President’s List for Fall 2020

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NORTH EAST, Md. – Cecil College is proud to announce the names of students whose high academic performance has qualified them for recognition as members of the President’s List for the recently completed Fall 2020 semester.

The President’s List includes 296 students who achieved a grade-point average of 3.75 or higher out of a possible 4.00. To be eligible for these honors, full-time students must have successfully completed 12 or more attempted hours. Part-time students are eligible after accumulating 15 credit hours or more with a semester GPA of 3.75 or higher for that semester. This award excludes any grade received for developmental coursework.

Cecil College is centrally located in Maryland’s most northeastern county with campuses in the towns of North East and Elkton. The College features a diverse student population, with an enrollment of approximately 2,500 credit students and 3,400 non-credit students. Cecil offers associate degrees, certificate programs and non-credit classes.

Included on the list are the following students:

Name Hometown
Autumn Hannas Aberdeen, MD
Jada Maddox Abingdon, MD
Makenzie Giersch Avondale, PA
Robert Sullivan Baltimore, MD
Alyssa Byrne Bel Air, MD
Jodi-Ann McNaughton Belcamp, MD
Tyler Jenkins Charlestown, MD
Brendan Pens Charlestown, MD
Julianna Beazley Chesapeake City, MD
Kristin Bennett Chesapeake City, MD
Miranda Biggs Chesapeake City, MD
Diane Crawford Chesapeake City, MD
Logan Pinder Chestertown, MD
Andrew Maillie Cochranville, PA
Michelle Mendez Cochranville, PA
Stacey Blevins Colora, MD
Carrie Long Colora, MD
Tyler Roland Colora, MD
Peyton Saponaro Colora, MD
Joseph Schaeffer Colora, MD
Adam Sendzia Colora, MD
Donna Ingerson Conowingo, MD
Nicole Karashin Conowingo, MD
Holly Martin Conowingo, MD
Jerusha Russell Conowingo, MD
Erika Spevak Conowingo, MD
Adam Davis Earleville, MD
Kelly Fields Earleville, MD
Stephanie Kilpatrick Earleville, MD
Holly Lappe Earleville, MD
Amanda Magaw Earleville, MD
Genevieve Rinker Earleville, MD
Kayla Thompson Earleville, MD
Alaina West Earleville, MD
Nicole Young Earleville, MD
Deisha McDaniel Edgewood, MD
Cynthia Adams Elkton, MD
Kortnee Aleshire Elkton, MD
Maria Altvater Elkton, MD
Steven Altvater Elkton, MD
Luke Anderson Elkton, MD
Nicholas Armour Elkton, MD
Tracy Atkinson Elkton, MD
Benjamin Barrett Elkton, MD
Brianna Barrett Elkton, MD
Gail Beck Elkton, MD
Allison Blankenship Elkton, MD
Olivia Boas Elkton, MD
Kaylee Bowman Elkton, MD
Jada Brinkley Elkton, MD
Zachary Buckland Elkton, MD
Jacob Buskell Elkton, MD
Nimrah Butt Elkton, MD
Anna Caldwell Elkton, MD
Phoebe Calkins Elkton, MD
Prisca Calkins Elkton, MD
Daniel Carr Elkton, MD
Felix Cebula Elkton, MD
Carsyn Cernos Elkton, MD
Elizabeth Chadwick Elkton, MD
Daniel Combs Elkton, MD
Joseph Cooper Elkton, MD
Drew Daniels Elkton, MD
Megan Debusk Elkton, MD
Trevor Eilers Elkton, MD
Morgan Essex Elkton, MD
Joseph Fleming Elkton, MD
Michael Fleming Elkton, MD
Olivia Fraser Elkton, MD
Jillian Fritsch Elkton, MD
Mandi Gillich Elkton, MD
Jeanea Gomez-Sexton Elkton, MD
Brandon Hammer Elkton, MD
Brittany Hammer Elkton, MD
