President’s List for Spring 2018

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NORTH EAST, Md. – Cecil College, which has been serving Cecil County and surrounding areas for 50 years, is proud to announce the names of students whose high academic performance has qualified them for recognition as members of the President’s List for the recently completed Spring 2018 semester.

The President’s List includes 407 students who achieved a Grade-Point Average (GPA) of 3.75 or better for the Spring semester. To be eligible for these honors, full-time students must have successfully completed 12 or more attempted credit hours; and part-time students must have successfully completed 6 attempted hours after accumulating 15 credit hours or more with a semester GPA of 3.75 or better for the Spring semester.

Cecil College is centrally located in Maryland’s most northeastern county with campuses in the towns of North East and Elkton. The College features a diverse student population, with an enrollment of approximately 2,500 credit students and 3,400 non-credit students. Cecil offers associate degrees, certificate programs, and non-credit classes.

Included on the list are the following students:

Name City, State
Jonathan Perez Aberdeen, Md
Alexandra  Chaney Aberdeen, Md
Robert  House Baltimore, Md
Jonna  Gross Bear, De
Eric  Money Bear, De
Kelly  Amrein Bel Air, Md
Alyssa  Blevins Bel Air, Md
Jessica  Canami Bel Air, Md
Lauren  Guzman Bel Air, Md
Elaine  Staudt Bel Air, Md
Stephany  Burton Betterton, Md
Nicole  Fonseca Cecilton, Md
Jessica  Miksitz Cecilton, Md
Brittany  Barnett Charlestown, Md
Trey  Jenkins Charlestown, Md
Courtney  Ryan Charlestown, Md
Brooke  Wilson Charlestown, Md
Charles  Auer Chesapeake City, Md
Susan  Gervais Chesapeake City, Md
Harry  McDaniel Chesapeake City, Md
Juliana  Roberts Chesapeake City, Md
Tory  Roddy Chesapeake City, Md
Pamela  Wiseman Chesapeake City, Md
Allison  Brown Cochranville, Pa
Emily  Stewart Cochranville, Pa
Tina  Chayer Colora, Md
Danielle  Ewing Colora, Md
Derrick  Green Colora, Md
David  Hamm Colora, Md
David  Keller Colora, Md
Kaysie  Mackie Colora, Md
Nathaniel  Saenz Colora, Md
Kelsie  Scharmann Colora, Md
Alexie  Scharmann Colora, Md
Mackenzie  Vass Colora, Md
Sarah  Wooten Colora, Md
April  Clark Conowingo, Md
Noel  Harper Conowingo, Md
Sydnie  Heiman Conowingo, Md
Walter  Hipkins Conowingo, Md
George  Hipkins Conowingo, Md
Hannah  Larsen Conowingo, M
Mackenzie  McCracken Conowingo, Md
Danica  McGuigan Conowingo, Md
Hannah  Metz Conowingo, Md
Janis  Peters Conowingo, Md
Austin  Roberts Conowingo, Md



