Winterim Semester 2023–2024

Flexible, online courses that fit your schedule. Catching up on credits just got easier with our winter session!

Available Courses

These online, asynchronous courses will run December 18, 2023 to January 19, 2024 and are self-paced so that you can complete your work at a time that’s right for you.

ART 180 - Basic Photography (3 credits)
Basic Photography introduces students to the fundamental aesthetics and techniques of photography, to the practice of creative thinking, and to communication through visual imagery.
BIO 101 - General Biology (3 credits)
General Biology (S) introduces the student to the basic biological principles common to all living things, with emphasis on evolution, molecular biology, diversity, ecology, physiology and genetics.
BUS 103 - Introduction to Business (3 credits)
Introduction to Business provides an overview of the major functional areas of business and our economic systems. Organizational areas include business systems, management, human resources, marketing, production, and operations and information. Blended throughout the course are business-world trends of the growth of international business, the significance of small business, the continuing growth of the service sector, the need to manage information and communication technology and the role of ethics and social responsibility.
BUS 190 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
Introduction to Entrepreneurship introduces students to the process of creating, identifying, evaluating and financing an entrepreneurial venture. Students gain insight into the characteristics, attitudes, habits, and behaviors of successful entrepreneurs. Students learn to craft an idea, good or service into a marketable product.
BUS 207 - Introduction to Public Relations (3 credits)
Introduction to Public Relations introduces the student to the study of public relations, a distinctive management function which establishes and maintains mutual lines of communication between an organization and its public.
CIS 101 - Introduction to Computer Concepts (3 credits)
Introduction to Computer Concepts (I) is a non-technical course covering the use of word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation software. Emphasis is placed on computer literacy and the use of personal computers.
CIS 105 - Keyboarding (1 credit)
Keyboarding is the foundation skill required for effective computer usage in virtually every profession. The keyboard is now a tool used extensively by educators, managers, scientists, engineers, attorneys, physicians, factory workers, and employees in a vast array of positions. This course is designed to help you achieve the goal of using proper techniques and meaningful practice to key accurately and rapidly.
CPE 201 - Clinical Preceptor Experience (2 credits)
Clinical Preceptor Experience focuses on the nurse’s role in specific acute care settings. The student will be working directly with a nurse to provide direct client care. Please note that this course takes place offsite at a clinical location and is not online asynchronous. If you would like information about the class, contact Roxanne Rash at
HST 101 - Western Civilization (3 credits)
Western Civilization I (to 1715) is an overview of western civilization from prehistory to the early 18th century.
PHE 120 - AutoCAD Fundamentals for Engineers (3 credits)
AutoCAD Fundamentals for Engineers will introduce students to the use of the 2D CAD capabilities of AutoCAD to produce engineering graphics. This will be a hybrid course with both in-person and asynchronous components. The class will meet in-person on Jan 3, 10, and 17 for three hours each. The first session will familiarize students with the software and assign initial work, the second session will be instruction and review, and the third session will be the final exam for the course.
PHI 201 - Ethics – Contemporary Moral Issues (3 credits)
Ethics – Contemporary Moral Issues introduces students to philosophical thinking about morality, moral problems, and moral judgments.

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