President’s List for Spring 2023

Published on May 16, 2023

Cecil College President's List logo.

NORTH EAST, Md.–Cecil College is proud to announce the names of students whose high academic performance has qualified them for recognition as members of the President’s List for the recently completed Spring 2023 semester.

The President’s List includes 349 students who achieved a grade-point average of 3.75 or higher out of a possible 4.00. To be eligible for these honors, full-time students must have completed 12 or more attempted hours. Part-time students are eligible after accumulating 15 credit hours or more with a semester GPA of 3.75 or higher for that semester. This award excludes any grade received for developmental coursework.

Cecil College is centrally located in Maryland’s most northeastern county with campuses in North East and Elkton. The College features a diverse student population, with approximately 2,200 credit students and 2,300 non-credit students. Cecil offers associate degrees, certificate programs, and non-credit classes.

Included on the list are the following students:

Name Hometown
Mackenzie Gill Abingdon, Md.
Isabella Burkhead Bel Air, Md.
Matthew Enlow Bel Air, Md.
Christopher Frank Bel Air, Md.
Madison Hynes Bel Air, Md.
Maggie Kelley Bel Air, Md.
Kat Setzer Bel Air, Md.
Charles Price Belcamp, Md.
Emily Baker Charlestown, Md.
Julie Hook Chesapeake City, Md.
Melissa Zagarella Chesapeake City, Md.
Logan Pinder Chestertown, Md.
Brayden Brown Colora, Md.
Alyssa Byrne Colora, Md.
Marissa Cooper Colora, Md.
Rylee Eastridge Colora, Md.
Michael Gilley Colora, Md.
Kaylan McCann Colora, Md.
John Orem Colora, Md.
Linsey Saccenti Colora, Md.
Lanie Schaule Colora, Md.
Hannah Swanson Colora, Md.
Charles Teague Colora, Md.
Dylan Vandyke Colora, Md.
Madeline Clark Conowingo, Md.
Emily Custer Conowingo, Md.
Stephanie David Conowingo, Md.
Walter Hipkins Conowingo, Md.
Abigail Keen Conowingo, Md.
Alyssa Peterson Conowingo, Md.
Benjamin Strickler Darlington, Md.
Casin Brown Earleville, Md.
Zach Connell Earleville, Md.
Kelly Fields Earleville, Md.
Skylar Klingler Earleville, Md.
Holly Lappe Earleville, Md.
Logan Mitchell Earleville, Md.
Rebecca Scarborough Earleville, Md.
Olivia Zicafoose Earleville, Md.
Muhammad Abbasi Elkton, Md.
Mckayla Alexander Elkton, Md.
Kaci Amos Elkton, Md.
Asher Archer-Depace Elkton, Md.
Ayla Badur Elkton, Md.
Chloe Bayliff Elkton, Md.
Gail Beck Elkton, Md.
Selma Bekka Elkton, Md.
Sofia Bekka Elkton, Md.
William Benjamin Elkton, Md.
David Bernal-Ortiz Elkton, Md.
Kendall Berstler Elkton, Md.
Kyle Braune Elkton, Md.
Janna Brickner Elkton, Md.
Jared Buchanan Elkton, Md.
Benjamin Carhart Elkton, Md.
Daniel Carr Elkton, Md.
Kellie Christie-Vandyke Elkton, Md.
Sarah Clawson Elkton, Md.
Hailey Coverdale Elkton, Md.
