President’s List for Spring 2024

Published on June 25, 2024

Cecil College President's List logo.

NORTH EAST, Md: Cecil College is proud to announce the names of students whose high academic performance has qualified them for recognition as members of the President’s List for the recently completed Spring 2024 semester.

The President’s List includes 327 students who achieved a grade-point average of 3.75 or higher out of a possible 4.00. To be eligible for these honors, full-time students must have completed 12 or more attempted hours. Part-time students are eligible after accumulating 15 credit hours or more with a semester GPA of 3.75 or higher for that semester. This award excludes any grade received for developmental coursework.

Cecil College is centrally located in Maryland’s most northeastern county with campuses in North East and Elkton. The College features a diverse student population, with approximately 2,200 credit students and 2,300 non-credit students. Cecil offers associate degrees, certificate programs, and non-credit classes.

Included on the list are the following students:

Name Hometown
Aaliyah Rodriguez Aberdeen, Md.
Marissa Grigora Abingdon, Md.
Maureen Lysle Avondale, Pa.
Natalie Enlow Bel Air, Md.
Aira Sanchez Cecilton, Md.
Khadijah Stevens Cecilton, Md.
Emily Burchett Charlestown, Md.
John Gilley Charlestown, Md.
Henry Kirk Charlestown, Md.
Jacob Smythe Charlestown, Md.
Charles Auer Chesapeake City, Md.
Helene Breza Chesapeake City, Md.
Diane Crawford Chesapeake City, Md.
Melissa Zagarella Chesapeake City, Md.
Aaron Jessee Colora, Md.
Stephen Johansen Colora, Md.
Caleb Leffew Colora, Md.
Dolores Ratledge Colora, Md.
Linsey Saccenti Colora, Md.
Angie Teague Colora, Md.
Ashley Boyd Conowingo, Md.
Emily Brammer Conowingo, Md.
Madeline Clark Conowingo, Md.
Walter Hipkins Conowingo, Md.
Samantha Jakubac Conowingo, Md.
Julia Kilgore Conowingo, Md.
Matthew Lehl Conowingo, Md.
Shawna Miller Conowingo, Md.
Samuel Nichols Conowingo, Md.
Benjamin Strickler Darlington, Md.
Tyler Alexander Earleville, Md.
Benny Campbell Earleville, Md.
Julia Coyne Earleville, Md.
Brittany Davis Earleville, Md.
Waryse Dow Earleville, Md.
Baileigh Finucan Earleville, Md.
Kelly Horlacher Earleville, Md.
Skylar Klingler Earleville, Md.
Julia McMeans Earleville, Md.
Seth Rinker Earleville, Md.
Rebecca Scarborough Earleville, Md.
Matthew Murdock Edgewood, Md.
Holly Adams Elkton, Md.
Mckayla Alexander Elkton, Md.
Marian Bailey Elkton, Md.
Kayla Baker Elkton, Md.
Sarah Barczewski Elkton, Md.
Hannah Bargsten Elkton, Md.
Selma Bekka Elkton, Md.
William Benjamin Elkton, Md.
Kendall Berstler Elkton, Md.
Kaylyn Brockell Elkton, Md.
Kathryn Bullerman Elkton, Md.
Tyair Burks Elkton, Md.
Abdulmoiz Butt Elkton, Md.
Santiago Contreras Elkton, Md.
Austin Crews Elkton, Md.
Ruby Crompton Elkton, Md.
Zachary Crowl Elkton, Md.
Skylar David Elkton, Md.
Jefphon Dean Elkton, Md.
Robert Disabatino Elkton, Md.
Riley Duhamell Elkton, Md.
Hannah Duzan Elkton, Md.
Michael Earl Elkton, Md.
Myla Edmondson Elkton, Md.
Mycah Edwards Elkton, Md.
Trevor Eilers Elkton, Md.
Marysol Espinoza Elkton, Md.
Clint Ferrazzo Elkton, Md.
Adam Filer Elkton, Md.
Joseph Fleming Elkton, Md.
Luke Gerhard Elkton, Md.
Rachel Gray Elkton, Md.
Mathew Guzman Elkton, Md.
Carl Hall Elkton, Md.
Mary Harrison Elkton, Md.
Brittany Hart Elkton, Md.
Sarah Harter Elkton, Md.
John Herman Elkton, Md.
Madeline Holmes Elkton, Md.
Evan Ireland Elkton, Md.
Skyy Jackson Elkton, Md.
Shauna Jenkins Elkton, Md.
Basha Jesonis Elkton, Md.
Destini Jobe Elkton, Md.
