President’s List for Spring 2020

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NORTH EAST, Md. – Cecil College is proud to announce the names of students whose high academic performance has qualified them for recognition as members of the President’s List for the recently completed Spring 2020 semester.

The President’s List includes 421 students who achieved a grade-point average of 3.75 or higher out of a possible 4.00. To be eligible for these honors, full-time students must have successfully completed 12 or more attempted hours. Part-time students are eligible after accumulating 15 credit hours or more with a semester GPA of 3.75 or higher for that semester. This award excludes any grade received for developmental coursework.

Cecil College is centrally located in Maryland’s most northeastern county with campuses in the towns of North East and Elkton. The College features a diverse student population, with an enrollment of approximately 2,500 credit students and 3,400 non-credit students. Cecil offers associate degrees, certificate programs and non-credit classes.

Included on the list are the following students:

Name Hometown
Autumn Hannas Aberdeen, MD
Charles Price Aberdeen, MD
Robert House Baltimore, MD
Taylor Megargel Bear, DE
Matthew Bollinger Bel Air, MD
Lauren Guzman Bel Air, MD
Bethany Liberto Bel Air, MD
Elaine Staudt Bel Air, MD
Micayla Velez Bel Air, MD
Jessica Miksitz Cecilton, MD
John Gilley Charlestown, MD
Rebecca Jones-Harman Charlestown, MD
Elise Lawrence Charlestown, MD
Brendan Pens Charlestown, MD
Grant Tucker Charlestown, MD
Barbara Auer Chesapeake City, MD
Charles Auger Chesapeake City, MD
Julianna Beazley Chesapeake City, MD
Kristin Bennett Chesapeake City, MD
Stephanie Duko Chesapeake City, MD
Harry Mcdaniel Chesapeake City, MD
F Gaylord Moody Chesapeake City, MD
Noah Webb Chesapeake City, MD
Abbigail Keys Cochranville, PA
Cassandra Kehs Cochranville, PA
Danielle Kehs Cochranville, PA
Emily Fleagle Colora, MD
Michael Fox Colora, MD
David Hamm Colora, MD
Jacqueline Hamm Colora, MD
Christa Howard Colora, MD
Crystal Isenhart Colora, MD
Carrie Long Colora, MD
Kaysie Mackie Colora, MD
Adam Sendzia Colora, MD
Joseph Schaeffer Colora, MD
Morgan Bauguess Conowingo, MD
April Clark Conowingo, MD
Courtney Cummings Conowingo, MD
Elijah Ehrhart Conowingo, MD
Sydnie Heiman Conowingo, MD
Jared Hoag Conowingo, MD
Nicole Karashin Conowingo, MD
Andrew Ledbetter Conowingo, MD
Chelsea Lewis Conowingo, MD
Ashtin Ross Conowingo, MD
Emily Cornish Earleville, MD
Krystina Coyle Earleville, MD
Adam Davis Earleville, MD
Kelly Fields Earleville, MD
Stephanie Kilpatrick Earleville, MD
Amanda Magaw Earleville, MD
Kaitlin Magaw Earleville, MD
Angela Paolantonio Earleville, MD
Nicole Young Earleville, MD
Deisha McDaniel Edgewood, MD
Cynthia Adams Elkton, MD
Kortnee Aleshire Elkton, MD
Kara Alexander Elkton, MD
Steven Altvater Elkton, MD
Nicholas Armour Elkton, MD
Samuel Bannister Elkton, MD
Benjamin Barrett Elkton, MD
Brianna Barrett Elkton, MD
Kresta Basil Elkton, MD
Mary Beitler Elkton, MD
Olivia Boas Elkton, MD
Ryan Bounden Elkton, MD
Kaylee Bowman Elkton, MD
Emma Boyle Elkton, MD
Kyle Braune Elkton, MD
Jada Brinkley Elkton, MD
Alexis Bunk Elkton, MD
Phoebe Calkins Elkton, MD
