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Student using science equipment

NORTH EAST, Md. – To ensure Cecil College students are afforded the complete college experience, the third phase of the Foundation’s campaign of inspiration is to provide financial support for extra-curricular events and activities at Elkton Station and the North East Campus.

This funding would provide support for the visual arts, performing arts, student clubs, non-credit programs, athletics and much more. The College has already received a tremendous outpouring of private financial support for the development and construction of an indoor practice facility on the North East Campus.

“Our goal is to let people know these opportunities exist. There are all kinds of opportunities whether it is adult education, continued learning, nursing, STEM, teacher education, workforce development,” said Mark Mortenson, Giving Committee Chair and member of the Cecil College Board of Trustees.

Through private donations, the Foundation has raised funding for the purchase of a 60-foot by 120-foot structure (22 feet high) that will be used as an indoor practice facility. It will house the recently donated pitching machines for the baseball and softball teams, as well as the soccer goals. The interior field surface will be artificial turf, allowing the College’s summer camp programs to continue unabated during inclement weather.

“We are trying to do all the work on this athletic building with private funds. We have never attempted this before, so it is a big undertaking. We have raised the money to purchase the materials for the building and some of the infrastructure around it, but we will need more,” said Mortenson.

While the Foundation continues to seek financial support for these programs, it is also looking for gifts-in-kind in the form of services. Construction of the building will commence this spring, but once the building is standing, the College will need assistance with moving stone for the foundation, site excavation work, connection of plumbing and electric, digging drainage ponds, and much more.

“Student-athletes make up more than 10 percent of our full-time enrollment, so we are putting a lot of our resources there because it will make a difference to our current and future students,” said John Beck, Executive Director of the Cecil College Foundation. “But the food pantry and the non-academic side of student life are as important in this campaign. We are working to provide support to areas like the Career Center and the Career Fairs. We are doing a business clothing drive. These are all non-academic events that contribute to the college experience.”

The construction of this new facility is the first step to improving the athletic fields, which haven’t had significant upgrades in nearly two decades. Other gifts-in-kind sought will focus on a concessions stand, improved spectator seating and easier access to the playing fields.

“If you have the ability to move earth, dig trenches, or even donate money, we are looking for your help. The college is looking for assistance in the trades. There have already been many offers of assistance, but a lot more help from trades-people is needed,” added Mortenson.

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