Milburn Stone Gallery hosts ‘Project 365’ exhibit

Published on May 21, 2024

Photograph titled The Road, taken by Kathy Buckalew.

NORTH EAST, Md: The goal of “Project 365” is to take a photograph every day and post it online for a year to create a story from each photographer’s perspective. What began as a challenge among several work colleagues 12 years ago has evolved into an entire art exhibition.

The Cecil College Art and Design Program is excited to host the works of eight photographers in the 2024 version of “Project 365” in the Milburn Stone Gallery, located on the North East Campus.

“What I appreciate so much about the group is the wide range of photographers who participate,” said Mary Johnson, an original member of the first cohort from 2012. “Since then, I have recruited fellow photographers – amateurs, students, and professionals – to join me in the challenge. Some participants have also invited their friends and colleagues to join the group. Everyone is very supportive of each other, and seeing the variety of images they create is wonderful. They are an inspiration.”

Johnson has been an adjunct in the Visual Communications Program (VCP) at Cecil College for 14 years, teaching basic photography courses. In 2016, she was joined in the project by Barry Gorrell, the now-retired VCP Lab Coordinator at Cecil College. Gorrell enjoyed a 47-year professional photography career, specializing in photo composite and special effects work. In retirement, Gorrell became interested in drone photography, creating breathtakingly beautiful photographs that will be on display.

Barbara Bell is a watercolor artist who works from her studio at Artists and Makers Studio in Rockville, Md. A member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society and Foundry Gallery, she exhibits her work throughout the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. She was introduced to Project 365 in 2019 by Mary Johnson’s brother, Jim Haynes, a fellow artist. “Having previously used my photographs as source material for my painting, Project 365 encouraged me to take and share my photos daily. I haven’t missed a day since the project began.”

Jennifer Fox, a visual arts educator at Elkton High School, advises students on the merits of a community college education and escorts students annually on a field trip to experience the VCP workshops. “My work is inspired by the serendipitous beauty found while exploring nature.”

Also on display will be the works of Dave Vallée, who loves photography as a hobbyist, and Rita Schreiner, who is currently a student in the VCP program. She began at Cecil College last fall in the introductory photography class with Mary Johnson.

Kathy Buckalew, who previously taught Nature and Wildlife Photography at Cecil College, is a photographer in Wilmington. Her work encompasses landscapes, portraits, still life, black-and-white infrared, light painting, farmers, artists, events, and almost anything else that crosses her lens. She also teaches iPhoneagraphy classes for the Delaware Art Museum.

Julie Perone discovered her passion for photography after retiring in 2020 from a 35-year career as a Licensed Psychologist in Pennsylvania and Delaware. She loved photography but didn’t have the time to devote to it.

“I want to acknowledge the encouragement and support I have received from our Project 365 Group, given that we have been ‘together’ since 2020,” said Perone. “I always appreciate the comments others make on my photos, whether to acknowledge that I have captured something in a way that moves the individual or if I have gone outside my comfort zone to try something new. Capturing light in its varying forms has been my goal for the past two years, and I truly believe this group has been such an asset as my sounding board — validating when I have nailed it!”

The “Project 365” exhibition will be on display in the Milburn Stone Theatre Gallery from May 31 through August 30, with a reception slated for Friday, June 21, from 6 to 8 p.m.

To enjoy the exhibit, stop by the Milburn Stone Gallery during the following hours:

  • Tuesday & Thursday: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  • Wednesday & Friday: Noon – 4 p.m.
  • Three hours before Milburn Stone Theatre showtimes.

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