Megan  Tolle  Delta, Pa

Ashley  Minshall         Earleville, Md

Mary  Poorman            Earleville, Md

Shane  Simmons          Earleville, Md

Danielle  Kircher         Elk Mills, Md

Joseph  Volpe  Elk Mills, Md

Alexandra  Abell         Elkton, Md

Kortnee  Aleshire         Elkton, Md

Jennifer  Altvater         Elkton, Md

Asher  Archer-Depace             Elkton, Md

Brittany  Atkins           Elkton, Md

Janette  Barclay           Elkton, Md

Abigail  Barker            Elkton, Md

Kirstin  Berger             Elkton, Md

Gillian  Berger             Elkton, Md

Brandie  Biddy             Elkton, Md

Trevor  Blomquist       Elkton, Md

Mackenzie  Bolton       Elkton, Md

Brian  Booye    Elkton, Md

Mohammed  Bouceddi            Elkton, Md

Amber  Burrell             Elkton, Md

Laura  Caldwell           Elkton, Md

Sarah  Capparuccini    Elkton, Md

Ashley  Carothers        Elkton, Md

Shawna  Carpenter       Elkton, Md

Katie  Carroll  Elkton, Md

Joshua  Cerna  Elkton, Md

Faith  Cole       Elkton, Md

Arianna  Cordrey         Elkton, Md

Kirsten  Cowan            Elkton, Md

Austin  Crews  Elkton, Md

William  Culver           Elkton, Md

Leshae  Dalie  Elkton, Md

Amanda  Delp              Elkton, Md

Shyla  Dempsey           Elkton, Md

Elise  Dillon     Elkton, Md

Stacy  Doney  Elkton, Md

Julianna  Eckman         Elkton, Md

Kimberly  Eder            Elkton, Md

Kaylin  Elkins              Elkton, Md

Fatih  Elmali    Elkton, Md

Robert  Feeley             Elkton, Md

Vincent  Finucan         Elkton, Md

Lorilyn  Fisher             Elkton, Md

Conlan  Foster             Elkton, Md

Angela  Fuentes           Elkton, Md

Lynx  Gabinet-Bethoulle         Elkton, Md

Jakara  Garnett             Elkton, Md

Miranda  Garvine         Elkton, Md

Tori  Gilces      Elkton, Md

Autumn  Gilley            Elkton, Md

Rebecca  Goldberg      Elkton, Md

Yama  Goll      Elkton, Md

Jeanea  Gomez-Sexton            Elkton, Md

Kimberly  Graham       Elkton, Md

Victoria  Green            Elkton, Md

Shayna  Greenblatt      Elkton, Md

Randall  Griffith          Elkton, Md

David  Haberkorn        Elkton, Md

Ian  Hannon     Elkton, Md

Amanda  Hansen         Elkton, Md

Ryan  Henderson         Elkton, Md

Abigail  Henderson      Elkton, Md

Matthew  Hill  Elkton, Md

Christine  Hoderfield  Elkton, Md

Danielle  Hodsdon       Elkton, Md

Sean  Hoffman             Elkton, Md

Jordan  Hora    Elkton, Md

Aaron  Jessee  Elkton, Md

Rosalyn  Johnson         Elkton, Md

Kristin  Jollie  Elkton, Md

Shelby  Kamm             Elkton, Md

Victoria  Kammerer     Elkton, Md

Michelle  Keane           Elkton, Md

Aaron  Keithley           Elkton, Md

Eileen  Killman            Elkton, Md

Jessica  Kilpatrick        Elkton, Md

Brittani  Kircher           Elkton, Md

Jeremy  Klein  Elkton, Md

Karen  Kohler  Elkton, Md

Juliette  Laws  Elkton, Md

Jacob  Lester    Elkton, Md

Kelly  Little     Elkton, Md

Mark  Long      Elkton, Md

Olivia  Lorman            Elkton, Md

Stephanie  Maciag       Elkton, Md

Shineath  Maple           Elkton, Md

Kristy  Martin  Elkton, Md

Zachary  McCracken  Elkton, Md

Alice  McCurdy           Elkton, Md

Sarah  McDaniel          Elkton, Md

Sean  McGowan          Elkton, Md

Brian  McMahon         Elkton, Md

Shanice  Miller            Elkton, Md

Samantha  Milliner      Elkton, Md

