Dean’s List for Spring 2020

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NORTH EAST, Md. – Cecil College is proud to announce the names of students whose high academic performance has qualified them for recognition as members of the Dean’s List for the recently completed Spring 2020 semester.

The Dean’s List includes 159 students who achieved a grade-point average of 3.50 – 3.74 out of a possible 4.00. To be eligible for these honors, full-time students must have successfully completed 12 or more attempted hours. Part-time students are eligible after accumulating 15 credit hours or more with a semester GPA of 3.75 or higher for that semester. This award excludes any grade received for developmental coursework.

Cecil College is centrally located in Maryland’s most northeastern county with campuses in the towns of North East and Elkton. The College features a diverse student population, with an enrollment of approximately 2,500 credit students and 3,400 non-credit students. Cecil offers associate degrees, certificate programs, and non-credit classes.

Included on the list are the following students:

Name Hometown
Estelle Jones Aberdeen, MD
Alyssa Byrne Abingdon, MD
Will Shea Abingdon, MD
Christopher Frank Bel Air, MD
Kaitlynn Keenan Charlestown, MD
Joseph Bailey Chesapeake City, MD
Miranda Biggs Chesapeake City, MD
Zachary Hunter Chesapeake City, MD
Emilee Woodall Chesapeake City, MD
Ashley Rios Coatesville, PA
Danielle Ewing Colora, MD
Natalie Hanlon Colora, MD
Kyle Leffew Colora, MD
Alexandra Nelson Colora, MD
Madison Elizabe Nordberg Colora, MD
Sara Campana Conowingo, MD
Tanner Crouse Conowingo, MD
George Hipkins Conowingo, MD
Donna Ingerson Conowingo, MD
Katherine Kerfoot Conowingo, MD
Alisa Knopp Conowingo, MD
Hannah Larsen Conowingo, MD
Hannah Metz Conowingo, MD
Elijah Lloyd Dallastown, PA
Garrett Ragan Darlington, MD
Megan McCormick Earleville, MD
Genevieve Rinker Earleville, MD
Riley Simpson Earleville, MD
Kayla Thompson Earleville, MD
Katlin Amos Elkton, MD
Jacob Anderson Elkton, MD
Colin Bates Elkton, MD
Anna Belong Elkton, MD
Maria Bernal Elkton, MD
Julia Bradshaw Elkton, MD
Amanda Brand Elkton, MD
Destiny Brown Elkton, MD
Xander Calhoun Elkton, MD
Krysta Chambers Elkton, MD
Reagan Connell Elkton, MD
Joseph Cooper Elkton, MD
Drew Daniels Elkton, MD
Bethany Dawson Elkton, MD
Amanda Delp Elkton, MD
Esther Di Iulio Elkton, MD
Abanoub Fahim Matta Elkton, MD
Alesia Franklin Elkton, MD
Sarah Funk Elkton, MD
Alexis Garcia Elkton, MD
Tori Gilces Elkton, MD
Robert Giles Elkton, MD
Brent Gillis Elkton, MD
Gina Handley Elkton, MD
Mary Harris Elkton, MD
Shania Harrison Elkton, MD
Amanda Heath Elkton, MD
Alexis Hines Elkton, MD
Hannah Holderer Elkton, MD
Jarod House Elkton, MD
Saria Jackson Elkton, MD
Jack Jacobs Elkton, MD
Jacob Jones Elkton, MD
Julia Kocher Elkton, MD
Autumn Lightner Elkton, MD
Zachary Lockard Elkton, MD
Thomas Logan Elkton, MD
Rebecca McClure Elkton, MD
Wileen Miller Elkton, MD
Mackenzie Mulligan Elkton, MD
Christina Nordmark Elkton, MD
Elaina Owens Elkton, MD