Zachary Johnson Elkton, Md.
Sasha Jorstad Elkton, Md.
Timothy Joyce Elkton, Md.
Beau Kammerzelt Elkton, Md.
Ethan Kellum Elkton, Md.
Kaitlyn Klemencic Elkton, Md.
Ethan Lambeth Elkton, Md.
Lily Kate Landis Elkton, Md.
Molly Layton Elkton, Md.
Megan Lichner Elkton, Md.
Eden Lied Elkton, Md.
Alexandra Link Elkton, Md.
Alyssa Lively Elkton, Md.
Paul Lynch Elkton, Md.
Anastasia McCabe Elkton, Md.
Jillian Merbach Elkton, Md.
Lily Miller Elkton, Md.
Preston Mixon Elkton, Md.
Trinette Moorefield Elkton, Md.
Adrienne Morales Elkton, Md.
Isabella Moran Elkton, Md.
Anya Morris Elkton, Md.
Lizzie Mull Elkton, Md.
Rachel Mullins Elkton, Md.
Shakima Mutegi Elkton, Md.
Tromarri Neal Elkton, Md.
Abby Nequist Elkton, Md.
Ephraim Peterson Elkton, Md.
Daisy Pfeiffer Elkton, Md.
Zelene-Zi Piagoda Elkton, Md.
Mary Podlesak Elkton, Md.
Mary Anna Podlesak Elkton, Md.
Jennifer Popo Elkton, Md.
Abby Potts Elkton, Md.
Leeann Pugh Elkton, Md.
Eric Rand Elkton, Md.
Hayden Rash Elkton, Md.
Ryan Reese Elkton, Md.
Riley Reynolds Elkton, Md.
Gabriella Rodriguez Elkton, Md.
Jaely Rodriguez Elkton, Md.
Cameron Rogers Elkton, Md.
Danielle Rogers Elkton, Md.
Sydney Ross Elkton, Md.
Lee Santillo Elkton, Md.
Anayah Saunders Elkton, Md.
Sophia Scena Elkton, Md.
Elizabeth Sepka Elkton, Md.
Nedre Shatley Elkton, Md.
Nicholas Sheets Elkton, Md.
Cassidy Shelley Elkton, Md.
Skylar Sheppard Elkton, Md.
Lacy Shrewsbury Elkton, Md.
Sarah Shull Elkton, Md.
Delaney Stanley Elkton, Md.
Jonathan Sten Elkton, Md.
Caleb Strickland Elkton, Md.
Juliette Suter Elkton, Md.
Jeremiah Taylor Elkton, Md.
Ryan Thompson Elkton, Md.
Alexa Townley Elkton, Md.
Robert Tuono Elkton, Md.
Lillian Tyler Elkton, Md.
Cole Vanhorn Elkton, Md.
Tara Vannoy Elkton, Md.
Duhilsha Vithanage Elkton, Md.
Olivia Walker
Grace Watkins Elkton, Md.
Nora Watkins Elkton, Md.
Sydney Webster Elkton, Md.
Sarah Williams Elkton, Md.
Lacey Wilson Elkton, Md.
Isabel Woehr Elkton, Md.
Dolrica Wright Elkton, Md.
Lenard Wright Elkton, Md.
Rachel Wylie Elkton, Md.
Ella York Elkton, Md.
Ein Stephens Forest Hill, Md.
Derrick Chisley Havre de Grace, Md.
Errick Chisley Havre de Grace, Md.
Brieanna Simpson Havre de Grace, Md.
Don Snell Havre de Grace, Md.
Jordan Tiller Havre de Grace, Md.
Sheri Tiller Havre de Grace, Md.
Vanessa Faunce Holtwood, Pa.
Katherine Maroko Kennett Square, Pa.
Lance Workman Kirkwood, Pa.
Jillian Neuhof Landenberg, Pa.
Emily Clontz Lincoln University, Pa.
Jenna D’amico Lincoln University, Pa.
Meredith Griffin Lincoln University, Pa.
Lynsi Hutchinson Lincoln University, Pa.
Logan Puckett Lincoln University, Pa.
Emma Turner Lincoln University, Pa.
Frank Villasana-Cordero Lincoln University, Pa.
Kenneth Gobble Middletown, Del.
Angel Gonzalez Newark, Del.
Aether Maring Newark, Del.
Miriam Nunez Herrera Newark, Del.
Gabrielle Alexander North East, Md.
Kayleigh Alexander North East, Md.
Casey Andrews North East, Md.
Jessie Backhaus North East, Md.
Alaida Bell North East, Md.
Courtney Carlson North East, Md.
Shaina Chadwick North East, Md.
Alyssa Cooper North East, Md.
Emma Dillon North East, Md.
Molly Dillon North East, Md.
Tyler Dodson North East, Md.
Alex Drake North East, Md.
Carolyn Dutterer North East, Md.
Megan Ellinghaus North East, Md.
Madison Ewing North East, Md.
Sophia Faison North East, Md.
Amanda France North East, Md.
Hailey Galbraith North East, Md.
Grace Hammen North East, Md.
Andrew Hammond North East, Md.
Victoria Harmon North East, Md.
Gregory Howell North East, Md.
Marie Johnson North East, Md.
Jessica Kennedy North East, Md.
Kiley Leftridge North East, Md.