Prisca Calkins Elkton, MD
Daniel Carr Elkton, MD
Katie Carroll Elkton, MD
Chloe Cather Elkton, MD
Taylor Caudill Elkton, MD
Dakota Colby Elkton, MD
Elizabeth Contreras Elkton, MD
Jessica Cooke Elkton, MD
Jessica Coppola Elkton, MD
Bethany Coyle Elkton, MD
Miranda Crews Elkton, MD
Lindsey Dann Elkton, MD
John De Guzman Elkton, MD
Megan Debusk Elkton, MD
Sequoia Edwards Elkton, MD
Zachary Esbin Elkton, MD
Mariana Espinosa-Barrientos Elkton, MD
Morgan Essex Elkton, MD
Jacob Esterling Elkton, MD
Ryan Farmer Elkton, MD
Joseph Fleming Elkton, MD
Kayla Foraker Elkton, MD
Robyn Frampton Elkton, MD
Nicole Frappier Elkton, MD
Olivia Fraser Elkton, MD
Samuel Fraser Elkton, MD
Alyssa Frazer Elkton, MD
Jillian Fritsch Elkton, MD
Dominic Gargiulo Elkton, MD
Jerson Gilces Elkton, MD
Sebastian Gregory Elkton, MD
Brandon Hammer Elkton, MD
Brittany Hammer Elkton, MD
Amanda Haraldsson Elkton, MD
Joanna Harkins Elkton, MD
Sarah Harter Elkton, MD
Sarah Hearn Elkton, MD
Christina Hollon-Gebert Elkton, MD
Russell Houltze Elkton, MD
Dane Hutchinson Elkton, MD
Mikayla Jefferson Elkton, MD
Stephanie Jeric Elkton, MD
Lloyd Johns Elkton, MD
Aliyah Johnson Elkton, MD
Thom’eisha Johnson Elkton, MD
Clifford Jones Elkton, MD
Theresa Jones Elkton, MD
Jessica Jordon Elkton, MD
Samantha Keithley Elkton, MD
Kellie Kennedy Elkton, MD
Morgan Kennedy Elkton, MD
Wendy Kirsh Elkton, MD
Stephen Kitts Elkton, MD
Jeremy Klein Elkton, MD
Thomas Konetski Elkton, MD
Alexis Lareine Elkton, MD
Breenette Lawrence Elkton, MD
Paul Layton Elkton, MD
Ryan Layton Elkton, MD
John Lebrun Elkton, MD
Alison Little Elkton, MD
Holly Loss Elkton, MD
Kevin Marte Elkton, MD
Hannah Matthews Elkton, MD
James Maziarz Elkton, MD
Lane McClellan Elkton, MD
Zachary McCracken Elkton, MD
Erica McDaniels Elkton, MD
Jazlyn McMillan Elkton, MD
Liz Medina Elkton, MD
Jolie Milburn Elkton, MD
Lily Miller Elkton, MD
Chelsea Minor Elkton, MD
Danielle Mixon Elkton, MD
Brandi Moir Elkton, MD
Madeline Moore Elkton, MD
Marie Claire Mukamwiza Elkton, MD
Makenzie Mullins Elkton, MD
Danielle Newby Elkton, MD
Anna Norman Elkton, MD
Patrick O’Brien Elkton, MD
Daniel Palese Elkton, MD
Brielle Patchell Elkton, MD
Amanda Patrick Elkton, MD
Irene Perry Elkton, MD
David Pugh Elkton, MD
Molly Reynolds Elkton, MD
Jacob Rodgers Elkton, MD
John Rodriguez Elkton, MD
Michael Rosado Elkton, MD
Bradley Rose Elkton, MD
Madison Ross Elkton, MD
Brandy Rust Elkton, MD
Morgan Sargent Elkton, MD
Ethan Scott Elkton, MD
Sierra Seymour Elkton, MD
Lukas Shaffer Elkton, MD
Julia Shafransky Elkton, MD
David Silva Elkton, MD
Erick Sjoblom Elkton, MD
Sean Sjoblom Elkton, MD
Dustin Smith Elkton, MD
Isatta Smith Elkton, MD
Lawrence Sprouse Elkton, MD
Molly Stahl Elkton, MD
Alexandra Stevens Elkton, MD
Richard Stubbs Elkton, MD
Phoebe Swanson Elkton, MD
Andrew Swartout Elkton, MD
Kristin Syva Elkton, MD
Adam Talbott Elkton, MD
Lianella Teran Elkton, MD
Andrew Terry Elkton, MD
Sydney Tolbert Elkton, MD
Sophia Tuerke Elkton, MD
Joseph Uhler Elkton, MD
Samaah Wahid Elkton, MD
Timothy Walton Elkton, MD
Melinda Ward Elkton, MD
Matthew Watkins Elkton, MD
Joshua Webb Elkton, MD
Melissa Webb Elkton, MD
Joseph Wey Elkton, MD
Alexis Wilks-Brown Elkton, MD
Hanna Workman Elkton, MD
Brittny Wright Elkton, MD