Kirsten Pannell Elkton, MD
Lauren Elizabeth Rakes Elkton, MD
Hannah Rash Elkton, MD
Raashid Rashid Elkton, MD
Ryan Reese Elkton, MD
Jacques Rene Elkton, MD
Jamie Rhudy Elkton, MD
Kayla Rodgers Elkton, MD
Thomas Scott Elkton, MD
Jackson Shaffer Elkton, MD
Mallory Sharpless Elkton, MD
Dorothy Sherman Elkton, MD
Paige Shives Elkton, MD
Scott Simpson Elkton, MD
Delaney Speck Elkton, MD
Jessica Spleen Elkton, MD
Marlena Tatman Elkton, MD
Sabrina Thierry Elkton, MD
Bryce Titter Elkton, MD
Laquia Turner Elkton, MD
Henry Watkins Elkton, MD
Jessica Wright Elkton, MD
Jean-Luc May-Pohlman Georgetown, MD
Stephanie Jackson Havre De Grace, MD
Lisa Solomon Havre De Grace, MD
Jennings Tiller Havre De Grace, MD
Tiffiny Warfield Havre De Grace, MD
Tyler Bove Lincoln University, PA
Ashley Dryden Lincoln University, PA
Deborah Winfree Middletown, DE
Lyndsay Wobbleton Newark, DE
Stacie Lins New Park, PA
Kayla Baker North East, MD
Darrell Barnett North East, MD
Meng Hong Cao North East, MD
Melissa Carr North East, MD
Rachel Cox North East, MD
Rosalie Garvey North East, MD
Jaime Hansen North East, MD
Drew Johnson North East, MD
Patricia MacDonald North East, MD
Shawn Mowery North East, MD
Katrina Mtengwa North East, MD
Gabriel Nuzzo North East, MD
Nicolas Nuzzo North East, MD
Sharon Parris North East, MD
Grace Peterson North East, MD
Kayla Pike North East, MD
Cynthia Rodriguez North East, MD
Alexis Shortt North East, MD
Tammy Wade North East, MD
Kathryn Werde North East, MD
Mckenzie Hendrickson Nottingham, PA
Michael Miller Nottingham, PA
Nadia Bakalez Oxford, PA
Ryan Battista Oxford, PA
Amanda Brake Oxford, PA
Morgan Brown Oxford, PA
Blaise Corcoran Oxford, PA
Grace Kearney Oxford, PA
Tiffany Kirk Oxford, PA
Daniel Lee Oxford, PA
Kyleigh Levinsky Oxford, PA
Gregory Rivera Oxford, PA
Lily Sapp Oxford, PA
Bailey Shover Oxford, PA
Makenzie Evans Pequea, PA
Andrea Gardner Perryville, MD
Rebecca Holman Perryville, MD
Brooke Reynolds Perryville, MD
Alix Vanderwiele Perryville, MD
Nicholas Vogt Perryville, MD
Gillian Bumba Port Deposit, MD
Jonathan Grahe Port Deposit, MD
Lexas Hayden Port Deposit, MD
Thomas Parks Port Deposit, MD
Kimberly Patrick Port Deposit, MD
Jennifer Pullin Port Deposit, MD
April Blucher Rising Sun, MD
Jessica Boone Rising Sun, MD
Bryce Campbell Rising Sun, MD
Madison Duszynski Rising Sun, MD
Katelynn Edwards Rising Sun, MD
Jadie Eller Rising Sun, MD
Katherine Fortney Rising Sun, MD
Seth Granger Rising Sun, MD
Rebecca Jamison Rising Sun, MD
Kendyl Jones Rising Sun, MD
Krista Kennedy Rising Sun, MD
Cortney Lawrence Rising Sun, MD
Amber Massimiano Rising Sun, MD
Katelynn McQuerrey Rising Sun, MD
Cori Newell Rising Sun, MD
Collin Rich Rising Sun, MD
Kallie Shore Rising Sun, MD
Ryann Smith Rising Sun, MD
Dawn Spalding Rising Sun, MD
Heather Stanley Rising Sun, MD
Megan Summers Rising Sun, MD
Megan Weaver Rising Sun, MD
William Wilhelm Rising Sun, MD
Kathleen Worton Rising Sun, MD
Lauren Clipper Street, MD
Garrett Hillsgrove Wilmington, DE
Candice Ledford Wilmington, DE
Julia McDaniels Wilmington, DE