Alyssa Lindberg North East, Md.
Jacqueline Marison North East, Md.
Jonathan Martin North East, Md.
Samantha McCarthy North East, Md.
Natascha McMillan North East, Md.
Kassidy Miller North East, Md.
Gina Miller North East, Md.
Kristyn Oikemus North East, Md.
Boluwatito Ope North East, Md.
Elisabeth Patrick North East, Md.
Robin Peters North East, Md.
Katie Preisch North East, Md.
Alexander Ragone North East, Md.
Jessica Reed North East, Md.
Breahna Riess North East, Md.
Amanda Roney North East, Md.
Blake Ruszala North East, Md.
Luke Scott North East, Md.
John Sechrest North East, Md.
Laurie Sherr North East, Md.
Tina Shockey North East, Md.
Heather Sten North East, Md.
Deidra Taylor North East, Md.
Daniel Thibeault North East, Md.
Kirstin Arnold Nottingham, Pa.
Victoria Hallowell Nottingham, Pa.
Brayden Onick Nottingham, Pa.
Mecarte Olsen Ontario, Ca.
Lauren Callahan Oxford, Pa.
Cristina Castillo-Herrera Oxford, Pa.
Daniel Cox Oxford, Pa.
Cole Craft Oxford, Pa.
Victoria England Oxford, Pa.
David Hanna Oxford, Pa.
Vivian Kearney Oxford, Pa.
Marilyn Gonzalez Parkville, Md.
Brooke Britton Perryville, Md.
Julian DeJesus Perryville, Md.
Angie Dove Perryville, Md.
Lilli Gonce Perryville, Md.
Cassie Lee Perryville, Md.
Liam Macomber Perryville, Md.
Ryan Macomber Perryville, Md.
Jordan Mitchell Perryville, Md.
Fayzon Moamin Perryville, Md.
Phillip Mortenson Perryville, Md.
Brianna Mundie Perryville, Md.
Sydney Ray Perryville, Md.
Madeleine Sevart Perryville, Md.
Kayla Sexton Perryville, Md.
Josh Sinclair Perryville, Md.
Mason Twist Perryville, Md.
Brie Biddle Port Deposit, Md.
Anne Chestnut Port Deposit, Md.
Tawnda Churchill Port Deposit, Md.
Ava Curry Port Deposit, Md.
Adriana Edwards Port Deposit, Md.
Mackenzie Fabian Port Deposit, Md.
Mackenzie Halsey Port Deposit, Md.
Shana Hill Port Deposit, Md.
Kadee Husfelt Port Deposit, Md.
Jenna Kertis Port Deposit, Md.
Katherine Kertis Port Deposit, Md.
Lauren Lapointe Port Deposit, Md.
Isabel Lopez Port Deposit, Md.
Ava McBride Port Deposit, Md.
Kelsey McCardell Port Deposit, Md.
Siobhan Rizzo Port Deposit, Md.
Alexandra Savin Port Deposit, Md.
Ella Schwacke Port Deposit, Md.
Victoria Shores Port Deposit, Md.
Dayna Singleton Port Deposit, Md.
Dylan Whitney Port Deposit, Md.
Beckham Aiman Rising Sun, Md.
Caroline Anderson Rising Sun, Md.
Whitney Callis Rising Sun, Md.
Matthew Davis Rising Sun, Md.
Jake Eckman Rising Sun, Md.
Carly Eller Rising Sun, Md.
Connor Finnan Rising Sun, Md.
Kasandra Garcia Rising Sun, Md.
Natalie Ginski Rising Sun, Md.
Joelle Granger Rising Sun, Md.
Lana Granger Rising Sun, Md.
Lindsey Grove Rising Sun, Md.
Kalyn Hayden Rising Sun, Md.
Nate Hornberger Rising Sun, Md.
Heather Horst Rising Sun, Md.
Em Kazmarek Rising Sun, Md.
Ronaldo King Rising Sun, Md.
Shane Lahti Rising Sun, Md.
Alexis Lassiter Rising Sun, Md.
Anthony Lepold Rising Sun, Md.
Kenadie Lyon-Messick Rising Sun, Md.
Jessie Marcinko Rising Sun, Md.
Jordan Martini Rising Sun, Md.
Bryan McKeever Rising Sun, Md.
Kristina Meadows Rising Sun, Md.
Sarah Miller Rising Sun, Md.
Brittany Montgomery Rising Sun, Md.
Christian Myers Rising Sun, Md.
Nathan Ramsden Rising Sun, Md.
Brianna Savage Rising Sun, Md.
Alyson Schmidt Rising Sun, Md.
J’hayden Sealey Rising Sun, Md.
Nathan Sexton Rising Sun, Md.
Evan Slaybaugh Rising Sun, Md.
Melissa Snedden Rising Sun, Md.
Caitlin Spotts Rising Sun, Md.
Jim Worton Rising Sun, Md.
Brandon Younce Rising Sun, Md.
Harper Doyle Townsend, Del.
Richard Kind Townsend, Del.
Lindsay Peters Townsend, Del.
Lamar Roundtree Waldorf, Md.
Haley Bramble Warwick, Md.