Dan Curry Elkton, Md.
Benjamin Dalrymple Elkton, Md.
Ann Marie Davenport Elkton, Md.
Omar Davis Elkton, Md.
Madi Davitt Elkton, Md.
Jefphon Dean Elkton, Md.
Riley Duhamell Elkton, Md.
Hannah Duzan Elkton, Md.
Angela Ebling Elkton, Md.
Madelyn Eddinger Elkton, Md.
Myla Edmondson Elkton, Md.
Mycah Edwards Elkton, Md.
Carley Esterling Elkton, Md.
Michael Fleming Elkton, Md.
Simone Foye Elkton, Md.
Mia Fraser Elkton, Md.
Mandi Gillich Elkton, Md.
Kendall Gitau Elkton, Md.
Brandon Goldberg Elkton, Md.
Perla Gonzalez Elkton, Md.
Genesis Green Elkton, Md.
Brandon Gutierrez Elkton, Md.
Brittney Hall Elkton, Md.
Brittany Hammer Elkton, Md.
Tyler Hammond Elkton, Md.
Erin Handy Elkton, Md.
Jeramiah Harkins Elkton, Md.
Robert Harrigan Elkton, Md.
Kate Harrington Elkton, Md.
Sarah Harter Elkton, Md.
Christel Hayduk Elkton, Md.
Jude Heath Elkton, Md.
Melissa Hickman Elkton, Md.
Hannah Hines Elkton, Md.
Madeline Holmes Elkton, Md.
Nellie Hudson Elkton, Md.
Emma Huss Elkton, Md.
Skyy Jackson Elkton, Md.
Terrea Jackson Elkton, Md.
Sasha Jorstad Elkton, Md.
Logan Joyce Elkton, Md.
Ethan Kellum Elkton, Md.
Morgan Kennedy Elkton, Md.
Tiffany Kitts Elkton, Md.
Destiny Kleinsasser Elkton, Md.
Kaitlyn Klemencic Elkton, Md.
Elyce Knapp Elkton, Md.
Natalie Kocher Elkton, Md.
Isabelle Lamanna Elkton, Md.
James Lamanna Elkton, Md.
Lily Kate Landis Elkton, Md.
Molly Layton Elkton, Md.
Jhaydin Ledford Elkton, Md.
Natalie Mackie Elkton, Md.
Anastasia McCabe Elkton, Md.
Kale McCoy Elkton, Md.
Katie Mcguire Elkton, Md.
Lily Miller Elkton, Md.
Brittany Mills Elkton, Md.
Laura Miranda Elkton, Md.
Lexi Moeser Elkton, Md.
Donovan Moore Elkton, Md.
Charlotte Moran Elkton, Md.
Sage North Elkton, Md.
Kaitlin Perry Elkton, Md.
Keegan Perry Elkton, Md.
Caitlynn Petty Elkton, Md.
Zelene-Zi Piagoda Elkton, Md.
Mary Podlesak Elkton, Md.
Mary Anna Podlesak Elkton, Md.
Taylor Pope Elkton, Md.
Katie Preisch Elkton, Md.
Samantha Preston Elkton, Md.
Leeann Pugh Elkton, Md.
Gina Rahn Elkton, Md.
Hayden Rash Elkton, Md.
Alexander Rene Elkton, Md.
Riley Reynolds Elkton, Md.
Kyle Riesett Elkton, Md.
Caitlin Riggs Elkton, Md.
Yesenia Robinson Elkton, Md.
Danielle Rogers Elkton, Md.
Jeremy Ruth Elkton, Md.
Paige Schoppert Elkton, Md.
Noel Shannon Elkton, Md.
Cassidy Shelley Elkton, Md.
Skylar Sheppard Elkton, Md.
Alivia Smith Elkton, Md.
Delaney Stanley Elkton, Md.
Caleb Strickland Elkton, Md.
Alicia Sturgill Elkton, Md.
Jeremiah Taylor Elkton, Md.
David Terry Elkton, Md.
Ryan Thompson Elkton, Md.
Andreas Tzitzikas Elkton, Md.
Tara Vannoy Elkton, Md.
Jordan Voros Elkton, Md.
Bethany Wadkins Elkton, Md.
Hishaam Wahid Elkton, Md.
Matthew Wallace Elkton, Md.
Rachel Ward Elkton, Md.
Nora Watkins Elkton, Md.
Joshua Webb Elkton, Md.
Kathryn Weese Elkton, Md.
Griffin Weinert Elkton, Md.
