President’s List for Summer 2020

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NORTH EAST, Md. – Cecil College, which has been serving Cecil County and surrounding areas for more than 50 years, is proud to announce the names of students whose high academic performance has qualified them for recognition as members of the President’s List for the recently completed Summer 2020 courses.

The President’s List includes 139 students who achieved a grade-point average of 3.75 or higher.

Cecil College is centrally located in Maryland’s most northeastern county with campuses in the towns of North East, Bainbridge, and Elkton. The College features a diverse student population, with an enrollment of approximately 2,500 credit students and 3,400 non-credit students. Cecil offers associate degrees, certificate programs, and non-credit classes.

Included on the list are the following students:

Name Hometown
Autumn Hannas Aberdeen, MD
Kimberly Bates Bel Air, MD
John Gilley Charlestown, MD
Rebecca Jones-Harman Charlestown, MD
Ashley Rios Coatesville, PA
Emily Bolt Colora, MD
Carissa McMillion Colora, MD
Joseph Schaeffer Colora, MD
April Clark Conowingo, MD
Elijah Ehrhart Conowingo, MD
Donna Ingerson Conowingo, MD
Kyle Ingerson Conowingo, MD
Nicole Karashin Conowingo, MD
Alexandrea Koons Conowingo, MD
Elizabeth Lehl Conowingo, MD
Jason Mackay Conowingo, MD
Holly Martin Conowingo, MD
Nicole Morris Conowingo, MD
Kathryn Raymond Conowingo, MD
Sarah Ritchie Conowingo, MD
Krystina Coyle Earleville, MD
Kelly Fields Earleville, MD
Nicole Young Earleville, MD
Jeremy Akers Elkton, MD
Maria Altvater Elkton, MD
Steven Altvater Elkton, MD
Kaci Amos Elkton, MD
Walter Beaupre Elkton, MD
Olivia Boas Elkton, MD
Zachary Buckland Elkton, MD
Phoebe Calkins Elkton, MD
Prisca Calkins Elkton, MD
Colin Cascio Elkton, MD
Elizabeth Chadwick Elkton, MD
Mary Clark Elkton, MD
Bethany Coyle Elkton, MD
Megan Debusk Elkton, MD
Catherine Eckman Elkton, MD
Randall England Elkton, MD
Olivia Fraser Elkton, MD
Jillian Fritsch Elkton, MD
Jeanea Gomez-Sexton Elkton, MD
Shania Harrison Elkton, MD
Christina Hollon-Gebert Elkton, MD
Tammy Hubbert Elkton, MD
Dane Hutchinson Elkton, MD
Mark Jackson Elkton, MD
Saria Jackson Elkton, MD
Cheyanne Johnson Elkton, MD
Thom’eisha Johnson Elkton, MD
Clifford Jones Elkton, MD
Jessica Kelly Elkton, MD
Alyssa Klaus Elkton, MD
Kristyn Lasassa Elkton, MD
Autumn Lightner Elkton, MD
Spencer Lowe Elkton, MD
Te’a Machado Elkton, MD
Derek Martinez Elkton, MD
Anna Norman Elkton, MD
Irene Perry Elkton, MD
Amanda Rea Elkton, MD
Taniece Redden Elkton, MD
Nicole Robinson Elkton, MD
Madison Ross Elkton, MD
Brandy Rust Elkton, MD
Morgan Sargent Elkton, MD
Destiny Shelby Elkton, MD
Skylar Sheppard Elkton, MD
Isatta Smith Elkton, MD
Michael Stine Elkton, MD
Joseph Uhler Elkton, MD
Dakota Welkom Elkton, MD
Brittny Wright Elkton, MD
Abigail Wunder Elkton, MD
Katherine Yeninas Elkton, MD
Eddie Zoegar Elkton, MD
Tasha Alexander Havre De Grace, MD
Lanez Daily Havre De Grace, MD
Christopher Laakso Havre De Grace, MD
Zaria Cadreau Lincoln University, PA
Taj Lanier Lincoln University, PA
Cameron Bistawros Middletown, DE
Deborah Winfree Middletown, DE
Lindsay Parson New Castle, DE
Michael Worthington New Providence, PA
Jacinta Rotich Newark, DE
Sarah Adkins North East, MD
Liam Barrell North East, MD
Sarah Billingham North East, MD
Mary Birdsall-Hitchcock North East, MD
Kayla Dvorak North East, MD
Megan Ellinghaus North East, MD
Kathleen George North East, MD
Brandi Hipkins North East, MD
Taylor Krauss North East, MD
Rebekah Lawlor North East, MD
Shawn Mowery North East, MD
Katrina Mtengwa North East, MD
Taylor O’Bryan North East, MD
Michael Pierce North East, MD
Jacklyn Roth North East, MD
Emily Seelinger North East, MD
Doren Thompson North East, MD
Julianne Thompson North East, MD
Tammy Wade North East, MD
Hanna Dillenger Nottingham, PA
Nicholas Foutrakis Oxford, PA
Heather Mullins Oxford, PA
Elysia Astifan Perryville, MD
Faith Brown Perryville, MD
David Dahl Perryville, MD
Austin Miller Perryville, MD
Brent Sohn Perryville, MD
Caitlin Bryant Port Deposit, MD
Hanna Downes Port Deposit, MD
Reily Flores Port Deposit, MD
Kyra Gaskill Port Deposit, MD
Kelsi Hancock Port Deposit, MD
Caisha Kessler Port Deposit, MD
Olivia Moore Port Deposit, MD
Tristyn Rodecker Port Deposit, MD
Kyle Whitney Port Deposit, MD
Jordan Begard-Campbell Rising Sun, MD
Mallori Beiler Rising Sun, MD
Jessica Boone Rising Sun, MD
Jane Bowe Rising Sun, MD
Regan Day Rising Sun, MD
Madison Duszynski Rising Sun, MD
Rebecca Jamison Rising Sun, MD
Ashley Jenkins Rising Sun, MD
Krista Kennedy Rising Sun, MD
Samantha Kohl Rising Sun, MD
Karolina Marino Rising Sun, MD
Jennifer Sielke Rising Sun, MD
Laura Slonecker Rising Sun, MD
Heather Stanley Rising Sun, MD
Allison Barnes Warwick, MD
Jonathan Cicone Whiteford, MD
Alexander Hargreaves Wilmington, DE