President’s List for Fall 2019

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NORTH EAST, Md. – Cecil College, which has been serving Cecil County and surrounding areas for 50 years, is proud to announce the names of students whose high academic performance has qualified them for recognition as members of the President’s List for the recently completed Fall 2019 semester.

The President’s List includes 291 students who achieved a grade-point average of 3.75 or higher. To be eligible for these honors, full-time students must have successfully completed 12 or more attempted hours. Part-time students are eligible after accumulating 15 credit hours or more with a semester GPA of 3.75 or better for that semester. This award excludes any grade received for developmental coursework.

Cecil College is centrally located in Maryland’s most northeastern county with campuses in the towns of North East and Elkton. The College features a diverse student population, with an enrollment of approximately 2,500 credit students and 3,400 non-credit students. Cecil offers associate degrees, certificate programs and non-credit classes.

Included on the list are the following students:

Name Hometown
Alyson Boyle Aberdeen, MD
Autumn Hannas Aberdeen, MD
Matthew Shaw Aberdeen, MD
James Allen Bear, DE
Taylor Megargel Bear, DE
Garrett Myre Bear, DE
Ashley Yeager Bear, DE
Elaine Staudt Bel Air, MD
Micayla Velez Bel Air, MD
Nicole Hawks Cecilton, MD
Dylan Snyder Cecilton, MD
Brittany Barnett Charlestown, MD
Alexis Privett Charlestown, MD
Julianna Beazley Chesapeake City, MD
Kyle Dolina Chesapeake City, MD
Zachary Hunter Chesapeake City, MD
Harry Mcdaniel Chesapeake City, MD
F Gaylord Moody Chesapeake City, MD
Michelle Ravert Chesapeake City, MD
Alisha Reynolds Chesapeake City, MD
Scott Seisler Chesapeake City, MD
Dawson Stevens Chestertown, MD
Louis Teletski Chestertown, MD
David Hamm Colora, MD
Jacqueline Hamm Colora, MD
Christa Howard Colora, MD
Crystal Isenhart Colora, MD
Carissa Mcmillion Colora, MD
Tyler Roland Colora, MD
Kathryn Webb Colora, MD
April Clark Conowingo, MD
Courtney Cummings Conowingo, MD
Sydnie Heiman Conowingo, MD
Donna Ingerson Conowingo, MD
Kylie Mccurry Conowingo, MD
Madison Neilson Conowingo, MD
Janis Peters Conowingo, MD
Kiley Roberts Conowingo, MD
Douglas Bonsall Earleville, MD
Krystina Coyle Earleville, MD
Kelly Fields Earleville, MD
Lauren Gardner Earleville, MD
Stephanie Kilpatrick Earleville, MD
Amanda Magaw Earleville , MD
Kaitlin Magaw Earleville, MD
Kimberly Noddin Earleville, MD
Angela Paolantonio Earleville, MD
Denise Richardson Earleville, MD
Kayla Thompson Earleville, MD
Matthew Weisbrod Earleville, MD
Alaina West Earleville, MD
Nicole Young Earleville, MD
Cynthia Adams Elkton, MD
Kortnee Aleshire Elkton, MD
Katlin Amos Elkton, MD
Ashley Backes Elkton, MD
Joscelyn Barlow Elkton, MD
Brianna Barrett Elkton, MD
Colin Bates Elkton, MD
Maria Bernal Elkton, MD
Breanna Berry Elkton, MD
Rebecca Blankenship Elkton, MD
Allison Blankenship Elkton, MD
Matthew Boyle Elkton, MD
Jada Brinkley Elkton, MD
Keith Burgess Elkton, MD
Nimrah Butt Elkton, MD
Phoebe Calkins Elkton, MD