Michael  Moore           Elkton, Md

Daniel  Morel  Elkton, Md

Mario  Moreno-Juarez             Elkton, Md

Carolyn  Mosomi         Elkton, Md

Lauren  Murphy           Elkton, Md

Andrea  Nickle             Elkton, Md

John  Nunley    Elkton, Md

Ashley  Ortiz  Elkton, Md

Joelle  Ossowski          Elkton, Md

Jamie  Pedrick             Elkton, Md

Alexis  Phelps              Elkton, Md

Lynn  Pierce     Elkton, Md

Adelaide  Quansah-Arku         Elkton, Md

Nicholas  Randall        Elkton, Md

Mizhgan  Rasoul          Elkton, Md

Sean  Reeser    Elkton, Md

Jamie  Rhudy  Elkton, Md

Lara  Richardson         Elkton, Md

Amy  Rose       Elkton, Md

Julia  Rose       Elkton, Md

Jocelyn  Rovinsky       Elkton, Md

Ethan  Scott     Elkton, Md

David  Scott     Elkton, Md

Mallory  Sharpless       Elkton, Md

Aaliyah  Silot  Elkton, Md

Danielle  Smethurst     Elkton, Md

Dwight  Smith             Elkton, Md

Mark  Smith     Elkton, Md

Cerise  Smith  Elkton, Md

Kristina  Soltow           Elkton, Md

Veronica  Soriano        Elkton, Md

Sara  Sowiak    Elkton, Md

Cari  Stamos    Elkton, Md

Lindsay  Steinmetz      Elkton, Md

Jennifer  Storey            Elkton, Md

Amanda  Sumner         Elkton, Md

Sarah  Sweetman         Elkton, Md

Lianella  Teran            Elkton, Md

Andrew  Terry             Elkton, Md

John  Thompson          Elkton, Md

Dana  Turner    Elkton, Md

Matthew  Warner         Elkton, Md

Victoria  West              Elkton, Md

Joseph  Wey     Elkton, Md

Kyle  Whitsell              Elkton, Md

John  Wills       Elkton, Md

Cait  Wooten    Elkton, Md

Ethan  Zack      Elkton, Md

George  Zahn  Elkton, Md

Oscar  Zarco-Armenta             Elkton, Md

Kristy  Abell    Fallston, Md

Madeleine  Bortmes     Forest Hill, Md

Daniel  Riddle              Forth Worth, Tx

John  Coffay    Georgetown, Md

Megan  Williams         Glassport, Pa

Samantha  English       Joppa, Md

Shaun  Williams          Lancaster, Pa

Alexander  Graham     Landenberg, Pa

Matthew  Darby           Lincoln University, Pa

Elaine  Dryden             Lincoln University, Pa

Mary  Johnson             Lincoln University, Pa

Michael  Kelly             Lincoln University, Pa

Nicole  Tighe  Lincoln University, Pa

Kirstie  Long-Smith     Middle River, Md

Rachel  Durham           Middletown, De

Ashley  Novak             Middletown, De

Morgan  Meckley        Mount Joy, Pa

Alexander  Weiss         Mullica Hill, NJ

Juliette  Miller             New Castle, De

Richard  Reed  New Castle, De

Samantha  Shepheard  New Castle, De

Evan  Armstrong         Newark, De

Rebecca  Callahan       Newark, De

Quentin  Fleetwood     Newark, De

Amber  Fontenelle       Newark, De

Scotty  Heredia            Newark, De

Carina  Miller  Newark, De

Kira  Savage    Newark, De

Annie  Tran      Newark, De

Alexandra  Amos         North East, Md

Matthew  Banks           North East, Md

Mackenzie  Barrell      North East, Md

Ty  Boyd          North East, Md

Julie  Burdette              North East, Md

Morgan  Camper          North East, Md

Christine  Carpenter     North East, Md

Allison  Carter             North East, Md

Sean  Connor  North East, Md

Paula  Cowen  North East, Md

Kali  Craig       North East, Md

Jacob  Crutchfield        North East, Md

Natalie  Daley              North East, Md

Andrew  Debiase         North East, Md