Amanda Haraldsson Elkton, MD
Mary Harris Elkton, MD
Shania Harrison Elkton, MD
Christel Hayduk Elkton, MD
Julisa Horst Elkton, MD
Eliza Hurd Elkton, MD
Terrea Jackson Elkton, MD
Stephanie Jeric Elkton, MD
Thom’eisha Johnson Elkton, MD
Theresa Jones Elkton, MD
Clifford Jones Elkton, MD
Evan Keithley Elkton, MD
Morgan Kennedy Elkton, MD
Jeremy Klein Elkton, MD
Julia Kocher Elkton, MD
Robert Laird Elkton, MD
Ryan Layton Elkton, MD
John Lebrun Elkton, MD
Lori Luzetsky-Hipkins Elkton, MD
Jordan Malizzi Elkton, MD
Kevin Marte Elkton, MD
Kendra Mastrangelo Elkton, MD
Hannah Matthews Elkton, MD
Zachary Mccracken Elkton, MD
Erica McDaniels Elkton, MD
Kyle Merkins Elkton, MD
Lily Miller Elkton, MD
Chelsea Minor Elkton, MD
Meredith Mohr Elkton, MD
Brandi Moir Elkton, MD
Madeline Moore Elkton, MD
Michael Moore Elkton, MD
Walter Morgan Elkton, MD
Heather Morris Elkton, MD
Makenzie Mullins Elkton, MD
Anna Norman Elkton, MD
Patrick O’Brien Elkton, MD
Justin Ossowski Elkton, MD
Brielle Patchell Elkton, MD
Irene Perry Elkton, MD
Roberto Petrucci Elkton, MD
Mary Podlesak Elkton, MD
David Pugh Elkton, MD
Hannah Rash Elkton, MD
Trevor Rodriguez Elkton, MD
John Rodriguez Elkton, MD
Abigail Rose Elkton, MD
Madison Ross Elkton, MD
Thomas Scott Elkton, MD
Emilee Sell Elkton, MD
Julia Shafransky Elkton, MD
Destiny Shelby Elkton, MD
Scott Simpson Elkton, MD
Isatta Smith Elkton, MD
Paige Sprout Elkton, MD
Michael Stine Elkton, MD
Jennifer Storey Elkton, MD
David Terry Elkton, MD
Victoria Thompson Elkton, MD
Elliana Triantafillos Elkton, MD
Rebecca Unruh Elkton, MD
Tara Vannoy Elkton, MD
Elizabeth Wagner Elkton, MD
Melinda Ward Elkton, MD
Rachel Ward Elkton, MD
Henry Watkins Elkton, MD
Griffin Weinert Elkton, MD
Hanna Workman Elkton, MD
Jessica Wright Elkton, MD
Michael Wright Elkton, MD
Kelsey Zickgraf Elkton, MD
Brooke Askew Forest Hill, MD
Nicole Lippert Forest Hill, MD
Katrina Belfield Galena, MD
Jessica Miksitz Galena, MD
Jean-Luc May-Pohlman Georgetown, MD
Alexis Smith Hanover, MD
Samantha Armstrong Havre De Grace, MD
Connor Frey Havre De Grace, MD
Michelle Lorenz Havre De Grace, MD
Tiffiny Warfield Havre De Grace, MD
Daniel Mitzel Massey, MD
Cameron Bistawros Middletown, DE
Kenneth Gobble Middletown, DE
Carolyn Woods Millington, MD
Juliette Miller New Castle, DE
Lindsay Parson New Castle, DE
Stacie Lins New Park, PA
Jason Baptiste Newark, DE
Walter Beaupre Newark, DE
Rebecca Callahan Newark, DE
Elizabeth Hamill Newark, DE
Jessica Prothero Newark, DE
Jacinta Rotich Newark, DE
Muhammad Saleem Newark, DE
Abigail Able North East, MD
Hunter Arledge North East, MD
Darrell Barnett North East, MD
Liam Barrell North East, MD
Jessica Bauernfeind North East, MD
Sarah Billingham North East, MD
Sarah Billingham North East, MD
Mary Birdsall-Hitchcock North East, MD
Maria Blomquist North East, MD
Connor Bouchelle North East, MD
Julia Clevenger North East, MD
Casey Compton North East, MD
Rachel Cox North East, MD
Dan Curry North East, MD
Christen Denney North East, MD
Alexa Donald North East, MD
Sacha Farquhar North East, MD
Taylor Gallaher North East, MD
Kathleen George North East, MD
Emily Girten North East, MD
Megan Gollehon North East, MD
