Automotive Repair

As changes in automotive technology create a greater demand for highly trained mechanics and skilled technicians, we can prepare you for work in the field of transportation. Our Automotive Repair program includes five separate classes and may be taken in any order. A Student could take one class or take all five classes. These classes include:

  • Engine Repair ASE A1
  • Engine Performance ASE A8
  • Brake Systems ASE A5
  • Electrical Systems ASE A5
  • Suspension and Steering

The total hours of this segment would be 150 hours.

Warehouse & Manufacturing Facility Training

A relatively high number of jobs are projected to increase over the coming years as the number of warehouses and manufacturing facilities are on the rise in our market area. Our programs provide you with the skills you need to succeed in this growing industry.

Forklift Operations

Forklift Operations will prepare students to operate a forklift. This covers vehicle inspection, safety, stopping and starting, hazardous surfaces, product handling and weight distribution. The instruction will also focus on OSHA safety and operation standards through a combination of classroom presentation, hands-on instruction, and testing.


Employment of heating, air conditioning, refrigeration mechanics and installers has steadily increased over the past five years.

Our HVAC/R course provides an overview of heating and ventilation systems used in residential and light commercial applications. Students will be introduced to gas furnaces, duct design, and electrical systems. Concepts of heat, temperature, humidity, and conduction of heat, air conditioning, and refrigeration will also be covered.

There are four separate courses in this program with each course consisting of 10 sessions and totaling 30 hours. The first two courses will focus on Heating and Ventilation, taken in the fall, and the second two courses will focus on Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, taken in the spring. After Completion of all four courses, students will be eligible to take the EPA 608 Certification Exam.

HVAC/R Apprenticeship

Cecil College and Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors of Maryland are offering a Maryland state-approved four-year HVAC/R apprenticeship program. The first year of the HVAC/R apprenticeship program combines both classroom instruction and on-the-job training. Upon successful completion of this four-year program, students will be able to earn their HVAC/R journey-person license from the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation without taking the exam. Students must complete application through the Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors of Maryland.


Skilled welders are in high demand either as a specialized trade or as a skilled trade necessary to an alternate type of technical job.

Cecil College’s welding program covers four separate modules:

Module I, Certified Welder
Includes occupation orientation, safety, the health of welders, interpreting drawings and sketches, shield metal and ARC Welding. This module is 22 sessions totaling 88 hours.
Module II, Certified Welder
Concludes thermal cutting, process ARC cutting, and oxy fuel gas cutting. This module is 10 sessions totaling 40 hours.
Module III, Certified Welder
Covers the principles of equipment and supplies. This module consists of 19 sessions totaling 76 hours.
Module IV, Certified Welder
Includes special welding processes. This module consists of 13 sessions totaling 52 hours.

At the completion of all four classes, students will be eligible to take the certification exam.

Individual skill building welding classes are also available in both fall and spring. These classes include Shielded Metal ARC I & II and MIG & TIG.