Prisca Calkins Elkton, MD
Timothy Ciarlo Elkton, MD
Jessica Cooke Elkton, MD
Joseph Cooper Elkton, MD
Jessica Coppola Elkton, MD
Emily Crowder Elkton, MD
John De Guzman Elkton, MD
Megan Debusk Elkton, MD
Amanda Delp Elkton, MD
Robert Disabatino Elkton, MD
Paige Eller Elkton, MD
Zachary Esbin Elkton, MD
Robert Feeley Elkton, MD
Sade Felton Elkton, MD
Michael Fleming Elkton, MD
Joseph Fleming Elkton, MD
Conlan Foster Elkton, MD
Nicole Frappier Elkton, MD
Samuel Fraser Elkton, MD
Alyssa Frazer Elkton, MD
Kai Gabinet-Bethoulle Elkton, MD
Evelyn Giersch Elkton, MD
Summer Gilley Elkton, MD
Autumn Gilley-Greene Elkton, MD
Margaret Goldwater Elkton, MD
Nicholas Gregson Elkton, MD
Ian Hannon Elkton, MD
Chelsea Henderson Elkton, MD
Ryan Hendrickson Elkton, MD
Russell Houltze Elkton, MD
Thom’eisha Johnson Elkton, MD
Aliyah Johnson Elkton, MD
Thomas Jones Elkton, MD
Clifford Jones Elkton, MD
Jessica Jordon Elkton, MD
Victoria Kammerer Elkton, MD
Wendy Kirsh Elkton, MD
Christine Kyger Elkton, MD
Breenette Lawrence Elkton, MD
Paul Layton Elkton, MD
Alison Little Elkton, MD
Holly Loss Elkton, MD
Kyle Macallister Elkton, MD
Zachary Mccracken Elkton, MD
Camryn Mccullough Elkton, MD
Jazlyn Mcmillan Elkton, MD
Zachery Meehan Elkton, MD
Jolie Milburn Elkton, MD
Chelsea Minor Elkton, MD
Kory Mitchell Elkton, MD
Danielle Mixon Elkton, MD
Brandi Moir Elkton, MD
Michael Moore Elkton, MD
Daniel Morel Elkton, MD
Mario Moreno-Juarez Elkton, MD
Makenzie Mullins Elkton, MD
Justin Ossowski Elkton, MD
Elaina Owens Elkton, MD
Daniel Palese Elkton, MD
Amanda Patrick Elkton, MD
Joelyana Perdomo Elkton, MD
Johana Perdomo Elkton, MD
Gideon Peterson Elkton, MD
Joshua Proctor Elkton, MD
Stephany Ramsey Elkton, MD
Nicholas Randall Elkton, MD
Nicole Robinson Elkton, MD
Trevor Rodriguez Elkton, MD
John Rodriguez Elkton, MD
Morgan Sargent Elkton, MD
Thomas Scott Elkton, MD
Julia Shafransky Elkton, MD
Dustin Smith Elkton, MD
Molly Stahl Elkton, MD
Alexandra Stevens Elkton, MD
Phoebe Swanson Elkton, MD
Andrew Terry Elkton, MD
Joseph Uhler Elkton, MD
Stephanye Valtierra Elkton, MD
Amber Walker Elkton, MD
Melinda Ward Elkton, MD
Kathleen Watkins Elkton, MD
Nora West Elkton, MD
Joseph Wey Elkton, MD
Brittny Wright Elkton, MD
Alorra Wynter Elkton, MD
Christal Wyre Elkton, MD
George Zahn Elkton, MD
Jean-Luc May-Pohlman Georgetown, MD
Michelle Lorenz Havre De Grace, MD
Charlene Smith Havre De Grace, MD
Daniel Mitzel Massey, MD
Kenneth Gobble Middletown, DE
Mckale Williams Middletown, DE
Juliette Miller New Castle, DE
Evan Armstrong Newark, DE
Leigh Bauder Newark, DE
Quentin Fleetwood Newark, DE
Elizabeth Hamill Newark, DE
Kelsey Shepherd Newark, DE
Andrew Wanros Newark, DE
Brianna Bare North East, MD
Darrell Barnett North East, MD
Liam Barrell North East, MD
Sarah Billingham North East, MD
Kalyn Bryan North East, MD
Paul Carter North East, MD
James Cassell North East, MD
Brian Cherrington North East, MD
Jody Cheung North East, MD
Julia Clevenger North East, MD
Stephanie Dean North East, MD
Megan Ellinghaus North East, MD
Tammy Evans North East, MD
Sacha Farquhar North East, MD
Jessie Fitzgerald North East, MD
Colleen France North East, MD
