Mother and son honored by Cecil College Foundation for passionate work

Published on July 19, 2023

Jacqueline Brown and her son Hiram Brown, Jr.,

Jacqueline Brown and her son Hiram Brown, Jr., are the 2023 recipients of the Mary A. Maloney Distinguished Service Award.

NORTH EAST, Md. – The Cecil College Foundation is excited to celebrate the philanthropic work of Jacqueline Brown and her son Hiram Brown, Jr., who have funded scholarships that have changed lives in Cecil County. Both Jacqueline and Hiram Jr. live under the axiom of public service to make the community a better place.

“After the passing of my husband, Hiram, Sr., my son and I concluded that a scholarship should be founded with the intent of keeping his legacy alive by supporting the dreams of others that wished to pursue their talents in the arts or that have a passion for social service,” said Jacqueline Brown.

This commitment and devotion made them ideal Mary A. Maloney Distinguished Service Award recipients for 2023. The Browns sought to honor a wonderful husband and father by creating this scholarship more than a decade ago as the Hiram C. Brown, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

The Brown family are lifelong residents of Cecil County, living in Elkton. Hiram Brown, Sr., was an entrepreneur in the region as a musician in-addition to being a dedicated social service professional. He also owned his own music and entertainment production company, booking live entertainment throughout the East Coast.

His business success in social services allowed the family along with numerous donors such as the Donaldson Brown Foundation to open the doors of opportunity to everyone, mainly those in the greatest need. Now in death, his wife Jacqueline has continued the excellent work for the past decade. The Mary A. Maloney Distinguished Service Award is presented annually by the Cecil College Foundation to individuals who give their time and dedication to support Cecil College and the community.

“Hiram’s service was attended by immediate family members and many of his friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. I was amazed and overwhelmed by the number of stories people shared with me about how he significantly impacted their lives through his work, music, and his dedication to genuinely caring for others in his community,” said Mrs. Brown.

A graduate of Cecil College, Mr. Brown worked with and developed some of the best-known musicians in the music business but was never too busy to help families in need. Mr. Brown brought a sense of caring and compassion to the lives of all those who knew him.

“We have never formally measured the impact, but our hope is that there is eventually significant and measurable change from the individual community contributions of Cecil’s graduates who were recipients of the scholarship,” said Mrs. Brown.

The best legacy one can leave behind is one built on compassion, creativity, and caring for others. This memorial scholarship seeks to aid the development of those qualities within others who already exhibit promise in one of the aforementioned areas of interest.

If interested donating to this scholarship and supporting a student through a tax-deductible gift, please visit or contact the Cecil College Foundation at

This award is named for Mary Maloney, who became Maryland’s first female county commissioner in 1970. During her time in office, she established the Cecil County Department of Public Works, was responsible for properly implementing the planning department, and actively participated in the Maryland Association of Counties. Along with serving on the Cecil College Board of Trustees for 24 years, she served on numerous other committees, councils, and boards within the county.