John Wright Elkton, MD
Abigail Wunder Elkton, MD
Katherine Yeninas Elkton, MD
Eddie Zoegar Elkton, MD
Stephen Lozoskie Fallston, MD
Kristin Peacock Galena, MD
John Coffay Georgetown, MD
Colette May Georgetown, MD
Tasha Alexander Havre De Grace, MD
Kiana Barton Havre De Grace, MD
Alyson Boyle Havre De Grace, MD
Connor Frey Havre De Grace, MD
Christopher Laakso Havre De Grace, MD
Michelle Lorenz Havre De Grace, MD
Charlene Smith Havre De Grace, MD
Clarissa Desalvo Joppa, MD
Ashley D’avico Lincoln University, PA
Matthew Brown Middletown, DE
Amanda Disanto Middletown, DE
Kenneth Gobble Middletown, DE
Patrick McNeilly Middletown, DE
Mckale Williams Middletown, DE
Juliette Miller New Castle, DE
Rebecca Callahan Newark, DE
Quentin Fleetwood Newark, DE
Amber Fontenelle Newark, DE
Elizabeth Hamill Newark, DE
Kyle Merkins Newark, DE
Andrew Wanros Newark, DE
Abigail Able North East, MD
Matthew Anker North East, MD
Liam Barrell North East, MD
Sierra Benson North East, MD
Sarah Billingham North East, MD
Maria Blomquist North East, MD
Miranda Brunner North East, MD
Rebecca Cardin North East, MD
Paul Carter North East, MD
Maria Cintron North East, MD
Casey Compton North East, MD
Robert Creech North East, MD
Kerry Cuomo North East, MD
Dan Curry North East, MD
Jacqueline Dalton North East, MD
Rawle Danglade North East, MD
Kadi Davis North East, MD
Stephanie Dean North East, MD
Kayla Dvorak North East, MD
Tammy Evans North East, MD
Sacha Farquhar North East, MD
Deborah Finucan North East, MD
Colleen France North East, MD
Kai Gabinet-Bethoulle North East, MD
Taylor Gallaher North East, MD
Kathleen George North East, MD
Megan Gollehon North East, MD
Brandon Gorin North East, MD
Tabitha Granger North East, MD
Erin Guy North East, MD
Jake Hechmer North East, MD
Daniel Hudgins North East, MD
Nicholas Jayne North East, MD
Nicole Johnston North East, MD
Jennifer Jones North East, MD
Laurel Jones North East, MD
Colin Keene North East, MD
Jordan Kingham North East, MD
Kena Koch North East, MD
Taylor Krauss North East, MD
Rebekah Lawlor North East, MD
Arnel Leblanc North East, MD
Kasey Lee North East, MD
Cindy Leedom North East, MD
Richard Lichtenfels North East, MD
Nathaniel Logan North East, MD
Jodi Martino North East, MD
Madyson McCann North East, MD
Devyn McMahan North East, MD
Ingrid Miller North East, MD
Tre Miller North East, MD
Steven Mitchell North East, MD
Stephen Pawlikowski North East, MD
Frank Pellicone North East, MD
Jody Perez North East, MD
Nina Pettitt North East, MD
Michael Pierce North East, MD
Kelly Porte North East, MD
Jay Pouska North East, MD
Tina Ray North East, MD
Austin Rice North East, MD
Trinity Scampone North East, MD
Gabriella Smith North East, MD
Jonathan Sten North East, MD
Nicolas Steuernagle North East, MD
Katlyn Thomas North East, MD
Doren Thompson North East, MD
Julianne Thompson North East, MD
Avalon Tortora North East, MD
Sarah Vaughn North East, MD
Marie Voegele North East, MD
Janea Williams North East, MD
Megan Williams North East, MD
Adam Wilson North East, MD
Alorra Wynter North East, MD
Alexander Yetkin North East, MD
David Bell Nottingham, PA
Hanna Dillenger Nottingham, PA
John Murray Nottingham, PA
Desiree Robinson Odenton, MD
Alexandra Bennett Oxford, PA
Cira Brake Oxford, PA