Jy’mere Williams Elkton, Md.
Samuel Williams Elkton, Md.
Sarah Williams Elkton, Md.
Sydney Williams Elkton, Md.
Emily Wilson Elkton, Md.
Derrick Wiseman Elkton, Md.
Isabel Woehr Elkton, Md.
Reid Wooten Elkton, Md.
Rachel Wylie Elkton, Md.
Brandy Yankmi Elkton, Md.
Julian York Elkton, Md.
Landen Young Elkton, Md.
Kelsey Zickgraf Elkton, Md.
Alexis Smith Ellicot City, Md.
Selena Oceanic Galena, Md.
Eryn Krivansky Kennett Square, Pa.
Matthew Quinn Kirkwood, Pa.
Abigail Graham Landenberg, Pa.
Jillian Neuhof Landenberg, Pa.
Olivia Schuster Landenberg, Pa.
Nicholas Welsh Lincoln University, Pa.
Meredith Griffin Lincoln University, Pa.
Jessica Bauernfeind Middle River, Md.
Connor Cadogan Middletown, De.
Kenneth Gobble Middletown, De.
Benard Abok Newark, De.
Andrew Toll Newark, De.
Jaedyn Watson Newark, De.
Liam Allan North East, Md.
Erica Aponte North East, Md.
Nathan Bane North East, Md.
Joshua Barnett North East, Md.
Riley Brady North East, Md.
Amy Brophy North East, Md.
Liam Brophy North East, Md.
Alayjha Butcher North East, Md.
Tracey Colbert North East, Md.
Tracey Colbert North East, Md.
Dennis Cordoba North East, Md.
Haley Davis North East, Md.
Emma Dillon North East, Md.
Tyler Dodson North East, Md.
Amanda France North East, Md.
Sarah Fuller North East, Md.
Hailey Galbraith North East, Md.
Candy Greenleaf North East, Md.
Curtis Gregory North East, Md.
Sydney Haley North East, Md.
Andrew Hammond North East, Md.
Cassidy Hayden North East, Md.
Christine Hoderfield North East, Md.
Taylor Jones North East, Md.
Austin Keefer North East, Md.
Colin Keene North East, Md.
Vincent Kershner North East, Md.
Kena Koch North East, Md.
Rose Maphis North East, Md.
Madyson McCann North East, Md.
Jocelyn Melvin North East, Md.
Ingrid Miller North East, Md.
Barbara Morton North East, Md.
Jeffrey Morton North East, Md.
Andrew Moss North East, Md.
Oreoluwa Onasanya North East, Md.
Boluwatito Ope North East, Md.
Gregory Owens North East, Md.
Beatrice Panceri North East, Md.
Elisabeth Patrick North East, Md.
Alexander Ragone North East, Md.
Elizabeth Ramey North East, Md.
Jessica Reed North East, Md.
Amanda Roney North East, Md.
Blake Ruszala North East, Md.
Laurie Sherr North East, Md.
Skylar Stafford North East, Md.
Heather Sten North East, Md.
Matthew Ulrich North East, Md.
Kathryn Werde North East, Md.
Jaylah Williams North East, Md.
Kenny Willis North East, Md.
Kirstin Arnold North East, Md.
Carlee Baruka Nottingham, Pa.
Brayden Onick Nottingham, Pa.
Sabrina Alioto Oxford, Pa.
Lauren Callahan Oxford, Pa.
Cristina Castillo-Herrera Oxford, Pa.
Ava Corcoran Oxford, Pa.
Victoria England Oxford, Pa.
Maranda Johnson Oxford, Pa.
Vivian Kearney Oxford, Pa.
Brian McMenamin Oxford, Pa.
Emma Neill Oxford, Pa.
Shyanne Rapposelli Oxford, Pa.
Kendall Tower Oxford, Pa.