Rosalie Garvey North East, MD
Brandon Gorin North East, MD
Elizabeth Haubert North East, MD
Nicole Johnston North East, MD
Kena Koch North East, MD
Taylor Krauss North East, MD
Rebekah Lawlor North East, MD
Arnel Leblanc North East, MD
Ian Lee North East, MD
Allison Leftridge North East, MD
Jodi Martino North East, MD
Stephanie Mccardell North East, MD
Karley Mcilhatton North East, MD
Tre Miller North East, MD
Steven Mitchell North East, MD
Sharon Parris North East, MD
Daejah Patterson North East, MD
Stephen Pawlikowski North East, MD
Michael Pierce North East, MD
Kayla Pike North East, MD
Kelly Porte North East, MD
Jay Pouska North East, MD
Yvonne Ramos North East, MD
Tina Ray North East, MD
Jonathan Sten North East, MD
Nicolas Steuernagle North East, MD
Katlyn Thomas North East, MD
Doren Thompson North East, MD
Avalon Tortora North East, MD
Kathryn Werde North East, MD
Adam Wilson North East, MD
James Woodworth North East, MD
Amanda Brake Oxford, PA
Sydney Herrera Oxford, PA
Grace Kearney Oxford, PA
Elise Kimes Oxford, PA
Heather Mullins Oxford, PA
Ethan Placchetti Oxford, PA
Lilia Quinn Oxford, PA
Eirrynn Rollins-Henderson Oxford, PA
Shianne Leonard Peach Bottom, PA
Makenzie Evans Pequea, PA
Kelly Pindle Perry Point, MD
Katlyn Bowen Perryville, MD
Conner Edwards Perryville, MD
Andrea Gardner Perryville, MD
Vincent Gugliotta Perryville, MD
Joel Hudson Perryville, MD
Jessie Immekus Perryville, MD
Emma Johnson Perryville, MD
Kaycie Kelly Perryville, MD
Austin Miller Perryville, MD
Brent Sohn Perryville, MD
Ronald Brooks Port Deposit, MD
Fawn Cross Port Deposit, MD
Andrew Crouse Port Deposit, MD
Loren Dixon Port Deposit, MD
Mary Jo Fitz Port Deposit, MD
Morgan Hazel Port Deposit, MD
Morgan Heath Port Deposit, MD
Kellie Huller Port Deposit, MD
Jenna Kertis Port Deposit, MD
Grace Lapointe Port Deposit, MD
Karena Mason Port Deposit, MD
Olivia Moore Port Deposit, MD
Gabriella Scramlin Port Deposit, MD
Eve Snyder Port Deposit, MD
Casey Workman Port Deposit, MD
Stephanie Anderson Rising Sun, MD
Michael Barton Rising Sun, MD
Mallori Beiler Rising Sun, MD
Gloria Belcher Rising Sun, MD
Jane Bowe Rising Sun, MD
Bryce Campbell Rising Sun, MD
Natalie Cole Rising Sun, MD
Carley Cooperman Rising Sun, MD
Regan Day Rising Sun, MD
Madison Duszynski Rising Sun, MD
Candace Harris Rising Sun, MD
Sierra Hayden Rising Sun, MD
Ashlyn Holbrook Rising Sun, MD
Alexa Hull Rising Sun, MD
Elizabeth Jamison Rising Sun, MD
Bridgette Jones Rising Sun, MD
Jordan Kingham Rising Sun, MD
Ashley Lowe Rising Sun, MD
Elan Martin Rising Sun, MD
Margo Omasta Rising Sun, MD
Abigail Parisan Rising Sun, MD
Clarissa Pino Rising Sun, MD
Delana Ringer Rising Sun, MD
Brandi Sadler Rising Sun, MD
Jennifer Sielke Rising Sun, MD
Annaka Tamayo Rising Sun, MD
Stephanie Tharp Rising Sun, MD
Corey Walsh Rising Sun, MD
Megan Weaver Rising Sun, MD
Dylan Weidner Rising Sun, MD
Nathaniel Wooddell Rising Sun, MD
Kathleen Worton Rising Sun, MD
Charlotte Domning Silver Spring, MD
Connor Dulin Smyrna, DE
Christopher Bainbridge Warwick, MD
Jacob Reyle West Grove, PA
Aimee Conchado Wilmington, DE
Alexander Hargreaves Wilmington, DE