Meghan Brake Oxford, PA
Barry Brower Oxford, PA
Amanda Cox Oxford, PA
Joshua Dodds Oxford, PA
Nicholas Foutrakis Oxford, PA
Katherine Hanna Oxford, PA
Sydney Herrera Oxford, PA
Kathrynrose Lane Oxford, PA
Juliana Lenge Oxford, PA
Abbie McGregor Oxford, PA
Heather Mullins Oxford, PA
Emily Pablo Oxford, PA
Julia Perpetua Oxford, PA
Eirrynn Rollins-Henderson Oxford, PA
Alec Sanchz Oxford, PA
Brianna Trimmer Oxford, PA
Penelope Williams Oxford, PA
Sarah Lazor Parkesburg, PA
Shianne Leonard Peach Bottom, PA
Elysia Astifan Perryville, MD
Jennifer Cline Perryville, MD
Conner Edwards Perryville, MD
Susanne Gillespie Perryville, MD
Vincent Gugliotta Perryville, MD
Athena Hosto Perryville, MD
Alexandra Hudson Perryville, MD
Joel Hudson Perryville, MD
Jessie Immekus Perryville, MD
Kaycie Kelly Perryville, MD
Hailey Lutter Perryville, MD
Cole McCandless Perryville, MD
Austin Miller Perryville, MD
Adrienne Moss Perryville, MD
Brent Sohn Perryville, MD
Skylar Vanderwiele Perryville, MD
Nicholas Beamer Port Deposit, MD
Caitlin Bryant Port Deposit, MD
Fawn Cross Port Deposit, MD
Brooke Doane Port Deposit, MD
Hanna Downes Port Deposit, MD
Mary Jo Fitz Port Deposit, MD
Logan Halsey Port Deposit, MD
Kelsi Hancock Port Deposit, MD
Dawn Harris Port Deposit, MD
Morgan Hazel Port Deposit, MD
Morgan Heath Port Deposit, MD
Zari Hicks Port Deposit, MD
Kellie Huller Port Deposit, MD
Jenna Kertis Port Deposit, MD
Grace LaPointe Port Deposit, MD
Karley McIlhatton Port Deposit, MD
Olivia Moore Port Deposit, MD
Nicholas Phillips Port Deposit, MD
Kerry Purnell Port Deposit, MD
Tristyn Rodecker Port Deposit, MD
Faith Schmidt Port Deposit, MD
Gabriella Scramlin Port Deposit, MD
Robert Stoflet Port Deposit, MD
Jennifer Tharp Port Deposit, MD
Austin Turner Port Deposit, MD
Ian Vafakos Port Deposit, MD
Zachary Vafakos Port Deposit, MD
Kyle Whitney Port Deposit, MD
Heather Amos Rising Sun, MD
Michael Barton Rising Sun, MD
Jordan Bedard-Campbell Rising Sun, MD
Andrew Biasucci Rising Sun, MD
Mallori Beiler Rising Sun, MD
Heather Bouchelle Rising Sun, MD
Jane Bowe Rising Sun, MD
Rachael Boyd Rising Sun, MD
Samantha Braun Rising Sun, MD
Natalie Cole Rising Sun, MD
Joshua Cooper Rising Sun, MD
Jenna Cox Rising Sun, MD
Regan Day Rising Sun, MD
Jacob Falko Rising Sun, MD
Kenzie Ferster Rising Sun, MD
Britney Fleming Rising Sun, MD
Dustin James Gilbert Rising Sun, MD
Elizabeth Johnson Rising Sun, MD
Alexa Hull Rising Sun, MD
Samantha Kohl Rising Sun, MD
Angel Kross Rising Sun, MD
Dalton Lahti Rising Sun, MD
Kaylie Linman Rising Sun, MD
Brianna Lubinski Rising Sun, MD
Elan Martin Rising Sun, MD
Kimberly McMichael Rising Sun, MD
Cade Milburn Rising Sun, MD
Steven Pargan Rising Sun, MD
Abigail Parisan Rising Sun, MD
Wesley Pattillo Rising Sun, MD
Caylin Poteet Rising Sun, MD
Dayna Pruitt Rising Sun, MD
Bethany Rinehart Rising Sun, MD
Delana Ringer Rising Sun, MD
Seth Shepard Rising Sun, MD
Laura Slonecker Rising Sun, MD
Annaka Tamayo Rising Sun, MD
Corey Walsh Rising Sun, MD
Nathaniel Wooddell Rising Sun, MD
Connor Dulin Smyrna, DE
Owen Roll Street, MD
Logan Szewczyk Warwick, MD
Lauren Banker West Grove, PA
Jacob Reyle West Grove, PA
Megan Thompson West Grove, PA
Alexander Hargreaves Wilmington, DE
Mearyn Roscoe Wilmington, DE