Caleb  Dockter             North East, Md

Megan  Ellinghaus       North East, Md

Brycen  Farquhar         North East, Md

Jessie  Fitzgerald         North East, Md

Caitlin  Fox      North East, Md

Taylor  Gallaher           North East, Md

Tiana  Garvin  North East, Md

Cheyenne  Gonce         North East, Md

Kilah  Guns      North East, Md

Heather  Humphries     North East, Md

Maliza  Iydroose          North East, Md

Megan  Joines              North East, Md

Cody  Jourdan              North East, Md

Hannah  Karschner      North East, Md

Arnel  Leblanc             North East, Md

Megan  Malone            North East, Md

Emilio  Marmol Marchan        North East, Md

Kay  Mayer      North East, Md

Shane  McGarry           North East, Md

Stephanie  Methven     North East, Md

Phillip  Mortenson       North East, Md

Melissa  Murphy          North East, Md

Casey  Nickles             North East, Md

Rebecca  Pardue          North East, Md

Frank  Pellicone           North East, Md

Michael  Pierce            North East, Md

Charles  Price  North East, Md

Md  Rahman    North East, Md

Pamela  Ratliff             North East, Md

Cynthia  Rodriguez      North East, Md

Cameron  Russell         North East, Md

Patrick  Sarno  North East, Md

Emily  Seelinger          North East, Md

Alycia  Sendzia            North East, Md

Jessica  Simonson        North East, Md

Gabriella  Smith          North East, Md

Melissa  Speck             North East, Md

Elaine  Steese  North East, Md

Louis  Teletski             North East, Md

Marie  Voegele            North East, Md

April  Wallers  North East, Md

Alexandra  Wilson       North East, Md

Ashley  Wilson            North East, Md

Matthew  Worley         North East, Md

Nicole  Wright             North East, Md

Samantha  Wright        North East, Md

Patricia  Macdonald     North East, Md

Kaitlin  Bell     Nottingham, Pa

Jazlin  McNeil             Nottingham, Pa

Elizabeth  Michalski    Nottingham, Pa

Marie  Miller  Nottingham, Pa

Joseph  Murray            Nottingham, Pa

Nadia  Bakalez             Oxford, Pa

Amanda  Brake            Oxford, Pa

Cira  Brake       Oxford, Pa

Meghan  Brake            Oxford, Pa

Jordan  Brown             Oxford, Pa

Sierra  Cullen  Oxford, Pa

Julia  DeGrave             Oxford, Pa

Amanda  Dewald         Oxford, Pa

Ashlyn  Fitzgerald       Oxford, Pa

Destinee  Grant            Oxford, Pa

Kelly  Harrison            Oxford, Pa

Joanne  Herr     Oxford, Pa

Sydney  Herrera           Oxford, Pa

Jennifer  Holbrook       Oxford, Pa

Brenan  Italia  Oxford, Pa

Grace  Kearney            Oxford, Pa

Elise  Kimes     Oxford, Pa

Kylie  Klein     Oxford, Pa

Juliana  Lenge              Oxford, Pa

Kyleigh  Levinsky       Oxford, Pa

Rebecca  Massey         Oxford, Pa

Katie  Maule    Oxford, Pa

Emily  Megonigal        Oxford, Pa

Heather  Mullins          Oxford, Pa

Alejandra  Ochoa         Oxford, Pa

Jaclyn  Peabody           Oxford, Pa

Sydney  Pearson          Oxford, Pa

Hadden  Phillips          Oxford, Pa

Ethan  Placchetti          Oxford, Pa

Jenna  Porter    Oxford, Pa

Lilia  Quinn     Oxford, Pa

Eirrynn  Rollins-Henderson     Oxford, Pa

Jacob  Roten    Oxford, Pa

Brianna  Shortell          Oxford, Pa

Bruce  Trimmer           Oxford, Pa

Didem  Akbay             Perryville, Md

Taylor  Clark-Hartman            Perryville, Md