Marilyn Gonzalez Parkville, Md.
Martin Grawe Peach Bottom, Pa.
Ryan Weaver Peach Bottom, Pa.
Christopher White Perry Hall, Md.
Katlyn Bowen Perryville, Md.
Brooke Britton Perryville, Md.
Mikayla Bryant Perryville, Md.
Karinda Corcoran Perryville, Md.
Mariana Ercole Perryville, Md.
Anabelle Finegan Perryville, Md.
Shamar Flemings Perryville, Md.
Annika Fockler Perryville, Md.
Lilli Gonce Perryville, Md.
Shawn Huth Perryville, Md.
Patricia Johnson Perryville, Md.
Stephanie Levering Perryville, Md.
Jordan Mitchell Perryville, Md.
Justina Radcliff Perryville, Md.
Julie Randall Perryville, Md.
Sydney Ray Perryville, Md.
Madeleine Sevart Perryville, Md.
Trevor Sexton Perryville, Md.
Jacob Shrewsbury Perryville, Md.
Andruw Van Der Werff Perryville, Md.
Amanda Wagner Perryville, Md.
Owen Walter Perryville, Md.
Amber Atkinson Port Deposit, Md.
Wendy Ayres Port Deposit, Md.
Charlie Bach Port Deposit, Md.
Ashley Burke Port Deposit, Md.
Jennifer Carter Port Deposit, Md.
Madeline Chappell Port Deposit, Md.
Ava Curry Port Deposit, Md.
Emily Desimone Port Deposit, Md.
Mary Jo Fitz Port Deposit, Md.
Taylor House Port Deposit, Md.
Kadee Husfelt Port Deposit, Md.
Evan LaPointe Port Deposit, Md.
Lauren LaPointe Port Deposit, Md.
Sherice Lezama Port Deposit, Md.
Ava McBride Port Deposit, Md.
Dylan Nickle Port Deposit, Md.
John Schmidt Port Deposit, Md.
Ella Schwacke Port Deposit, Md.
Colin Vafakos Port Deposit, Md.
Katelyn Vafakos Port Deposit, Md.
Ruth Viars Port Deposit, Md.
Annyah Willis Port Deposit, Md.
Jen Amorin Rising Sun, Md.
Caroline Anderson Rising Sun, Md.
Evan Balaguer Rising Sun, Md.
Savannah Brackins Rising Sun, Md.
Isabelle Chambers Rising Sun, Md.
Jacob Chapman Rising Sun, Md.
Rachel Chapman Rising Sun, Md.
Carly Eller Rising Sun, Md.
Jessa Granger Rising Sun, Md.
Dawn Hamilton Rising Sun, Md.
Katelyn Hamilton Rising Sun, Md.
Kalyn Hayden Rising Sun, Md.
Laurie Hornberger Rising Sun, Md.
Heather Horst Rising Sun, Md.
Jane Huegel Rising Sun, Md.
Rebecca Huegel Rising Sun, Md.
John Kilby Rising Sun, Md.
Ronaldo King Rising Sun, Md.
Shane Lahti Rising Sun, Md.
Tabi Leblanc Rising Sun, Md.
Kenadie Lyon-Messick Rising Sun, Md.
Brady Martin Rising Sun, Md.
Madeline Moore Rising Sun, Md.
Nathaniel Paruch Rising Sun, Md.
Kp Pierce Rising Sun, Md.
Chase Reese Rising Sun, Md.
Matthew Renzo Rising Sun, Md.
Brianna Savage Rising Sun, Md.
Dane Schmid Rising Sun, Md.
Natalie Sexton Rising Sun, Md.
Kelsey Speakman Rising Sun, Md.
Raymond Vo Rising Sun, Md.
Caroline Warnick Rising Sun, Md.
Madeline Warnick Rising Sun, Md.
Nicholas Wilson Rising Sun, Md.
Sarah Wooddell Rising Sun, Md.
Alexandra Rudolph Street, Md.
Harper Doyle Townsend, De.
Logan Szewczyk Warwick, Md.
Wayne Howard West Grove, Pa.
Malcolm Lane West Grove, Pa.
Jacob Snavely Wilmington, De.