       Abingdon, MD

Mario McCarty                            Abingdon, MD

Rebekah Ahlstrom                       Bear, DE

Ashley Yeager                             Bear, DE

Kelly Amrein                               Bel Air, MD

Alyssa Blevins                            Bel Air, MD

Xavier Frink                                Belcamp, MD

Hannah Miksit                             Cecilton, MD

Tiffani Earl                                  Charlestown, MD

Jennifer Gipson                           Chesapeake City, MD

Matthew Riley                             Chesapeake City, MD

Jenna Siek-Butler                        Chesapeake City, MD

David Hamm                               Colora, MD

Alexander O’Toole                      Colora, MD

Nathaniel Saenz                           Colora, MD

Adam Sendzia                             Colora, MD

Courtney Cummings                   Conowingo, MD

Alisa Knopp                                Conowingo, MD

Shereise Hill                                Darlington, MD

Molly Becker                               Earleville, MD

Kaitlin Magaw                             Earleville, MD

Kortnee Aleshire                         Elkton, MD

Amy Alford                                 Elkton, MD

Miracle Ashmon                          Elkton, MD

Amelia Baldwin                           Elkton, MD

Sharnay Barrett                            Elkton, MD

Mackenzie Bolton                        Elkton, MD

Mohammed Bouceddi                 Elkton, MD

Kevin Bramble                            Elkton, MD

Kenneth Coursey                         Elkton, MD

Kirsten Cowan                            Elkton, MD

Emily Cox                                   Elkton, MD

Ashleigh Donithan                      Elkton, MD

Kaylin Drabczyk                         Elkton, MD

Lisa Ford                                     Elkton, MD

Brandon Gregson                        Elkton, MD

Matthew Harper                          Elkton, MD

Cameron Harwood                      Elkton, MD

Rebecca Healey                           Elkton, MD

Autumn Henry                            Elkton, MD

Melissa Hicks                              Elkton, MD

Elizabeth Hikins                          Elkton, MD

Jeramiah Hoderfield                    Elkton, MD

Sean Hoffman                             Elkton, MD

Saria Jackson                               Elkton, MD

Cheyanne Johnson                      Elkton, MD

Rosalyn Johnson                         Elkton, MD

Ashley Johnson                           Elkton, MD

Phillip Jones                                Elkton, MD

Aaron Keithley                            Elkton, MD

Brianna Kirchner                         Elkton, MD

Amy Leonard-Frazier                  Elkton, MD

Olivia Lorman                             Elkton, MD

Katie Mascioli                             Elkton, MD

Shane Matthews                          Elkton, MD

Ashley Miller                              Elkton, MD

Scott Mitchell                              Elkton, MD

Christopher Morel                       Elkton, MD

Danielle Moretz                           Elkton, MD

Lisa Nastasi                                 Elkton, MD

Kirsten Pannell                            Elkton, MD

Jamie Pedrick                              Elkton, MD

Lisa Perez                                    Elkton, MD

Christina Reeder                          Elkton, MD

Jessica Rhoades                           Elkton, MD

Lara Richardson                          Elkton, MD

Trevor Rodriguez                        Elkton, MD

Fred Russell                                Elkton, MD

Diana Semenchenko                    Elkton, MD

Jessica Shamrock                        Elkton, MD

Koree Shay                                  Elkton, MD

Christina Shirley                          Elkton, MD

Joann Smith                                 Elkton, MD

Heather Sprout                            Elkton, MD

Jack Stewart                                Elkton, MD

Kristin Syva                                Elkton, MD

Kathryn Talbott                           Elkton, MD

Javin Taylor                                 Elkton, MD

Casie Thomas                              Elkton, MD

Charlotte Watkins                        Elkton, MD

Isabelle Wilson                            Elkton, MD

Wilda Wilson                               Elkton, MD

Cheyenne Young                         Elkton, MD

Oscar Zarco-Armenta                  Elkton, MD

Nathan Anderson                        Havre De Grace, MD

Julia Herr                                     Hockessin, DE

Haley Jevnick                              Lincoln University, PA

Beth Martin                                 Lincoln University, PA

Kristin Crawford                         Middletown, DE

Juliette Miller                               New Castle, DE

Brandon Gartland                        Newark, DE

Xyare Lambert                             Newark, DE

Douglas Wilson                           Newark, DE

Aurielle Stringer                          North East, MD

Joshua Adams                             North East, MD

Brianna Bare                                North East, MD

Amanda Benton                           North East, MD

Jaclyn Blake                                North East, MD

Miranda Brunner                         North East, MD

Julie Burdette                               North East, MD

Maria Cintron                              North East, MD

Ashley Eicher                              North East, MD

Jessica Everetts                            North East, MD

Cheyenne Gonce                         North East, MD

Nicole Goudy                              North East, MD

Jordan Griggs                              North East, MD

Tristan Hall                                  North East, MD

Robert Hudgins                           North East, MD

Paul Kehnast                               North East, MD

Jerrick Knippel                            North East, MD

Dawn Kreiss                               North East, MD

Stephanie Methven                      North East, MD

Gabriella Smith                            North East, MD

Melissa Speck                             North East, MD

Michael Strohecker                      North East, MD

Alexis Stubblefield                      North East, MD

Marie Voegele                             North East, MD

April Wallers                               North East, MD

Deborah Winfree                         North East, MD

Susan Zimmerman                       North East, MD

Emily Doane                                North East, MD

Thomas Harris                             Nottingham, PA

Joseph Murray                            Nottingham, PA

Alyssa Sullins                             Nottingham, PA

Desiree Robinson                        Odenton, MD

Billie Baird                                  Oxford, PA

Jude Degrave                               Oxford, PA

Amanda Dewald                          Oxford, PA

Katherine Dimatteo                      Oxford, PA

Carolyn Morse                            Oxford, PA

Jennifer Orcutt                             Oxford, PA

Nicholas Andrulewicz                 Perryville, MD

Jacob Bratcher                             Perryville, MD

Nori Elliott                                   Perryville, MD

Kelsey Reynolds                         Perryville, MD

Clayton Searles                            Perryville, MD

Alix Vanderwiele                        Perryville, MD

Joshua Brooks                             Port Deposit, MD

Julia Crowe                                 Port Deposit, MD

Maria Delcostello                        Port Deposit, MD

Katherine Hubbs                         Port Deposit, MD

Mollie Lipka                                Port Deposit, MD

Michael Loss                               Port Deposit, MD

Megan Moore                              Port Deposit, MD

Nicholas Phillips                         Port Deposit, MD

Sara Kauffman                            Quarryville, PA

Loretta Bowman                          Rising Sun, MD

Chelsey Duff                               Rising Sun, MD

Tracy Edmundson                       Rising Sun, MD

Bradford Lovelace                       Rising Sun, MD

Brady Lynch                                Rising Sun, MD

Callie McCollum                         Rising Sun, MD

Ryan Rivera-Whaley                   Rising Sun, MD

Sarah Tabor                                 Rising Sun, MD

Joseph Whaley                            Rising Sun, MD

Owen Roll                                   Street, MD

Nicholas Bramble                        Warwick, MD

Hannah Shrewsbury                    Warwick, MD

Candice Ledford                          Wilmington, DE