Stephanie  Davis          Perryville, Md

Nori  Elliott      Perryville, Md

Taylor  Fitzpatrick       Perryville, Md

Kayla  Losoya              Perryville, Md

Joshua  Mitchell           Perryville, Md

Leica  Roberts              Perryville, Md

Alexander  Scott          Perryville, Md

Leah  Skinner  Perryville, Md

Alyssa  Strong             Perryville, Md

Randy  Wenck             Perryville, Md

Nicholas  Beamer        Port Deposit, Md

Katharine  Biddle         Port Deposit, Md

Stacey  Butcher            Port Deposit, Md

Lewis  Cain      Port Deposit, Md

Brooke  Doane             Port Deposit, Md

Erin  Elburn     Port Deposit, Md

Mary Jo  Fitz    Port Deposit, Md

Marissa  Frederick       Port Deposit, Md

Karen  Gaskill              Port Deposit, Md

Kayla  Gaskill              Port Deposit, Md

Wesley  Goodnow       Port Deposit, Md

Kira  Honesty-Williams           Port Deposit, Md

Meagan  Hooper          Port Deposit, Md

Heather  Hughes          Port Deposit, Md

John  Hughes  Port Deposit, Md

Kellie  Huller  Port Deposit, Md

Marion  Jackson           Port Deposit, Md

Lauren  Jones  Port Deposit, Md

Melanie  McCann        Port Deposit, Md

Charles  McKenzie      Port Deposit, Md

Olivia  Moore  Port Deposit, Md

Rhys  Orr         Port Deposit, Md

Adam  Strohecker        Port Deposit, Md

Sara  Kauffman            Quarryville, Pa

Heather  Amos             Rising Sun, Md

Michael  Barton           Rising Sun, Md

John  Baugher              Rising Sun, Md

Nicole  Borden             Rising Sun, Md

Loretta  Bowman         Rising Sun, Md

Kevin  Brooks              Rising Sun, Md

Brianna  Brown           Rising Sun, Md

Ashley  Burton             Rising Sun, Md

Jason  Cambria            Rising Sun, Md

Erin  Cebula     Rising Sun, Md

Connor  Cunningham  Rising Sun, Md

Chelsey  Duff  Rising Sun, Md

Kenzie  Ferster             Rising Sun, Md

Christopher  Frey         Rising Sun, Md

Jessica  Hagerty           Rising Sun, Md

Aaron  Kang    Rising Sun, Md

Samantha  Kohl           Rising Sun, Md

Legend  Kranz             Rising Sun, Md

Cortney  Lawrence      Rising Sun, Md

Stephen  Lerch             Rising Sun, Md

Stevanna  Lubinski      Rising Sun, Md

Amanda  Main             Rising Sun, Md

Elan  Martin     Rising Sun, Md

Jena  McCartan            Rising Sun, Md

Thomas  McMillan      Rising Sun, Md

Katelynn  McQuerrey              Rising Sun, Md

Joshua  Meehan           Rising Sun, Md

Erin  Miller      Rising Sun, Md

Evan  Mowbray           Rising Sun, Md

Steven  Pargan             Rising Sun, Md

James  Peirce  Rising Sun, Md

Brooke  Ratledge         Rising Sun, Md

Matthew  Rhoads         Rising Sun, Md

Delana  Ringer             Rising Sun, Md

Jennifer  Sielke            Rising Sun, Md

Dawn  Spalding           Rising Sun, Md

Harlee  Temple            Rising Sun, Md

Dylan  Wagner             Rising Sun, Md

Colleen  Ward              Rising Sun, Md

Jamie  Weaver             Rising Sun, Md

Crystal  Weber             Rising Sun, Md

Jennifer  Widmayer     Rising Sun, Md

Ashley  Xelo    Rising Sun, Md

Jordan  Yoder  Ronks, Pa

Cynthia  Piascik           Townsend, De

Mary  Motion  Upperville, Va

Olivia  Uleau  Warwick, Md

Steven  Soltow             Wilmington, De

Mary  Targonski          Wilmington, De

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