Candy Greenleaf North East, MD
Hayleigh Hall North East, MD
Emily Jackson North East, MD
Madison Jennings North East, MD
Marie Johnson North East, MD
Nicole Johnston North East, MD
Jennifer Jones North East, MD
Colin Keene North East, MD
Kasey Lee North East, MD
Andrea Lee North East, MD
Cindy Leedom North East, MD
Allison Leftridge North East, MD
Morgan Maxwell North East, MD
Tre Miller North East, MD
Steven Mitchell North East, MD
Grace Monk North East, MD
Shawn Mowery North East, MD
Katrina Mtengwa North East, MD
Hannah Nagy North East, MD
Gabriel Nuzzo North East, MD
Jody Perez North East, MD
Nina Pettitt North East, MD
Michael Pierce North East, MD
Makayla Polston North East, MD
Makayla Polston North East, MD
Olivia Poole North East, MD
Kelly Porte North East, MD
Jay Pouska North East, MD
Lauren Ragsdale North East, MD
Brandi Sadler North East, MD
Stephanie Shivery North East, MD
Katlyn Thomas North East, MD
James Thompson North East, MD
Doren Thompson North East, MD
Julianne Thompson North East, MD
Madison Wagner North East, MD
Adam Wilson North East, MD
Alexander Yetkin North East, MD
Karina Doshi Oxford, PA
Katherine Hanna Oxford, PA
Bailey Shover Oxford, PA
Brianna Trimmer Oxford, PA
Nicholas Verderame Oxford, PA
Katlyn Bowen Perryville, MD
Conner Edwards Perryville, MD
Andrea Gardner Perryville, MD
Jacqueline Guerra Perryville, MD
Vincent Gugliotta Perryville, MD
Noel Harper Perryville, MD
Athena Hosto Perryville, MD
Emma Johnson Perryville, MD
Kaycie Kelly Perryville, MD
Eric Phillips Perryville, MD
Jordyn Pollitt Perryville, MD
Brooke Reynolds Perryville, MD
Brent Sohn Perryville, MD
Patsy Williams Philadelphia, PA
Emma Biddle Port Deposit, MD
Caitlin Bryant Port Deposit, MD
Jarah Cevis Port Deposit, MD
Hanna Downes Port Deposit, MD
Brenna Eilola Port Deposit, MD
Jared Fadeley Port Deposit, MD
Mary Jo Fitz Port Deposit, MD
Matthew Goodnow Port Deposit, MD
Madison Gorsuch Port Deposit, MD
Zhanna Guite Port Deposit, MD
Logan Halsey Port Deposit, MD
Dawn Harris Port Deposit, MD
Morgan Hazel Port Deposit, MD
Thomas Konetski Port Deposit, MD
Grace LaPointe Port Deposit, MD
Are’yana Miller Port Deposit, MD
Olivia Moore Port Deposit, MD
Erin Beth Murphy Port Deposit, MD
Mason Tolbird Port Deposit, MD
Austin Turner Port Deposit, MD
Dylan Whitney Port Deposit, MD
Kyle Whitney Port Deposit, MD
Mark Wright Port Deposit, MD
Thomas Zellman Port Deposit, MD
Christine Zulauf Port Deposit, MD
Mitchell Allen Rising Sun, MD
Jordan Bedard-Campbell Rising Sun, MD
Mallori Beiler Rising Sun, MD
Heather Bouchelle Rising Sun, MD
Jane Bowe Rising Sun, MD
Rachael Boyd Rising Sun, MD
Samantha Braun Rising Sun, MD
Morgan Cochran Rising Sun, MD
Natalie Cole Rising Sun, MD
Emily Falko Rising Sun, MD
Brianna Frazier Rising Sun, MD
Abigail Henderson Rising Sun, MD
Hailey Hovatter Rising Sun, MD
Ashley Jenkins Rising Sun, MD
Brianna Lubinski Rising Sun, MD
Christian Myers Rising Sun, MD
Abigail Parisan Rising Sun, MD
Alyssa Paulette Rising Sun, MD
Caylin Poteet Rising Sun, MD
Jennifer Sielke Rising Sun, MD
Emily Sowers Rising Sun, MD
Joellen Garson Warwick, MD
Thomas Rohe Warwick, MD
Logan Szewczyk Warwick, MD
Jacob Wall Warwick, MD
Sherrie May Wilmington, DE